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QC- Apparently Funny

I've only just realised that avatar is over a year old. Must change it.

8/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
*Creeps In* What's this? An... An UPDATE? YOU LIE GOOD SIR.

But seriously, I've not used this site in... Goodness knows how long, but I'm finally gonna remedy that. Evening. I'm Alex, but call me 'QC'. It's stuck, according to Abi. I'm 16, and I live in Scotland, which, of course, half the American women love.

I'm a Let's Player, which means I spend much of my life playing video games for the Internet, and commentating over them. Well, I say 'much', but maybe 20 minutes a night? So, not too bad.

My 'special talent' would probably be either memory or language. Currently learning Classical Latin and Greek, the latter technically isn't taught so.

Passed 4 of my 5 Highers this year; A in Physics, B in English and Maths and a C in Latin. History... Just, don't go there.

Single at the moment, and don't the women know it. For some reason, I attract those who are... A coupla years younger than me. Fantastic. Of course, I look on the bright side, when I'm 21? Hell yeah.

The Other Half Of Me
Bri K

Bri K

This man is an LPer. Not my lover.

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  • The Past

    There's been a few things that have happened in my past.

    Only one of them still bothers me now.

    Now, a few of you know what this thing is.

    Those who do, well done. You have gained my trust or worn me down enough to discover it.

    Those who don't; don't ask.

    I think I've sorted it out now.

    Sure, it still hurts [and that Stephen King short story didn't help. Read 'Skeleton Crew', you'll get what I mean] and I believe she still believes and has moved on, but I hope I'm getting by.

    But I'm just writing this so that I, myself, can get it sorted out, to get a bit of perspective on what is going on in my life.

    So, you can probably just all ignore this now =]

    0 Comments 256 weeks

  • Some Random Stuff

    Just some strange randommshit about me...

    - I CANNOT play the xylophone/glockenspeil for anything.
    - I collect juice cans.
    - I also collect dictionaries [foreign, English, shorthand].
    - I play D&D.
    - I own over 25 Stephen King books.
    - I own 10+ R.E.M. albums.
    - I have a retro alarm clock.
    - I have a London Underground T-Shirt.
    - I eat raw jelly.
    - I love the Pink Panther cartoon series.
    - I am secretly Guybrush Threepwood ^^
    - I play Kirby games =]
    - And Pokémon.

    That's all for now as it's 1.20a.m. and I'm tired.

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  • Memoirs...

    Write some memories people =D

    2 Comments 264 weeks

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  • luv Awesome

    Happy Birthday! *Hugs* xxxxx

  • Stephy
    luv Stephy

    Hey Alex ^^ Felt Like Passing By Happy New Year! Hope You Have A Great Year ^^ Have some Love ^^ xx

  • luv Awesome

    hahah you got owned in Mario Kart :L

  • luv Awesome

    am not feeling so good today :( what about you? when are you getting Mario Kart? I want someone new to beat :L

  • luv Awesome

    Lemon face! :L xxxx

  • Kaika Kawaii.
    Kaika Kawaii.

    Hey Alex :] It's been a while! How have you been? :] x

  • Danny Baillie

    Oh yes, myself and Senator Clark enjoy the occasional elaborate comment to each other :P hahah Yes I am very well thanks :) Hows yourself?

  • luv Awesome

    alex smells heeheee

  • Josh

    * pointing at the screen * Hello thar

  • Andrea.

    hiyaaaaaaaaaa how areeeee yaaa doingg? What it like me not being in the street? quiet? boring? You prob haven't even noticed..."/ hahahaha Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Awesome

    Hey smelly how are you? i love that game btw it's so much fun heehee :L xx

  • Rachael M
    Rachael M

    hey QC how are you xxxxx

  • Abigail

    me in general :o

    8/27/09 via Mobile
  • Abigail

    evan was slightly creeped out.X

    8/27/09 via Mobile
  • Abigail

    I am scarily and unhealthyily organized

    8/27/09 via Mobile