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Nicholas De Lenfent-Alessa Gillespie

Roleplay is about fun, not rules. Thats why im inactive.

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Me, Myself, and I
My name is Nicholas De Lenfent, vampire, violinist, artist and a Aristocrat. For many years since my rebirth into this land i've seen many things, from War to chaos. This world is not like the world i knew before. Back in my time, during the French Revolution the world was exploding with arts and new cultures, new lands never been explored before. I left my old village home for paris with my freind Lestat De Lioncourt. There we witnessed them amazement of Paris, though sadly i began to loose my mind to darkness. My freind Lestat vanished and left me alone. Not long after that i fell victim to a cult of vampires who tortured me and left me for dead, i never knew these vampires would soon be my freinds. Lestat saved me from these vampires but I was close to death. He turned me and lead me into the life of a vampire. I and Lestat opened up the theatre des vampires, vampires pretending to be human pretending to be vampires. He left again and i soon fell into insanity.
Me continued.
The theatre was ran by myself and the vampires that had tortured me before. Life was good but he insanity led my violin playing to cause chaos to those who listened. Armand, one of the vampires, chopped of my arms. i decided to end my vampire life. It wasn't til 1941 when i was reborn into the world. Brought back by a mad catboy and crack team of nazi scientist by means of dark arts. From that day i helped the Nazi fight, i dont know why but being dead for so long i guess blood lust was... at the higest peak. Throughout the war i killed hundreds, more blood ran through my veins and i was growing stronger and stronger. I fought in africa, starlingrad and then Berlin. It was the catboy who told me to leave before the fall of the 3rd Reich. So i left to Sweden where i lived for over 20 years, in hiding from the allied forces who wanted to prosecute me for war crimes. In the 60's i moved to the Uk, living in London watching the rise of humanity. In the 1980's i met a woman and made a famil
Eye colour and hair colour
Golden and Red Eyes, depending on mood. Dark red hair.
Alessa is considered to be a tragic, tortured and misunderstood soul who wanted empathy and love. The absence of Alessa’s father very well may be the cause of her involuntary attachment to certain individuals (i.e. Claudia Wolf, Lisa Garland, [as Heather Mason] Douglas Cartland and Harry Mason). Alessa has also proven that once she's given one her affection, she clings to them, never forgets them and treats them like family. In a strange sense, she cared about Cheryl Mason/Heather more than herself, wanting to spare them the hellish nightmare she endured at her mother and the cult's hands. She certainly loves Harry Mason like a father due to the seven years of proper love and care he showered on her other half, Cheryl, and the fact that he, one way or the other, ended her torment and fulfilled her dearest wish of being accepted and loved.
Alessa has a great deal of spite which is shown more in Silent Hill: Origins, though this likely stems from cruel and malicious treatment from peers
Original Rp
█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║ █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║ © ORIGINAL PROFILE If I see any of you fucking noobs stealing my hard work I will fucking have u banned faster than you can say shit ^_^
Normally his violin which he can control the minds of the weak. He normally has a German Luger Pistol holstered under under coat. He was trained in marksmanship so he also carries a kar98 Sniper rifle which with some form of magic he can form in his hands from a dark cloud.
real me:
My Name is Paul Whitely and im 21 :D No godmodding or being a cunt or i'll just simply just say bye ^_^
My Fledglings In Order of turning
Traci Vuori
Lithia De Lenfent
Chou Valentine
Tessa May Leonhart
Tristan Of Aragorn
Rebecca Lyratustain

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  • boorrred :3

    63 Annoying Questions Survey
    Song that always makes you sad : Immortal - Evanesence
    Last thing you bought : Noodles
    Last person you argued with : O.o I really dont argue really..probaly sister
    Do you put butter before putting the jelly on : ugh no jelly.. just more butter.. butter is awesome (skyarmy!)
    One of your nicknames as a kid : Wiggy (my hair.. betrayed me...)
    Did you ever own at one time a Nsync Cd : who?
    Favorite day of the week : friday.. cause I get to sleep in after fridays finished
    Favorite Sundae topping : never had one o.o
    Did you take Piano lessons : I wish! o.o
    Most frequent song played : Silent hill - Promise
    TV show you secretly enjoy : young Dracula
    Would you rather play basketball or hockey : none o.o'
    Date someone older or younger : older would be new
    One place you could travel right now : If I could then it'd be Berlin
    Do you use umbrellas : why? I love the raid XD
    Do you know all the words to your national anthem : no but I know all the lyrics to radiohead's National Amthem if that counts :3
    Favorite Cheese : Blue Cheese ;D you smokers out their will know haha XD but cheese cheese.. chedda
    Disturbed or My Chemical Romance : MCR!
    Blondes or Brunettes : Red? :P nah Brunettes
    Best job you ever had : Job? what job? XD
    Did you go to your high school prom : nope
    Perfect time to wake up : 1pm
    Perfect time to go to bed : 5am
    Do you use your queen right away in chess : nope
    Ever been in a car accident : nah
    Closer to mom or dad...or neither : Dad
    What do you call your sweetheart lovingly : baba
    What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager : 30's.. :P Germany.. yeah XD
    Favorite shoes you have EVER owned : Airwalks
    Do you have an article of clothing from your childhood : Nah
    Were you in track and field : nope
    Were you ever in a school talent show : nopes
    Have you ever written in a library book : yep ^^
    Allergic to : nothing! (immortal!)
    Favorite fruit : Non
    Have you watched sex and the city : noopee
    Baseball hat or toque : baseball hat
    Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap : Shammpooooo
    Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste : wet the toothbrush first ^_^
    Pen or pencil : pencil
    Have you ever gambled at a casino : nope
    Have you thrown up on a plane : nope
    Have you thrown up in a car : nope
    Have you thrown up at work : nope
    Do you scream on roller coasters : yuppers
    Who was your first prom date : didn't go
    Who was your first roommate : no-one
    What alcoholic beverage did you drink for the first time : Baileys I think.. either that or red wine
    What was your first job : okay okay I worked at a charity shop >_>
    What was your first car : no cars yet T^T
    When did you first go to a funeral : cant remember
    How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown : ugh that was years ago I honestly cant remember XD
    Who was your first grade teacher : (First Grade? o.o I'll go with year 1 XD) Mrs Knight
    When did you sneak out of your house for the first time : havn't o.o
    Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them : Gemma I think it was o.o
    Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parent : Scotland
    Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day : If I had credit it' be Micki
    Whose wedding were you in, the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsman : none yet
    What is the first thing you do in the morning : morning cr-.. I mean have a coffee and Smoke XD
    What was the first concert you attended : Korn
    First tattoo or piercing : ear peircing like when I was 14-15 I think?
    Where did you go on your first airplane ride : Havn't flown yet XD
    First celebrity crush : >_>' Britney spears..

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  • right here it is XD "dying breed" XD plenty of typos but my editor had to leave XD

    Small note: I hope to doing Helgas full story soon but I hope you all enjoy this little tale for Halloween :3 Helga is from a alternate reality where Hitler was overthrown before he could condemn Germany. A part of the Nazi party known as “the phoenix rising”; the group under the command of Victor Wulf and his daughter Helga Wulf assassinated Hitler and took over, declaring peace throughout Europe. Though the peace did not last and a united 4th Reich was born. Unlike the party before this Reich promoted equality and unity. The unified Reich which consisted of all races and religions; black and white, Jews and Christians etc. The Reich waged a war to bring unity to the world. This short story is based on my own story, where Helga takes a different route instead of the one she will choose in the full story. Helga her self is a petite young blond haired girl ,with greyish blue eyes, with what some women would call “the Perfect hour glass figure”. This is due to her father’s strict healthy regime and military training since the age of 10. Her voice is soft and calming and her smile a picture of innocence. Yet she could become the most fearful being within seconds, this was her fathers side. Anyway I digress :3 lets get to the little short story! I will write the full thing at some point XD.

    1946 The Reich war machine was in full swing against a small band of Rebels in the Transylvanian forest. At the lead of war machine was Helga Wulf our heir to the throne of the Reich, daughter of the new fuhrer Victor Wulf. The rebels were from an unknown faction but were performing hit and run tactics against the war machine to try and halt the invasion force. Helga had tracked them all the way down to a small village that wasn’t even on the map.

    19:48 that night she led a platoon into the village thinking the rebels would be no match. The only support she took with the platoon was a halftrack where they rode in the back. The village was all too quiet and not another sound could be heard, just the mechanic noise of the halftrack as it slowly moved through the centre of the village. Helga stood up and removed her red leather cap that was perched upon her long blond hair and sighed, looking over to the sergeant. A tallish officer with brown hair and green eyes; quite well built for an officer. He was stood next to the gunner of the halftrack that swept the area looking out for the rebels.

    “Herr Wilhelm I thought they was meant to be here but I don’t see anyone.. this is a waste of time”

    “Patience Kommandant Helga..I’m sure they’ll be here. If I didn’t know any better it is almost as if you want to get attacked”

    She smiled and placed between her lips a cigarette and lit up taking a long drag from it.

    “Ever since we pushed the soviets out of this part of Europe its been to quiet.. now all we get is petty little bands of strugglers.. it`s pathetic”
    As she took another drag however a bullet twanged against the side of the half track. Helga ducked and ordered the gunner to open fire as the men scrambled out for cover. A fierce gun fight broke out between Helga’s soldiers and the rebels who out numbered the Germans 20 to 1. Helga opened fire from behind a barrel and managed to shoot dead a rebel but the soldier next to her was cut down by a enemy machine gun. Wilhelm shouted over to her:

    “you wanted a battle you got it! But I believe we won’t make it out of this one!”

    She grabbed the soldiers MP-40 and laid down suppressing fire.

    “Wilhelm! Get as many of my men out of here! I’m pinned down but you need to go!”

    More bullets whistled through the air as the gunfight waged. One bullet hit against Helga’s forearm causing her to drop her gun and then another bullet slammed against her shoulder forcing her down to the ground. Blood flowed and she was badly injured.
    “Helga! Medic! We need a

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  • Helga Wulf (character Bio)

    Gender: Female
    Race: Mortal (can be vampire if wanted for rp ^^)
    Age: In her main timeline she would be 26
    Birthdate: 17/12/1925
    Blood Type: A+
    Height: 5'6
    Beliefs/Religion: Norse Gods
    Hobby: Flying in her the planes of her might plane collection.

    Basic Description:
    Helga her self is a petite young blond haired girl with greyish blue eyes; with what some women would call “the Perfect hour glass figure” but this is due to her father’s strict healthy regime and military training since the age of 10. Her voice is soft and calming and her smile a picture of innocence yet she could become the most fearful being within seconds; this was her fathers side.

    Current Information
    family background: Mother Unknow and her father is Vicktor Wulf, leader of the Pheonix rising party. Her fathers family come from a long line of wealthly German aristrocrats. Helgas mother is totally unknown but we know she was a Russian.
    birth place: Berlin, Germany
    home: Berlin, Germany
    possesions, make-up, jewelry, etc: not much for makeup however she is wide know for her unknown markings that she draws beneith her eyes.
    pets: A cat called Schrodinger

    Physical Description
    hair style: Long straight blonde hair That reaches just under her arse.
    eyes: Grey/Blue
    body: Perfect hour glass body.
    marks,scar,tattoo: Scar across right cheek
    clothing: The latest designer Officer uniform or a black leather tank top with a short cut skirt armed to the teeth.
    likes: Political speaches, tanks, war planes, swords and mainly artillery peices
    dislikes: Biggots, Homaphobes, Racists, crinimals, Communists, the true nazis and her father.
    fears: loosing her loved ones or any members of her Army or airforce. Fears the world falling into anarchy
    goals: To make the world Unified under one flag.
    occupation: Fuhrer, supreme officer of the armed forces, Navy and air force. Empoures of the Empire and last of all before her time ends she will be a mum.
    favorite food: Sausages, bread, Brandy, wine and absinthe
    least favorite food: Carrots
    most prized possesion (important or emotional value): Always Hidden in her pocket is soviet Union badge, which belonged to her mother.
    vernacular (way of speaking): German, North German
    psychological condition: Bipola
    social and other pressure, problems: Attending mass rallies to show the world a morale boost every 3 days can put alot of preasure upon her.
    relationships (with who and what kind): Syren/Ellena (girlfriend)
    beliefs, superstition, moral value: Unification power and strength
    positive characteristics: Smart, Beautiful, Great musician, actor, great sense of Humor and royalty to those around her.
    negatives characteristics: Her Bipola can make her mercyless and ruthless

    physical: Trained soldier in all forms of combat from Full blow ground conflict to a close quarters raid
    magical: None.
    other: Trained marksman, suberp pilot, Political genius, great speaker and devious charms

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