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Ronan Mahon

Learnin the foreign

4/22/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Havin a blast in nottigham lovin the job :)
Placebo - probably the longest lasting and most replayable music I have. Muse, The Killers, Ben Folds, Ben Harper and random tacky game music. The originals from consoles like the C64 were funky good. Random other stuff like Dream Theater and Kaizers Orchestra
too many to list.. changes depending on my mood :P
meh... Diving was really sweet, If only I could afford it. motorbikes and cars are a sport?
Happiest When
Hangin out with friends and talkin shite.. usually till all hours. I enjoy cooking too.. thats fun

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  • S

    did you get your rrod fixed yet?

  • Crystal Chandelier
    Crystal Chandelier

    there, look, we are friends, ya FECKIN EEJIT. now go have some cucumber sandwiches.

  • S

    Congrats ;)

  • luv Sinead Holohan

    are you alive? just checking to see if you are still on for december. tis cool if you decide you dont want to fly on your own. sniffle sniffle i'll be fine. (insert song lyrics) All by myself..... I'm gonna be all by myself.. :P Na man. Wats the story, work challenging as ever I suppose.

  • Amy Mahon
    luv Amy Mahon

    Halo? Did ya make it home alrite ya scumbag...darren didnt make ya late 4 ur plane no? Hope ya werent 2 wreckd 4rm ur supposed rest holiday over here haha mostly my fault...wats this facebook u speak of..bebo's better anyday! Headin up 2 Galway 2 visit ste an do a bitta surfin, shud b gud! Anyways im sure i shud b doin sumthin more important rite now...like maby gettin ready 4 hospital! Talk soon! Love ya :D

  • Amy Mahon
    luv Amy Mahon

    Alrite ya big english scumbag! Espana was so gud its not funny, im home and its disgusting, the weather's shite, first time ive seen rain in 2months ewwww! How was the gig, hope ya found sum1s tent to kip in?:L :L And yuk dont mention the 2one business im gettin bloody old, hand me a zimmer frame why dont ya?! :o But ye do come over then, havnt seen ya in aaaaaaages, and hey i havnt ruled out an english visit yet.. love ya more ;) cya soon!

  • luv Sinead Holohan

    Thanks Row. And of course you can visit me when I settle in. We can go snowboarding when you do come and do the whole camel dessert thingy. The flights are rather cheap compared to most countries considering how far it is away. ?Are you on Skype yet. Cus if you are I can call you on it and talk for free. Cheap Cheap. Long live the student soul. :)

  • Sinead Holohan

    got the call from abu dhabi . i have to leave wednesday morning coming. scary. its like college all over again leaving everything till the last minute. anywho any news wit yourself?

  • Sinead Holohan

    RO RO. only three and half more weeks until i am leaving this fanytastic country. umfg. fairly fricking mental concept. hows it bin treating you over there? is the craddle snatcher still chasing you?

  • Dolly Fong

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    7/17/08 via Mobile
  • Lesa Commander

    hey sweetie I was looking at your profile and i think you're cute as hell. come check me out on webcam for free, my names gina21fl www.access-cams.com :) bye

    7/16/08 via Mobile
  • Sinead Holohan

    Hope you got home safe. Was barely even conscious when you left. an not enough credit to text back. What you get up to when you got back?

  • Laura Byrne
    Laura Byrne

    hey cuz!!! well only found out today you no longer live here haha i'm a bit behind with the family updates!! well hows all??? xxxxxxx

  • Crystal Chandelier
    Crystal Chandelier

    oh my, i certainly was disgusted, i hate when people beep at me!! usually its for going through red lights and cycling on the footpath or cycling with a can or a drink in my hand with my headphones on! hardcoooore! sport?? like that running around business? i like how you call it "sport" like you're not entirely sure what the more specific term is! still dunno what i'm gonna do with my life, i'm so impatient, i just wanna have loadsa money and travel RIGHT NOW. stuff getting a job! as for NCAD...SO glad thats over with, don't like the design department much...when i grow up i wanna be a hippy....:L do you miss anything about little olde ireland??