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get sum act rite

8/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 25, Luv 63
  • from MaH tWn ! ! ! YeW kNw .
  • I am Married
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  • Last active: 12/6/10
  • www.bebo.com/KizzayeT
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Me, Myself, and I
WaTz pOpPiN . . wot do i say ? ? ?
im 22 liven in motueka my home town WHATT .
gt a partner who ive been with 4 six yrz nw. .
Got a beautiful daughter Violet-Anne Ramarihi Wheeler, shell b 1 in january . try 2 liv life 2 tha fullest lolz . . . luv all my famz yeah thats meh .

MaH SoUnDz ! ! !
i like enythnk with a mean beat .
heaps aye bt nuthnk 2 cheezy
151 MALIBU RUM & PINEAPPLE JUICE. 4 those who dont know its CARABULU war in the zulu . . abrakadabra 151 & coke is VIAGRA ., . . . . .THATS HOW WE DOOZ IT
Scared Of
nt much things bro.
Happiest When
pretty much all the time bt mostly wn im with kenny n baby . . .

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! WEST DAH FUK UP ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
The Other Half Of Me
Kenneth Stanley Wheeler

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  • Moe'

    heey kuz just passing through to hollar at chu , meean we got a dinner on saturday !! that's us then is it :L miss you heaps kuz // love you'se allways !!

  • Moe'

    heey kuz How iis erthanq hopfulii kuminq over dhs w,e catch da bus! qhet hita meet me at winz roun 4;30 ahk ahk :B

  • Casey McEnteer

    hay its my bday this satday you and kenny should cum 6th feb nelson mount st 90

  • HKelly-
    luv HKelly-

    Thatzr riqht etzs Melzs bday &&she havinq a few drinkzs owt her pad so i miqht just qo owt there ey !What you doin dis w.e kuhzz ?

    1/26/10 via Mobile
  • HKelly-
    luv HKelly-

    Uhmm noht much kuzzey ,why izs that ? What you up to thiss w.e ? -Oh i was cookinqq tea kuhzzn ! Tap baqqk

  • Rach
    luv Rach

    che che m8y, yup yup nau mai haere mai lol, hows was bubs burfdae? all good i hopes sori didnt make it was at Quinzel's :D Anyways be gud to catch up lol

  • luv Ms Trina

    Hay kuz hw u ben?? Im gudz ae kum roun an c mah wee buba gurl wen eva kuz! Hws violet she wawkn yet? Wel tap black kuz hea sum love 4 yhu an buba gurl! Take kare xoxo

    1/17/10 via Mobile
  • Nai Vo Mclean
    luv Nai Vo Mclean

    kia ora bub hope bday party went well ..an voilet ann had a g8t time... u hve 2 put photos on bub ..lve 2 keeny boy an big fat xoxoxo 2 buba lve 2u all xoxoxoox

  • HKelly-
    luv HKelly-

    -DSup kuzzie !How are you ?Waht you been up2 besidezs beinq a mum ?Hope Violet had a choice birfday 2kuz .Anywayzs tap baqqk wehn etzs qood ! lovelove` foa you &&bubzs......(:

    1/12/10 via Mobile
  • .HerA Tahana.
    luv .HerA Tahana.

    hey kuz how u baby stl avn er bdae gt bk to me k let me no wat up xoxo gv er a kis 4 me k n to u to xoxo

    1/4/10 via Mobile
  • Wiha Wheeler
    luv Wiha Wheeler

    Hey i so cant wait to come down see uz next week!!!! Give violet a big kiss 4 me

  • B
    luv B

    hello me cuzzies. hows things man we have some pretty good looking babys ib the whanau aye how cute is she.! i hiope things are going real good for you guys it must be creeping up to violets 1st bday lil sweetie. did ur mummy inlaw gine you those clothes i got for her?? anyways can i have your address so i can send a xmas card. thanks love you guys lots. boff dean and bubs. big kiss for violet ann from aunty boff :)

  • Tyson Williams
    Tyson Williams

    up to bro we gota cum c us again a hows every one thear hows bubs doing. over that cat now a lol.

  • Shawty Bad
    Shawty Bad

    up2? nha dont have a truth box lols

  • Lil Miiss
    Lil Miiss

    Diz b Misty Me live in whiti

  • Moe'

    bahahahahahaha :L nOoe waht a lauqh .. n uhm tet said we wesn't alOud das why we neva kum buh yeah try n ghet Ova dhs w,e um es awn kerfew thO buh yeah n nahr we juhs qawt mahd cOs aunty luciell said we wesn't alOud das nly why we neva kum ..! buh yeah will try dOe ahk will awlwaes luf yOh ma kuzzi yOh knOw eht :D

  • Moe'

    hi waht duninq ?? share da :D

  • Moe'
    luv Moe'

    chur kuzzie heas suhm lOven fOa yah :D

  • Nai Vo Mclean
    luv Nai Vo Mclean

    honey gud 2 hear frm u..yep buba talking lots it surly not frm u or kenny lol..its frm her 3untyssss he he he !!!! hey i w il tel nana thkgudnes she not on bebo she wil hve mre friends well ok whanau on her friends than al of us ..... kama n john are hea...kama buba beautiful i must say u al make beautiful babies well hon we al gud an sweet u not 1 4bebo i no u reply back 1day hahaha.hey lve u alll tke care and big kisss 2 babie xoxooxoxox

  • MY-Son
    luv MY-Son

    Chur 7 months far out i memba tet and them telling me you had a baba didn't think it was that long ago, how was your pregnancy and labour did you have any drugs, and is jos boy older or younger than your girl. My boys 4 months hes growing way to fast. Pregnany was all goodies got morning sickness in the beggining and labour was to easy. Dont smoke up no more gave it up when i found out i was hapu, all goodies tho my babies my new high. Well imma gap it now hola mai when your next on. Kisses and huggles for your baby girl from us. Chur...