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Alberto McMahon

God Bless Chuck Norris!

2/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Mandisa God Speaking

    Have you ever heard a love song
    That set your spirit free
    Have you ever watched a sunrise
    And felt you could not breathe
    What if it's Him
    What if it's God speaking
    Have you ever cried a tear that
    You could not explain
    Have you ever met a stranger
    Who already knew your name
    What if it's Him
    What if it's God speaking

    Who knows how He'll get a hold of us
    Get our attention to prove He is enough
    He'll do and He'll use
    Whatever He wants to
    To tell us I love you

    Have you ever lost a loved one
    Who you thought should still be here
    Do you know what it feels like
    To be tangled up in fear
    What if He's somehow involved
    What if He's speaking through it all

    His ways are higher
    His ways are better
    Though sometimes strange
    What could be stranger
    Than God in a manger

    God is speaking
    I love you

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  • Why GOD Gave Us Friends

    GOD knew that everyone needs
    Companionship and cheer,
    He knew that people need someone
    Whose thoughts are always near.

    He knew they need someone kind
    To lend a helping hand.
    Someone to gladly take the time
    To care and understand.

    GOD knew that we all need someone
    To share each happy day,
    To be a source of courage
    When troubles come our way.

    Someone to be true to us,
    Whether near or far apart.
    Someone whose love we'll always
    Hold and treasure in our hearts.

    That's Why GOD Gave Us Friends!

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  • when God spoke.

    "Did you think that I didn't hear you when you cried out to Me in your time of need?
    Truly, I did hear you.
    If I hear the final cry of every sparrow that falls in death, would I not hear you?
    "Did you wonder if I was listening when you prayed to Me for an answer to the troubles that weighed you down?
    Indeed, I was listening.
    If I listen intently for the very heartbeat of every baby conceived in the womb, would I not listen when that child prays? I listened, and I remember precisely the instant that your heart took it's first beat; the moment that you took your first gasping breath upon leaving the security of your mother's womb; the contented sigh of relief at your first belly full of warm milk. And, though you've grown up, I still listen for every word spoken in My direction.
    "Do you think that I don't know when problems come into your life? I know everything there is to know about you! Even the very hairs of your head are numbered! I've watched you daily, from those first tentative steps and groping words to your very first love; and I was there, cheering you on, though you never knew it. "Did you think that I was unconcerned because you didn't receive an instantaneous answer to your prayer?
    My dear child, I am more concerned for you than you will ever know. If I were not, would I have sent my son to earth in the flesh and allowed your kind to mock Him, spit on Him, beat Him, and nail Him up on a cross for all to see? He gave His life for You! He poured out His very life's blood in order to pay a price for your life, and to set you free.! Would I have done that if I was unconcerned?
    "Or did you accept the devil's lie that I didn't even exist? Can you really believe his lies when the very magnitude and complexity of the universe bears witness to the unquestionable fact that they are My handiwork? When everything that you can see and not see is a work of My perfection, delicately balanced and timed, from the spiraling galaxies to the spinning atoms? Is it possible to comprehend such an intricate work and say,
    "There is no God"?
    "Take a good look at yourself!
    You are the very epitome of My work!
    You are My greatest creation!
    A one-of-a-kind human being.
    Of the seventy billion humans that have lived and walked this planet, there has been no other exactly like you. I created you perfect! I created you with a hundred million receptors in your eyes so that you could see the beauty around you; I created you with twenty-four thousand vibrating fibers in your inner ears to hear the softest whisper of the wind; I designed five hundred muscles, two hundred bones, and seven miles of nerve fibers, all wrapped in a renewable, nearly indestructible layer of skin and tissue. I gave you a heart that pulses hour after hour, day after day, thirty-six million beats a year, pumping blood through more than ninety-six thousand miles of veins and arteries to give your body life and keep it free of disease; and I gave you a brain that is the most complex organ in all of the universe, made up of one-hundred-trillion cells and crisscrossed with twenty-five billion nerve cells to help you retain the minutest memory; and I equipped your body with four million pain-sensitive structures, five hundred thousand touch detectors, and over two hundred thousand temperature detectors! And then, to top it all off, I gave you the ability to reason, to dream, to imagine, and to speak; things that no other of My creatures can do. And, as a final touch, after creating that magnificent body that you live in, I created the real you, the inner you, the spirit that I created in My likeness, and I breathed you into your body at the instant of birth. "And you were connected to Me then, but you never knew it. Deep inside of you you knew, because I planted that knowledge of Me there, but over the years you have allowed the things of the world to choke that knowledge out. In the beginning, however, you were perfect; My

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  • Cartoon Pete
    Cartoon Pete

    I ate a tomato!

  • Cartoon Pete
    Cartoon Pete

    I love you bro, hope to catch you tommorow before you leave!

  • Cartoon Pete
    luv Cartoon Pete

    how r u? i haven't seen u in ages! let's ketchup sometime soon!

  • Stephen Conway
    Stephen Conway

    Going round the houses letting everyone know I'm starting up my meetings again first one is on 16th January 2009 8pm @ D/Dee Community Centre with Guest Speakers from CD Outreach all CD/DVD's are a free gift. Hope to see you thereeee. Stephen

  • Pocket Size Sharon
    Pocket Size Sharon

    but delayed but sure... happy new year!! hope 2009 is awesome :)

  • Sarah Creighton
    Sarah Creighton

    well albert! hows u?? long time..

  • Gemma

    Ciao :D xx

  • Jayne Laffin
    Jayne Laffin

    hello mister! long tym no speak! hw av ya been keepin?? wat ya been up to?? xxxx

  • Ciaran

    Heyy buddy! Hows u?

  • luv Sarah Mcconnell

    well hello there dude!!! how are things going wit ya? just thought i'd leave a wee bit of luv xx catch up soon?

  • Nataratalie

    hey stranger....how are you??

  • Cartoon Pete
    Cartoon Pete

    U ok?

  • Cartoon Pete
    Cartoon Pete

    Well bro, how's things this week? Vezia arrive ok? enjoying yourself? when we meet next?! :) love ya bro.

  • Alan Crawford
    Alan Crawford

    wll hello there, weres all these gr8 photos from the wedding then???

  • Cartoon Pete
    Cartoon Pete

    Hello brother, and how are you today? Yeah i'm fine thanks, just tired too, working all week exhausted lol! it's been a week so I'm hoping you are a good bit better...you working much these days? when does your lovely lady friend arrive? hehe...was thinking of you today, we have to meet son, it's been too long..what about Sat night?!

  • Cartoon Pete
    Cartoon Pete

    Feeling any better today brother? I hope so. Write back.

  • luv Sarah Mcconnell

    hey sweetie was really really good bumping into u in the most random of ways, so so good catching up again. def gotta get together real soon. don't forget coffee anytime at ours....... giving my love right back to ya.. xxxxxx

  • luv C H A E LA

    hey ya stranger how are you??? long time ne chat was thinkin bout you other day so thought id text you!! wat have u been up 2?? u had good summer?? xxxx

  • Cartoon Pete
    Cartoon Pete

    Hi bro, how's Kosova going? Praying for you!