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Cjay F

yea getting sick of dis song dats on muh page fukin weird al aye anywayz juss here to update and just end

1/15/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 23, Luv 90
  • from SLFN & GHFN
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 2,467
  • Last active: 3/16/11
  • www.bebo.com/CjayF7
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About Me

...Native Dope Boyz....im platinum child ya heard
Me, Myself, and I
hey yo wus up pple im juss doin fuk all man bein bored gonna go home soon and smoke some you know what weed anyway pce to yall pple who checks dis shyt
The Other Half Of Me


hey babes i luv u too

i listen to hip hop and alil bit of what i do
Scared Of
im scared of pple who are scared of me jokes
Happiest When
partying, wit muh gurl , or on my recording sessions
my yahoo

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  • DonnaBee

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  • AvengedSevenfold

    fukkin brutha man when you comin to ghill fuckin miss yo ass man:( neee im just drunk:L :L but i can see well:L taahhaa almost gunna go getta joint...aiight love ya my big brutha call me sometimes no i shoulld say let my nephew call me fro onmce man i fuckin miss him aiighty then love ya i made tihs picture keep it:( i so miss her so much:( :( :(

  • AvengedSevenfold
    luv AvengedSevenfold

    yo wasup cuzz me im just burnt out:L :L been blazing everyday:L so how you been you nd your lil family./....nd when you gonna bring yo boy here again...wanna see him again:) ...neee waays share tha love back cuz..peaace miss ya!:( haha we forgot berrina that time... that waz karrianne's 19th birthday i think:(

  • - H -
    luv - H -

    Soooo funnny eee jk anywayss this is random so return it okiedokie? kdenn I'm gone

  • Natalie Emily
    luv Natalie Emily

    random heart return it pce

  • luv Back Off

    hey cee-jay me nuthin' its boring at wpg can't do nuthin' haert give iht back aiight

  • Karla Monias

    hey there Cee-Jay!! nee annah hows your babyboy?.. man he sure does look like you when you were a baby Awwh... lol anyways hmm when do I get to see him next time? Years??? lol shyt... anyways give him a big Kiss for me!! --Sry My Luv's Rare--

  • Jay.Nay.

    hey CJ juss passin through........ anyways see ya later take care of memphis that lil cutie LOL heehee Luv is rare. You can only give it 3 times a day. maybe next time eh?? LOL kegan says yo brah how's your baybay?? i bet you wish he was small again aye?

  • Fiddler

    ahahaha! saw your mgs on tiff's thinger! LOL are you lonely over there? pick on tess? or is she too touhg for you... LMAO! i miss you broh! and my memphis! kiss him for me ? call me later. mom has my cell number! k bye!

  • M A R Z
    luv M A R Z

    Aye! Sup? :P anyways yu poped up fo muh random friends so heres a heart fo ya..hehe kitchi snob eye jks cho t/c

  • AvengedSevenfold
    luv AvengedSevenfold

    w'sup cuzz...so when you coming this way again...teehee..:P im juss all burn't out:L and got home:L ....i was out drinking lastnight but it was fucked-up though....LOL i think imma go party again 2night with my broz teehee...super party:L coz of superjuice...:L anyways peaace much luv cuz see you when ever....return tha heart ohhh give a kiss to your babyboy from mee ------------------------------------------------------------------------ YOU LIKE THIS PICTURE:P

  • Bradley Fiddler
    luv Bradley Fiddler

    what sup my bro ,,, juss show'n some luv ...but i want it back

  • Kra-Yeezy

    what up bruh. jus came to sign sum shizzzyyy down. or your style...shizzzaaaeeelLL. LOL jus kidding.pce mayn.

  • Fiddler
    luv Fiddler

    I miss you broh! Lotsa love for u. Give Memphis a kiss & hug for me. Ok be good!

    8/27/09 via Mobile
  • Kra-Yeezy
    luv Kra-Yeezy

    what up bruh? ya online fo once. here dat bruh luv mayn.

  • Top Notch Bitch
    Top Notch Bitch

    wattah nerdy song lol passin by soo yea later hit me back with a comment too :P bye

  • JCee

    hey wussup bro...wheres ur soundclick at i'll check out ur musikk later haha well yeah just put it on my page later A'iight well yeah gunna go now..sorry no hearts haha maybe next time cuzz..peace