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The I Want to kill Wayne Barnes club

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  • Group created: October 2007
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About Me

The guy that kicked the All Blacks out of the World Cup
Me, Myself, and I
This group has one purpose,
and that is for everyone to share there true hatred to that absolute wanker that sent off Lukey, and didn't apply a rather large rule in rugby, called the FOWRARD PASS!! If it wasn't for this knob then the All Blacks would probs still be in the friken world cup.

Please everyone share your abuse on the comments

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  • Pita Canini
    Pita Canini

    Wayne barne rulezZZzz AllblAKzz SuX Go fIJi......aNd Da SpriNGbOkZ PLuZ dA HoLii FrENcH

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    omg im guna poke his eyez out cuz he most definatly dusnt no how ta use em!cof forwad pass!cof cof

  • Andrewz Kinzette
    Andrewz Kinzette

    you would say that seeing as he i9s a flipping english ref! YOU KNOB JOCKEY!!

  • Rhysie

    silly english ppl tut! lol

  • Demi.

    Death To Wayne Barnes

  • Damien Garrett

    Waynes Barnes is such dumb ass shit.Who robed NZ big time that ref should be sent to Iraq or put in shark infeasted waters.I would watch that.If Waynes Barnes steeps foot in NZ . I would be all that surprised if DUMB ASS BARNES got his ugly thick ass kicked over.Waney Barnes is very high on my list as you Wayne Barnes you can take your whisle turn it side ways and stick it up your ass you dumb ulgy shit head.

  • Didn'T You No Idonthaveaname
    Didn'T You No Idonthaveaname

    this faggot should be castrated killed and then fed to the fucking fish

  • Manders

    all i can say is this guy is a fuckn faggot cock suckn mumas boy

  • Mike
    luv Mike

    I luv this club!!! but hate dat person who said dat crap about us being pitiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!

  • Jess Saunders
    Jess Saunders

    It doesnt matter f we didny double their score! 2 points or not, the bottom line iz we would have won if that dick head ref acknowledged tat forward pass. Doesnt matter if its jst a scrape-thru win. a winz a win an that reff fucked up.

  • Jacko

    hes never reffing a game again thank god

  • Genie Alpages

    I'm french, and I sincerely pity and despise you. Your team played badly on this match: it had the skills to twice our score, and it didn't. It wouldn't, no matter the ref. Stop dreaming! A team like AB can't stop playing because the ref made a mistake once. This is not a local cup with limited bet, where the adverse team, far weaker than AB, tries to limitate the damage: it's a world cup here, too bad for AB they did not do enough efforts to commit on this match. For the rest, well, if losing of 2 points removes you every dignity, happiness, self-control or honor, maybe are you worth nothing at all. The AB were on the field, you were just in pubs. Great teams reveal in defeat on the field: AB is definitely a great team, but you are the dirtiest supporter scum ever seen. I suppose the AB deserve far better.

  • Clarkie

    Fuken letsfind this cunt and then kill the fucker he needs to fucking die the stupid bitch hes under protection from all the good cunt NZ in france trying to find the prick What he said "points down" lol biny

  • .Scream.

    rip the fuckers unsides out and hang him with it, then beat him shitless witha baseball bat and send him the fuck back to england and hang him again off the london bridge