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fuck life sucks badly in this world :(

10/11/11 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
ANARE ;) 02103621849
name: erana
years young
attending: northland college
sponqbob is my FRIEND :D
:) boiiz aree playrsz and thdsz ahfact , don't fall iin love just play thm back haahaahaa ?? :)
The Other Half Of Me
Florence Pomare

Florence Pomare

this es my MUMMY hahahaar =)

iily babee
hahahahahaha well this year ?? 'chur bro'
?? i can't awnser if you don't ask

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haaha and this is m beautiful auntie to

idnt really see her mujj haha but when ido c her imake the most of it haha lol

L O V E aunty]

iilyhoo auntie and tha kids to

this girl is my BESTFRIEND
, which is good cause shz most of the time always there when ineed hr haha ehk lols;

and yehh i really like being round her bcoz sh makes me laugh ..

ilyhoo !!!

this girl

well what tah say lols

sh has her ups and downs hahahr
she i really a nutter ..

oosh this G II R L
K A Y SZ ay lols

sh is a N U TT E R to hhahahaaha lols

sh is a biitch at home but out in the world shs allgood lol

ilyhoo cuz !!

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