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Christopher K

so if you care to find me look to the western sky as someone told me lately evreyone deserves the chance to fly----defying gravity!

9/14/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

well if thats love it comes at mutch to high a cost...
Me, Myself, and I
hey all.
i am chris, pleased to meet you.
to those that already know me i just want to shout out a great big HI!
i have a hectic lifestyle,many clubs and e.c.t...
right, lets get down to it:
im gay, im proud of being gay, all those homophobic morons are just annoying, and to be rather honest laughable, i came out in year 8 and havent regretted it since.

i attend st. ninnians high school.
see you all around
anything from the west end musicals.
resivoir dogs. call of cthulhu. dreams in the witch house, carry on films, family guy films and many more!!!
roleplaying, drama, singing, cheering friends up & many more!
Scared Of
not mutch realy, if i find one, i'll post it
Happiest When
with a cute guy
roleplaying, warhammer 40'000, drama, singing, dancing, musical theater, sleeping e.c.t

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  • 50 ways to know your manx!

    1)You physically can't bring yourself to say "RAT" and are surprised that other people have never heard the term "long-tail".

    2)You find yourself a wanna-be scouser i.e. you say the word "like" at the end of every sentence.

    3)You call anywhere other than the Isle of Man "across". And when 'across' refer to it as 'THE Island' like there is no other.

    4)You get annoyed when people call England "the mainland" because everyone knows that the IOM is far superior?

    5)You tell Peel girl jokes instead of Essex girl jokes.

    6)You tell anyone who disagrees with you "if you don't like it, there's a boat in the morning."

    7)You refer to people who move over from across as 'Comeovers' or 'Stopovers' and under no circumstances can they criticise the island. Or they will be told the about the boat in the morning, as mentioned previous.

    8) You moan about the Island yourself, but ABSOLUTELY HATE an outsider saying a bad word about the place.

    9)You understand the phrase "traa di liaoor yessir" and accept it as a valid reason when something is not done on time.

    10)You remember when Ted the Tramp lying drunk outside the Villa Marina was a tourist attraction.

    11)You spend more on getting to Liverpool/Manchester airport than you do on the rest of your holiday.

    12)You didn't know what Halloween was until you were 10. And it's always been 'Hop-tu-naa' anyway, and you had a turnip, not a pumpkin.

    13)You didn't know there was any other place BUT the Isle of Man until you were 10.

    14)You LOVE chips cheese & gravy and feel that it is a meal of great nutritional value

    15)You understand that every type of building work funded by the government will cost a fortune, look completely out of place and spend the next 10 years being criticised by the public.

    16)When you talk to people you haven't seen in a while you always begin the conversation "alright YESSIR!" (/ Fella!)

    17)You LAUGH at the naive people who visit the Island in TT week and believe that the island is ALWAYS like that, and it's even funnier when they move here and find out there is F*CK ALL to do.

    18) You are proud to be Manx and HATE to be called English, but when it comes to the World Cup you support England (even though at every other time of year you are Manx as the hills.)...Ok so not true for me but oh well!

    19)You use phrases such as 'Manx as the hills'.

    20)You ALWAYS say hello to the fairies. ("moghrey mei munchei-veiggen" =) )

    21)You don't need Friends Reunited to find people you went to school with, you just go to the pub.

    22)You pack a flask and sandwiches to drive "all the way to Ramsey".

    23)You always say you are going UP to Ramsey and DOWN to Castletown, OUT to Peel and IN to Douglas.

    24)You think 8 cars in a line is a traffic jam and use it as an excuse to be late to work.

    25)You can't drive on a motorway.

    26)Quarterbridge is a highly dangerous, major roundabout. You don't know what to do when you get there.

    27)You walk through town and recognise almost every other person, but can never remember where from.

    28) Everyone you date has been out with at least one of your friends. Or in Foxdale, is a member of your family.

    29)If you throw a sickie from work you stay in and lock the doors because you just KNOW your boss will see you NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE on the Island.

    30)You get excited when you meet someone 'across' who has heard of the Isle of Man and they ask if you know somebody they know.

    31)You HATE it when people confuse the Island with the Isle of Wight.

    32)You HATE it when people say you're part of the UK when actually the Isle of Man is a crown dependency, has it's own Government and is part of Great Britain. And you will fight this cause justly.

    33)You watch anything that has been produced by the Manx Film Commission or programmes on telly that the Isle of Man might get a tiny mention in, even if it is rubbish, just so that you can say "I recognise that place!!".

    34)...However, you h

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  • My bebo family.... leave me a comment about who you want to be (You can be more than 1)

    my mum -
    my dad -
    my big sis -
    my baby -
    my wife -
    my hubby -
    my secret boyfriend-
    my laughing buddy -
    my other laughing buddy -
    my devil -
    my crazy lady -
    my chocoholic -
    my shopoholic -
    my chatterbox - ashleigh
    my dramatic mate - ashleigh
    my secret agent -
    my best mate 1 -
    my best mate 2 -
    my best mate 3 -
    my best mate 4 -
    my best mate 5 -
    my gossiper -
    my Sawyer obsessed mate -
    my Sawyer obsessed mate 2 -
    my cthulhu obsessed mate -
    my singing obsessed mate -
    my posessed mate -
    my Spork protector!!!! -

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  • Megan

    CHRISTOPHER hello chris did santa come to your house ? did you get everything you wanted ? have you started revising yet ? hmmmm i havnt :O im in your top 16 :D yayyy :D

  • Jessica
    luv Jessica

    thankyou chris : ] im very greatfull =] i still love david though =[

  • Beth.
    luv Beth.

    Hey:D That's Good.. Yh I'm Doing Great Aswell :) Lol It's Cool.. :D You Been Up To Anything Good? Love Beth xxx

  • Beth.
    luv Beth.

    Heyyy Chris!!! :D Haven''t Spoke To You In AGGEESS!! :D How You Doing?? Well Right Back Soon :) Love Beth x x x x

  • Jonathon Knowles
    Jonathon Knowles

    Hey man, yeah uni is amazing, having loads of fun although work started today... blah.... How is stageone, what ya doing now? How's Our Day Out going, who got what part? Jonny

  • Rhiannon.

    Heyy Wendell Is Here To Take Over The Universe :L And Look At My Name,, Its A Chris Special :D How Are You? Wuu2? x

  • Jake

    Hy Chris :D It's Jake :D Got new bebo...hope we can go back to talking as we were Hope you are ok mate :D w/b :D Jake xxxxx