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  • Female, Luv 63
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Last active: 7/2/09
  • www.bebo.com/OhMyItsImogen
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
  I M O G E N
    Azaliea ♥#


     Tibshelf Scool
The best friends.
        :D Taken
    :D Facebook Me : Imogen Brown

Imogen : ' Dad , i dare you to eat that chile'
Dad: ' Get it me then '
( he bites it)
Imogen : 'Chu it you mooron'
(dad chews ... eyes start to water)
Dad : ' Fukin hell '
(Imogen sits pissin her sen while dad eats ice cubes with his eyes waterin) :L

The Other Half Of Me


Fitty ! x x IILoveYou

    Daniel Robert Godrich ♥         
  24-1-09... Baby , I Love You !

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  • iLu ..

    Azaliea Well basically , 1 fit bitch :L
    So many good times babe.. Plenty more to come hopefully (Y) . Don't know what i would do without yah matey, You helped me through so much this year and last .. Over 2 years now :O .. Bludy nora .. Well , tbh just 2 big kids i rekon :D cos we are TheTeenagersOfThe Evening :L Haha , Love Yoo babe , Bma ! x x

    Daniel.Robert.Godrich 24.1.09
    Baby, what can i say .. I Love You So Much , kind of sums it up tbh. Known you for 4 years nearly. And don't know what ide do with out you! So glad were together now. Still smiling ;) .. and will be forever. I Love You Baby .. YourMyEverything !

    0 Comments 239 weeks

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    Freak Show

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  • luv Phoebee.

    Hiyya How are yous? Erm was gunna say something but;; i forgot..:D Anyways;;iloveyou xx

  • YeahMinnt.

    .... P.s How esactly is shit fit (; ?

  • YeahMinnt.
    luv YeahMinnt.

    Eloo babe. Ermm im not bad, dint have much sleep last night thoo so im nakerd nd got headache>:( .. Youu? Not had bad day, spose.. Bin town nd that but was pointless.. Hmmmm. Need to talk to you later. Advise :L Well speak to you later babe Loveeyoutwatface :D

  • YeahMinnt.

    Big cotton socks. That reminds me actualy, need to tell you what she said to me other day lmao! :L :L A waa walkin home, well bout to and she got me and went azaliea can i have word so i just stood there with my ear phones in (H) but then i heard imogen be mentioned soo thort id listen and she went well have you got any hopes for your grades and i went yeah, higher then imogen but i know i will anyway coz i got 7 in my SATs ;) :L .. Anyway and she was like all imogen needs is to concentrate and keep on the right path and i went well she cant help gettin bored nd then she was rate like well u need to try and incourage her to do more and become more eerrmmm.. cant member word but yeah (Y). Soo yeah, she said ineed to influence you into concentratin more or some sort ! :L :L :L :L ME INFLUENCE YOU ahahaha!! Loveeeeyouns

  • Katie-Mae
    luv Katie-Mae

    iiMOGEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,its' SNOWiiNG!!! ope t c yaz' tmz chickin~ b a gud gal now mrs.. ilu x x x

  • YeahMinnt.

    Look at my bed covers you! Spittin somethin at me .. well onto me bed. hmph (; love you!

  • YeahMinnt.

    Ermm.. Someone needs to change there bebo. they are not single (:

  • Matt Wells
    luv Matt Wells

    Imogen!!! Yeh i'm all good thanks Thanks for the love :) x

  • -Liaam-
    luv -Liaam-

    Hey Gawjus How r You Baby I Just Spoke To You On Tha Fone ;) With Ya sexy Voice ;) id love to here that voice in my bedroom ;) haha Love You Loads :) Cheet xx [moon]

  • GetChloe. Wear Chloe.Fly
    luv GetChloe. Wear Chloe.Fly

    :D This weekend was indeed totally mint :D YMCA Bygum it's been chilly though Same next week ? :D :D Full of awesomenessosity Love you dude !!!!

  • Sam Evans
    luv Sam Evans

    hey add me on msn plz djmixer999e@msn.com x

  • YeahMinnt.

    Yeahm had conch pierced dint i. big mistake tbh :D . Oh well. Not my conch :) Im bored aswell :Z Shit init (N). Ermm, on sunday me you and orianna goin cinema :) She asked me earlyer. Watchin bride wars :) loveyoustazagazza (yes, i do still laff when i rite/say that) (H)

  • YeahMinnt.

    think yourself looky you dint come today lol. sooo cold. very painful ear. & then just to make it abit worse.. woman in dress shop did my bastard head in >:( coooor. wubu2 2day then ? im so tired, slept threw my alarm again :L got up at quater to 12, so had ages to get ready ^o). loveyoustazzagazaa. smillinfacendthumbsup.