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- Ellé .

stacis' ex is so fucking hot.

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Elle ♂.

"roll the windows up,
when i get in the car,
& i'ma light one up,
hit the gas station,
go and buy a cigar,
& a philly blunt.
everytime i breath,
its like i'm taking a puff,
turn the music up, roll the windows up.
when i smoke & drive. "
Big Sean.

☎ O277254362
The Other Half Of Me


i luff you.

Σ'αγαπώ Georqee Spandidakiss

you're my girl, through everything & anything, and i love you for all of it & how special our friendship is. ♥
networks ;)
MSN; elle.spandidaki@hotmail.com
Facebook; Elle Spandidaki
Twitter; Elle Spandidaki
Tagged; elle baaby ;)
Youtube; elleshecklerr
Myspace; Elle Spandidaki
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  • Katie Fitzsimons.

    you are amazing, a great friend & i really miss you.
    we have missed out on a lot of things that we could have done together, but i'm sure there's time to catch up. thing's were alot easier when we went to the same college, but that wasnt going to work for long, was it? (:
    when i first met you, it was in food tech & we were cooking partners i think, we got along really well and cooking was fun because we always made it be ((: we made the most unhealthy meals, while the others were making sandwhich's or vegetable pies like the teachers told them, we made chocolate smoothies, but they made us put berries in it to make it 'healthier'. nothing could make the amount of chocolate sauce we put in there healthier (:
    then everything turned to shit, and i cant remember why anymore, there was some huge dramatic fight, that took itself alot of mailing and fighting to work itself out, but afterwards we deleted all the mails, and got over ourselves and we were closer then ever.
    but we didn't get to be that way for long, when i left the school i remember being really sad that we couldn't hang out there together anymore, i thought we would stay in touch but that didnt happen. i still think it could.
    i'm sad to hear that not much has worked itself out for you babe, it all sounds really confusing and i can help if you need me. tell me a time & we can hang out, hoping your parents are over that whole thing.
    i love you with all my heart, you deserve better boys and to be treated better by everyone thats treating you badly, and you know who i mean.
    it will get better for you, i'm sure. bcause i still have your letter on my wall, and your still one of my closest.
    and if you havent forgotten 'you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when times are grey' (:
    stand up for what you think babe, because your right.
    i love you baby girl.

    2 Comments 169 weeks

  • me.

    i'm Elle Spandidaki, i'm half greek, i'm fifteen in may, my life is amazing.
    i go to Paraparaumu College, i used to go to St. Marys', that didn't work out ;D
    i love movies and hot chocolate when there's a thunder storms.
    i love the Starbucks on Lampton Quay.
    i love the old buildings in wellington, and i get upset when people tear them down.
    i don't like people who complain about the chewing gum on the pavement.
    i don't like people who say that instead of sitting on the floor in the shower, i should have a bath.
    i love sunshine, i love summer time.
    i grew up listening to Dido, and Norah Jones with my mother, and the Doors & Rolling Stones with my father, i still love all four.
    i grew up drinking tea on the carpet (:
    i have changed my mind alot of times about what i want to be when i grow up, at the moment i have no idea.
    i love my friends with all my heart, and all the memories we have.
    i used to sit on my dad's lap and control the steering wheel when we drove his red Jaguar.
    him & i used to spend our days shopping and eating chocolate cookies.
    i love my country road bag.
    i hate being sick.
    i hate missing out on weekends, i dont usually let it happen.
    i'm really excited about my fifteenth birthday.
    i hope you liked my blog (:

    4 Comments 169 weeks

  • do itttt (:

    - re-dye my hair.

    - get out of that science detention.

    - get new ked's, OMG elle people notice !

    - get belly pierced for fifteenthn.

    - have a great birthday weekend.

    - do something about my school report, maybe i should actually show my mum. . or not?

    - get bacardi bottle on windowsill.

    - read a book haha.

    - record all current 'Jersey Shore' episodes.

    - do my first two reading logs for english & pass.

    - find the rest of my reading logs. . hah.

    - do all of these, & keep adding more.

    - wear keds the whole day, & not get snapped ;D

    - turn fifteen (:

    - go to winter jam with jaimie and staci baaaby (;

    - do 'ELLE'S OATH' .

    - learn all the lyric's to 'dance with the devil, immortal technique'.

    - get jim beam bottle on windowsill (;

    - see a weed plant that actually is the weed plant shape.

    2 Comments 169 weeks

close Long survey if incredibly bored

1. Name?
Elle (:

2. When is your birthday?
7th Of May , 95'

3. What school do you go to
P'ram College .

4. Can you like your eyebrows? O:
Yeep , I Guess (: If They're Spectacularly Marvellous (:

5. Favourite song atm?
Gin & Juice - Snoop Dogg . Creepin' Solo - Chamillionaire .

6. Best movie you have seen recently
Umr , Fuuck Knows .

7. Are you picky? If so , with what?
Yep , With Food And Shite , Like If It Looks Weird ? and The Way I Have My Hair , I Hate It Being Bad :L

8. Do you like people with lots of piercings?
Nar Not Lots , But Some Looks Mean (:

9. What puts you off a boy/girl?
Pimples , Bad Personality , Really Fucking Annoying People ?

10. Name all your contacts that start with C
Cade , Caitlin , Cayle , Caysie , Charlotte , Chris B , Chris P , Cody P , Cody , Connor , Conor , Coopers , Courtney G.

11. Name all your contacts that start with M
Maddy L , Maddy , Maddy TJ , Mamar , Manaia , MANWHORE , Maria , Mario , Mars , Matt , Mat , Matt Gee , Matt J , Matt Towne , Melissa , Meshak , 'Mitch Is Sexy' .

12. Name all your contacts that start with S
Sadwhyn , Sam Hr , Sam , Sage , Sarah , Scotty , Sex Addict , Shane , Sim , Sophie K , Staci , Steph , Soulja Boy , Steph N , Summer , Sunshine .

13. What phone do you have?
Samsung Envy Or Whatever ?

14. How many phones do you have/owned?
I Have Two Fones Atm , But I've Owned Like Five Or Six .

15. What is the last txt you sent to someone
" Hahar , I Think So Aye , What A Crackup. Fuck Cbf Bub , Too Hungover "

16. What does the 12th message in your inbox say
" I Was With Gene And Shit, But They've All Gapped. So Im Wasted. Your With Harry Lafa ! "

17. 30th message?
" Cos I Might Be Going to A Party In Rickiorangi "

18. Has any randoms ever txted you?
Fuck Ye , Who Hasnt ?

19. Name 5 of your dislikes
Fish , Documentries , School After Holidays , Hangovers & Miley Cyrus.

20. 5 things you like
Drinking , Shopping , Being With The Girls , Going To Parties , Sunbathing (:

21. 10 things you did today
Woke Up Drunk , Fell Out Of Bed , Fealt Like Shit , Got On The Train , Got Maccas , Ditched Home On Bus , Went On Facebook, Bebo & Hotmail , Texted Jimmy , Changed My Wall .

22. Did anything make you laugh a lot?
Yep , Fuyck I Actually Dont Know Why It Was Funny Though . Waking Up And Falling Out Of Bed And Looking At Keiran Waking Up Made Me Lolsssss .

23. What did you do today?
I Just Told You ?

24. Time you woke up?
Like Eight ! Craziness Aye . Only Had Two Hours Of Sleep , In The Hallway On The Floor :L Reckons Its Time To Nap :L

25. Time you slept last night?
Five Or Six This Morning ?

26. Most visited site?
Bebo . Facebook Will Be Competing Soon Sorry To Say . I Never Thought I Would Fall For It :L

27. Do you go for midnight walks?
Yes , On Midnight Mishes With Friends (:

28. Are you a morning person?
Nope !

29. Name something you're looking forward to
Umr , Next Weeknd , Awh & My Snooze Now (: And Calling Beth.

30. Any cravings?
Sleep , Movies . The Phone .

31. Whats a letter in your last name?
S , For Sexy (;

32. Do you have facebook or myspace?
Facebook (:

33. Is adding strangers your thing?
Yes , Well More Like Accepting Strangers (:

34. Any bad habits?
Letting My Nails Break Off When I Drink :L

35. What do you do when youre nervous
Sing :L All My Girls Know That :L

36. Do you consider yourself a happy person?
Yess (:

37. Favourite thing you carry around 24/7
My Fone Probably ?

38. 5 things you cant live without
Make Up , Friends , Cellfone , Music , Holidays & Weekends .

39. What is your msn display name
Dont Gots Oneeee .

40. Ever met anyone because of bebo?
Hells Ye (:

41. Spongebob or Simpsons?
Unmr , The Simpsons :L Spongebob Annoys Me A Little Bit Tbh .

42. Do you own a ipod or mp3? If so what type
Ipod , God Knows ! One That Keeps Crapping Out And Freezing & Pissing Me Off :DD

43. What song are you listening to
Gin And Juice - Snoop Dogg (:

44. What do you do everyday
Text (:

45. Team Edward or Jacob?

46. Do you have your own camera?
Nope , Cellphone One Ye Though :DD

47. Are you happy atm?
Yess I Actually So Am !

48. Braces?
Nopeeee .

49. Glasses?
Nein .

50. Ever worn a face mask before?
Yess , Like A Paint One AND A Maskie One (:

51. Last time you were drunk?
Lastnight / This Morning .

52. Has anything bad ever happened to you when you were drunk?
Umr Not Really , Nothing I Regret . Nothing Dangerous Really ?

53. On Opposite Sex: Hair colour
Any Colour Out Of Brown , Black And Blonde (:

54. Eye colour:
One Me Or The Guys ? Mine Are Greeny . I Like Blue Eyes On Boys (:

55. Personality or looks:
Both , Personalitys Good , But Truthfully Looks Arent Not Important , Stop With The Bullshit :L

56. Are you a moody person
Sometimes . Used to Be Like Everyday With My Mum, But We;re ALGOOODS (:

57. What annoys you the most
Bitches , People Who Say Shite Behind Your Back Then Are Too Scared To Back It Up When You Confront Them ? Friends Who Dont Wanna Go Out At Night ? REALLY BORING NIGHTS AT HOME . Lectures .

58. What do you have planned this weekend?
Umr , Well Its Sunday , But Went To Party In PKB Lastnight (:

59. :) or xD
Neither , I Like This One (:

60. Favourite smiley?

61. Have you ever laughed until it hurt?
Hells Yeeep .

62. What were you doing 5 hours ago
Mishing To The Mall From Pkb .

63. Favourite shoes?
Keds With Black Socks (:

64. Summer or Spring?
Summer Geeee (:

65. Girls: shorts or skirts. Boys: shorts or jeans?
Skirts .

66. Do you hate anyone in particular?
Yess . Two People .

67. Favourite school subject
Pfft .

68. Is your room messy or tidy
I Cant Remember .

69. Long distance or sprints?
Umr , What ?

70. Favourite athletic event:
Aye ?

71. Favourite holiday
Summer Holidays (: Oh, And Halloween And Shite (: And Like The Valintines Day Thing(:

72. What do you do whne you're bored?
Goe Out ?

73. Good conversation person?
Yeep (:

74. Social? Or shy?

75. Is your bebo private or public?

76. Favourite quote
' you know the cops hate us cos they wana be just like us ' - Lil Wayne . ' middle finger up for the haters , hope the hater here isnt you ' - Ice Cube . ' dont break my heart , i know i'll loose all the peices ' - Anon . ' life is like a fucking roller coaster then it drops . but what should i scream for ? this is my theme park ' - Lil Wayne . ' last name 'EVER' first name 'GREATEST' - Lil Wayne .

77. Ever been to a live sports game?
Yes , Rugby .

78. What sports do you like watching?
None .

79. Do you make your bed?
Sometimes .

80. Extemely bored? I am.
Not Really .

81. Whats on tv right now?
Idk ?

82. Last concert/show you went to
Umr , Idk (: Riverfest, But That Like Wasnt A Concert (:

83. What time did you receive your last txt ?
One Thirty Eight .

84. Who was it from?
Jimmie Charmers .

85. Goodbye :)
Arvoir !

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    heay hun back on bebo lolzz

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    luv - Kid Colee.

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    Official Alex Mataipule

    hey hey how are youu ? :D . how was your weekrnd ? .. share the love ? :P LoveeMeeAleki x

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    heya howzit going im axel drews brother ,so ur ma little bros gurlfreind kwl as hope i get to meet you wen im down at xmas tell him i said he better look after u or ill deal with him lol

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    hv u know josh matellica b4 u came 2 pram

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    that sam guy seems lyk a creap um is ur dad a famos car driver n josh was a ashole 4 mockn ur lastname

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    hey, man urve changed since primry

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    fuk all ae girl lol have u got a cell num x

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    Jayme Pareanga

    heyuur babe, lol i decidd tue copy yuo? . naaus wannaa go oud town sometime lol.

  • 5/26/10
  • -Conorlyricallyexplicit- 5/26/10
  • luv Dom

    yea i know babe, its been awhile. haha na im at kcl atm, fuck it sucks eh. what u up to ths week.? x