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Oopsy DaisyX


2/14/10 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 451
  • from hooooooooounslow
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
       - Delsie'sBestfriend♥
     all mчgirls&boчs' iloveчouall.
      mч 2 truest girls mean everчthing;
     mч'transit & taller i lavv чouxxx
     other;half ¦ means everthing.
       i'd be nothing without чou.             


The Other Half Of Me


bestfriend O6(LL)

you dont actually realise how much you mean to me unoe, i never wanna loose you so no matter what anyone says they can go fuck a duck sideways alie, youv been there for me threw everything in the past 3 NEARLY 4 years, wow ive known you that long already haha we have so many jokes its fucking unreal and so many memories much more to come btw, i love you so much your basically my sister, you warn me of the boys i like coz most of them treat me like a dickhead but when i dont listen to you and i get hurt, you make me smile but you have to say i told you so dont you lol, ima always be here no matter what i never wanna argue with you ever againcoz without you in my life is just fucking depressing, & i can honestly say- if you weren't here i'd diee-♪
       since 2OO6 and never ending♥
Rest In Peace Dad ♥
( L )

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  • delsieeeee(LL)

    you mean fucking loads to me you know that dont you :) youve been there for me threw EVERYTHING like all that shit with my mum when she kicked me out i knew i could turn to you because your the kind of friend who will be there whenever i need you and even if we have a stopid argument youll be there for me like we never had one if that makes sense:) and when i lost my dad you was there for me aswell and all i wanna say is thank you means alot to me bubs, hahaha memba all those times we have mcdonalds breakfast when we bunk skool and walk up the roadd haha and when i stay round and we go downstairs in the pub getting drunk dancing with the polish ahaha and omg tonite when tht man walked up to me sed saink in polish and kissed my fucking cheek omyy i cant believe he did that stopid mann that was worse then havin a dog lick your facee err mann but theres you like pissing yourself larfing at me cuz my face was like :| haha and you saw him coming and you couldnt warn me nahhh bitch :) oh god i love your mummzie shes so fucking jokes haha and craig loool. You know your my bestfriend and theres never been a bestfriend like you, and never will be your one in a million bestfriend :) and when you was drunk earlier and telling all your family that im your bestfriend ment alot too[: i hate it when we have those stupid arguments be we always get over it in the end because i realise what a really good friend ive lost and its not good :) , im nagging you rite now trying to make you stay up because like 5 minites ago you was like " im wide awake" but now your sleeping so imma wake you up :) ima finish this now one last thing tho delsie,
    i love you like a sister and nothings ever going to change that

    0 Comments 203 weeks

  • from the bestfriend.

    Myy Bestfriend, well what can i say about you, tbh we have been thru alot since we have known eachother, but then again we get thruu it all, we have alot a few arguments and we stop torking for a few weeks or maybe a few days, i hate it when we arguee tbh lol(N) but we alwaies sortt it out like the bestfriends we are lol, we have had sooo may jokee timess aint we lol, bunkin, getting drunk, my mum danceing, just crakingg bare jokes, tbh i can never crackk that many jokes with someone else it just wouldnt be right, u only have to larf and im in stichess :L , you actually mean the world to me and i mean that babes, and i dont know what i would do without you, yourr the only person who hass actually stuckk with me thruu alot of things in my life and noone else would of done the things you have done for me, i dont think id be able to live without you lol becuase theres no delsie without her jade (:

    i love the times we are pisssed out ourr headss and were like jammin in my room and then you just decidee to nikk my massive pillow lol and then we just jam and tork and tork and tork for bout 1OO hours and lissen to music looking out the window thinking about all those pricks we used to like and all of that lol, and when ever i think of the time when we was getting drunk with out little shots :L and u was like MY MUMS GOT SHORT HAIR!! ahaha omg that was the most funnyest thing everrr i swerr i still creasee over thatt unoe when i just read it i was larffin lol, yeahh soo many memories to come babes, thorpe park, drunk nights, sleepovers, just the things bestfriends sisters do right? you always tell me who the right boyy is for me and im like noo noo but yourr alwaiess rightt some reason lol and you and ur cupidd tricks alwaies work lol, i am probperly boring you unoe but i dont care lol, memberr when we alwaies used to go everything togevaa and i dont want that to change or those memories to fade[:
    right im going to fucking shut up now becuase i will achuli be here for hourss ona level but then again you know how much you really mean to me, well if not then you should(:
    i love youu soooo much. my bestfriend/sister alwaiesxx

    0 Comments 211 weeks

  • hackes(:

    hacked by transit♥
    well were do i start...?
    we have so much joke man shit all my voilent plans :L
    we have soooo muccchh jokes on msn do
    and the werid convos bwt are room :L
    anyways jade im here for you no matter what
    i have your back all the way
    if yout down just holla at me i will help you
    we have become really close and that anit ganna change (:
    i love my transit buddieee lotss :D
    i trust you to cos i have told u sumthing i anit told no one ;)
    your special :L
    i here for u doeee no matter what
    ilovee my transittt
    est 2008
    we love transits SNM!!!

    0 Comments 220 weeks

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  • luv Bethh.

    last one. xxx

  • luv Bethh.

    and again...

  • luv Bethh.

    omg why are you styl using bebo havent you heard of facebook lol.. but seeing as im deleting this you might aswel have my love before i do xxx

  • luv Fias'Boy.

    have a love mushy x

  • Fias'Boy.

    Yes really moonshine, none left i give you 3 2morroe <3 xx

  • Fias'Boy.

    bebos live now :] xxxx

  • Jay

    Fuck all Hun lying in bed board Xxxxx

    2/14/10 via Mobile
  • Jay

    Its grand so what you up to x

    2/13/10 via Mobile
  • Jay

    do i know you

    1/25/10 via Mobile
  • Fias'Boy.

    kode :)

  • A'.
    luv A'.


  • 10/29/09
  • Fias'Boy.

    and wot x

  • 10/29/09
  • 10/28/09
  • luv Fias'Boy.

    its alryt x