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kingdom hearts pros

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About Me

i no loads about kingdom hearts so come if u wont to no something
Me, Myself, and I
hi this is my new kingdom hearts group hope u like it post me a comment and tell your friends to join if u don't no wot kh is about then get out only joking its about a boy called sora and his 2 friends donald goofy fighting heart less or in kh2 nobodys as well and going to over worlds and unlocking key holes with the key blade that sora carries

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  • the two keyys

    ------00000000--- **YOU**
    ------00--00--00--- **NEED**
    ------00--00--00--- **TWO**
    ------00--00--00--- **KEYBLADES**
    ------00--00--00--- **FOR**
    ------00000000--- **ROXAS**


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  • the 3 new games

    George Tremlin by George Tremlin
    ok, i think i know whats going to happen:

    birth by sleep: this is one of three new games. this one is going to be for the sony psp. it is a prequel to the original (s) set roughly 10 years before sora's story took place. this DOES mean that we will not have sora as a playable character =( but... new playable characters ARE introduced =)

    358/2 days: this is the second of three new games. this one will be for the nintendo d.s. it is following roxas' time within the organization. it starts straight from his birth, right up until his "death". not alot is known about this one, but it is pretty certain that we are going to be able to play as all of the organization 13 members.

    coded: this final out of the three games is going to be for mobile phones. not alot at all is known about coded, but it does look rather similar to kingdom hearts 1.
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  • Kingdom Heart- new games

    Kairi Konoichi ºAkane And Kokoroº by Kairi Konoichi ºAkane And Kokoroº
    Kingdom Hearts is an above average game
    It is probably the best RPG i have ever played
    and i have plzyed quite a lot of RPG(s) in my short life which has been just over 13 years
    i luv Sora, which is quite immature i no, but he is quite attractive
    ive lost my train of thought
    oh- now i remeber
    Kingdom Hearts' creator, Okumora or w/e the hell his name is has given three new game titles, and none of them are Kingdom Hearts Three or Kingdom Hearts 3 or Kingdom Hearts III(hint, different ways of typing it out--- lol)
    He has given out Birth By Sleep and two other titles, still no Kingdom Hearts Three/3/III
    He told Disney Magazine( i no, really immature that i read Disney Magazine- bad habit) that Kingdom Hearts Three will have to wait because he wants to fill in some more info to better understand the game and he wants to add more characters. He is bringing Birth By Sleep to explain Roxas' story and i think he is going to explain Kairi's Story as well.
    Everyone knows Sora's story and Riku's story is on COM(Reverse Rebirth, after you beat Sora's half)
    i still have yet to learn why Kairi and Sora won't kiss each other and i would also like to learn more about the Destiny Islands characters, Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka.
    I can't wait for the new games to come out so that I can competly own u guys who think Sora won't show up again and smash ur faces in the dirt

    sorry- my evil half came about me
    anyways, can't wait to get news on more Kingdom Hearts games and can't wait to talk to u again(i hope im not as talkative then--lol)
    CYA L8R
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  • KH3!!!

    Tim by Tim
    I know a bit about kingdom hearts 3, and its NOT going to have sora in it :(
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  • Ron' Weasly
    Ron' Weasly

    He Hee i lubb kingdom hearts xD And AkuRoku cant forget the AkuRoku -is shot-

  • Dante Kenshin Rinesparda -UkeSeme
    luv Dante Kenshin Rinesparda -UkeSeme

    AWESOME PICURE PEOPLE!!!! KH rules!!! Axel & Demyx = AWESOMENESS!! :DD

  • Kingdom Hearts News-Fan Club
    Kingdom Hearts News-Fan Club

    Yo, Peoples! Are you in the dark about the new KH games? Dont know enough Info on them or needing the info? WELL! Join now and learn all about the new KH games that are coming soon! (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: Coded and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days) JOIN NOW! http://www.bebo.com/KingdomHeartsNewsz

  • luv Fillypo

    To Adam, There is no easier or fast way of getting the Ultima Weapon. You have you get the heartless items to synthesis items. You have to at least synthesis one of each until new items appear to make. The Ultima Weapon is the last synthesis item at the shop!! It really helps if you're wanting to train you people!!

  • Connor B

    i completed no 2 with just the standerd crappy kingdom key

  • Meatball McMichael
    Meatball McMichael

    ...i've completed this game so many times then i got bored and started again i'm already on the lion king (2nd time) so if you've completed it start again SIMPLE :D

  • Hannah.

    Umm.. stupid question waa is thaa final mix ?x ppl keep talkin bout it n i dunno waa it is ?x lo0ol w/b

  • Maz
    luv Maz

    god thats not fair cos i dont even play the game i just watch wat my friend plays and it lookes really good. oh and by the way heres some love 4 makin this page.

  • Robbie

    so your a bunch of pro's are you? well lets see if you can pass my lil test, if so then your worth your title, if you want to no wat your challenge is, the comment me asking about it ok, oh and btw, the names robbie *dissappears into the shadows*

  • Angelo

    Im on lv 99 wit all ma drive forms and ma summons on lv.7, ive completed jimminys journal all the way and i mean EVERYTHING, gotten all the gummi ships and seen the secret ending so in short: Ive completed KH2 100% YAY :-}

  • Kingdom Hearts Followers
    Kingdom Hearts Followers

    If anyone needs help with anything on Kingdom Hearts (any of the games). Our qualified and very skillful gamers will be glad to lend advice or gaming tips to help you on your way to being a true keyblade master. Or if you think ur already skillful or you know everything you already need to know. Join the group anyway to show how much you love Kingdom Hearts :D http://www.bebo.com/KiNGD0M-HEARTS http://www.bebo.com/KiNGD0M-HEARTS http://www.bebo.com/KiNGD0M-HEARTS http://www.bebo.com/KiNGD0M-HEARTS http://www.bebo.com/KiNGD0M-HEARTS