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Harriet Irwin

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  • Female, 23, Luv 17
  • from oakham
  • Profile views: 5,442
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: 1/22/13
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i love niki and niki only!xxx
most things!!
men girls-davinci code-save the last dance-borat-legally blonde-charlie and the chocolate factory-lion king-little mermaid-
Yoga (dont go very often)-horse riding-swimming
Scared Of
FISH FISH FISH-spiders-leechs-snails-moths-mosquitos-FISH FISH
What i love
perfume-makeup-dressing up- talking-parties-malibu-pina colada-clothes-shopping-free periods-jelly-chocolate-underwear-sleeping-bedsocks-my phone-food in genral-indian food-cinema-going out for meals-pink pens-versarce-
Email addy
harriet.irwin@hotmail.com ... very original

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  • about me

    Time started: 8:25
    Full Name: Harriet Emily Irwin
    Nickname:Minda, Haz, gangles, hatty, happy star, erweeener, harriety
    Single or Taken: taken
    Gender: female


    Sign: Aries
    Siblings: brother

    Eye colour: blue
    Shoe size: 6.5
    Height: 5ft7.5

    What are you wearing right now: ugg boots, black jeans and a black jumper and belt
    Where do you live: Manton
    Righty or lefty: righty

    Who are your closest friends:They no who they are

    Do you have a bf or gf?: yes i stated i was taken

    Did you send this to your crush?: no

    Fashion Stuff

    Your fave place to shop: London
    Do you have any tattoos or piercings: nooo too scared, but i want too
    Favourite Stuff: clothes,shoes
    Colour: Pink
    Number: 20
    Boys Names that u like: henry,douglas
    Girls Names that u like: hmmm hard one..lilly

    Subject in school: art
    Animal: kittys and tigers
    Alcoholic drink: pina colada

    Sport: horse riding

    Food: BREAD!!!!

    Months: August and december

    Movie: Charlie and the chocolate factory

    Juice: orange and peach

    Finger: forefinger

    Breakfast: jelly, weetabix and lemon and lime water

    perfume: jean paul gaultier classique


    Given anyone a bath: yes

    Smoked: nope

    Bungee Jumped: Nope

    Made yourself throw-up:nope

    Been skinny dipping: yes

    Been in the opposite sex's toilet: often with anna!

    Eaten a dog biscuit: noo.... why would i?

    Put your tongue on a frozen pole: yes in the fridge

    Loved someone so much it made you cry?: yes

    Broken a bone: is my little finger counts?

    Been in a physical fight: no...

    Been in a police car: no

    Came close to dying: no

    Been in a sauna: yes i love them

    Been in a hot tub: yes

    Been in the ocean: yes

    Fallen asleep in school: no i cant say i have

    Ran away?: noooo
    Broken someone's heart: yes

    Cried when someone died: Ye

    Flashed someone: yep

    Fell off your chair: many a time

    Sat by the phone all night? noo

    Saved MSN conversations: no

    Saved e-mails?: i dont delete them

    Fallen for your best friend?: nooo

    Been cheated on?: nooo

    First thing that comes to mind

    Red: dress
    Blue: sky
    Autumn: crunchy leaves and wellies!
    Greenland: mountains

    What is....

    Your good luck charm: my charm bracelet

    Your room like: airy and light

    The last thing you said: i love you

    What is next to you: bottlebrush (my kitty)

    Last thing you ate: hula hoop RIDGES

    What kind of shampoo do you use?: herbal essences 'rainforest flowers'

    Something that has happened to you this year?: i fell over walking to school on a soggy leaf

    What schools have you gone to: our ladies convent, spratton hall, oakham, stamford
    have you ever

    had Chicken pox: yes

    had a Sore Throat: Yes

    Believed in love at first sight?: yes

    Liked picnics: yes

    Liked school: yes

    loved someone? yes
    Would you:
    Eat a live hamster for £1,000,000??: hmm.. no

    Go to a Hanson concert: nope they annoy me

    If you loved someone and you were keeping something from them and it would hurt them if they found out, would u tell them?: yes

    Who Was the last person you touched?: ben

    Who was the last person you massaged: ben

    Who Was the last person you kissed? ben

    Who Was the last person you yelled at?: ben

    who Was the last person who broke your heart: no one

    Who was the last person who told you they loved you: ben

    Who is your loudest friend?: anna?

    Do you/Are You:

    Do you like filling these out?: yer!.....

    Do you wear contacts or glasses: glasses and yes i do look like a geak

    Do you like yourself: most of the time

    Do you get along with your family: yes

    Have piercings below the waist : no


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  • no subject

    1. Whαts Your Nαme?
    2. Are We Close?
    3. Whαt Do You Think Of Me?
    4. Do You Hαve A Crush On Me?
    5. Would U Kiss Me?
    6. Describe Me In 3 Words
    7. If You Hαd Me For 30 Mins Whαt Would You Do?
    8. Whαt Wαs Your First Impression Of Me?
    9. Do You Still Think The Sαme?
    10. Whαt Reminds You Of Me?
    11. If You Could Give Me Anything Whαt Would It Be?
    12. How Well Do You Know Me?
    13. Whαt Do You Like Best About Me?
    14. Ever Wαnted To Tell Me Something You Couldn't?
    15. Could You Ever Love Me?
    16. Give Me A Nicknαme And Explαin Why?
    17. Are You Gonna Put This On Ur Blog And See Whαt I Sαy About You?
    18. Anything To Sαy Before You Go?

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    heya!!! Im good thanks you? not much really done assessments you? was good seein u yesterday... yes we muct indeed! #xxxxxx

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    I miss you and i love you..how are you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    I love you......What time are you going out? Xxxxxxx