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Amy Cornwall

"Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment." Rita Mae Brown

9/15/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 24, Luv 27
  • from Near Woking
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About Me

"My mum says my dads eyes are brown coz he is full of s*it" Funniest line ever!
Me, Myself, and I
Hey my name is Amy.

Sales assistant and work in Woking.

Dont really go on the internet that much anymore due down to my hours at work lol!

I do Karate and am at Brown Belt.

Status: It often changes so saving myself changing things and saying nothing! lol. I'm Lazy.. (even though some time it may change my status may stay the same but I dont want to jinx it).

I have the tendacy to confuse people by saying to much be warned!
The Other Half Of Me
Glen C

Glen C

My younger brother.

I like any type of music I think is interesting. Bon Jovi seems to be my artist at the moment.
I have been doing Karate now for about 7 years (I think) Im now brown belt.
Film likeage...
Other then listing all the 90 films I have in my room I think Ill just say I like loads of films lol..
I have a sarcastic sense of humor, I am a caring person, I pratically dont smile unless I have something to smile about. full of energy when I feel like it
Diet Coke, Apple and Sour Shots (thank you Anna for introducing me to them!) Milkshakes, Slush Puppies. Water. JD and Coke.
CSI- NY, Miami, Vegas.ER. Casualty. Hollyoaks. Simpsons. Psych. Criminal Minds. Damages. Family Guy. Law and order (Criminal intent and special victims unit). Days of our lives (American soap on Zone Romantica, dont judge me, I love the plot holes so funny)
I have a new profile.
that is filled with poetry done by me. Look at it the URL is http://poemsbyamy.bebo.com.

Dont really write much anymore though :-( if you want to see more poetry though let me know!

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  • How things change

    Just come on here for the first time in ages, checking through my blogs.

    My last one... Wow how has my life changed since that one!

    My life is now, well confusing. whos life isnt really?

    The good thing is (at times) I have no boyfriend to turn to to say out loud what my problems are, I do have a great friends to say things to though.

    My job, well, lets not get into that one (lol)

    Well I guess that is it for this blog short but sweet!

    0 Comments 223 weeks

  • I wish...

    Im in a really good mood today, Why shouldnt I be, I have this amazing boyfriend, work for once is going good and life in general is great.

    But there is one thing that lies heavy on my mind and I think you know who you are...

    Im not going to bore all you readers with his name and the very looonggg story about how all this came about. But to this person if you are reading this.. Dont you EVER text me again, Ive had enough of you, you havent changed youll always be the prat you have always been dont believe we were friends and even lovers once.

    You lie about everything, you posted that blog about me ages ago and embarassed me however much you deny it you did take me to a pub that one time, for a date, and just talked about you.. like you always did!

    Sorry if this embasses you maybe now you know how it feels to be hurt the way you hurt me, by posting that I bored you just because I dumped you!

    I know all this was a long time ago and I should get over it but today you are still lying about it like you lied when you said you changed several week ago. Which you haven't

    I hope reality bites you hard, when you get a piece.

    0 Comments 254 weeks

  • Tuneage!

    I have really recently got into this song called "Late nights and street fights" by Dirty vegas, it sooo cool, I would really suggest you lot give it a listen.

    And for some strange reason I like the new Kylie song, really dont know why as thats not usually my kind of music!

    0 Comments 296 weeks

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    luv Recbec

    heya howa you? miss you aint seen you guys in ages =[ xxx

  • AsHleigh

    its just dat has he still got bebo??? im just worried cse i saw him at da station wen i was getting of and he was 2. xxxx

  • AsHleigh

    cse apparently wat i heard and wat i saw he lives in chertsey now?? i saw him on munday and he neva even noticed me. xx

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  • Georgie

    well sum of us are lucky with the day off xx

  • Georgie

    heyas hun xx

  • Recbec

    heya is it tomoz u start ur job..? gd luck ..not that u'll need it lol xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Georgie

    hey seee ya soon x