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Mattys parodies

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hi and welcome to my page which featuires some songs ive written in my free time which parody existing songs. please read and leave a comment

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  • The 7 things I like about my cardboard Miley Cyrus

    To the tune of Miley Cyrus "7 things"

    I probably shouldn't say this.
    Because my friends think that I'm weird.
    Everytime I say I love you they remind me you can't hear.
    It's because you're cardboard. I'm always ignored.
    But you feel so real to me why can't they see.
    And you're still standing in the same way.
    Just how i left you yesterday, against the wall.
    Don't fall.

    The 7 things I hate about you.
    You're fake, you break, you are not real.
    If only I had something to feel.
    You are 2D with no back side.
    You cost me quite a lot to buy.
    My friends are jerks they make fun of us.
    Just know it hurts. I want to be with the real Miley.
    And the 7th thing I hate the most about you
    You make cardboard look cute ;-)

    It's awkward and silent because cardboard cannot speak.
    I wonder what you think about when you smile and stare at me.
    Dood are you serious?! You're delirious? She is cardboard
    she can't hear us.

    Cardboard Miley: YES I CAN.

    (like WTF)
    Dude omg did she just talk)
    She's been real all along! Say something again!

    Cardboard Miley: MATTY NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!

    The 7 things I like about you.
    You're hair, your eye, cardboard Levis.
    When we kiss you're hypnotized.
    You let me do whatever I want.
    I can't wait till Chris is gone! ;-)
    We never fight when I hold you tight
    Ow! Splinter! Ohhh it's alright!
    I wanna be with the real Miley.
    And the 7th thing I like the most about you.

    You make cardboard look cute.

    0 Comments 246 weeks

  • Blame Halo 3

    To the tune of Akon "Blame it on Me"

    I'm sorry for the way that I've behaved
    Over the last 27 days
    I'm sorry for the times you asked and pled
    But I never heard a word you said
    When you were telling me to take out the trash
    And you were warning me we were low on cash
    I'm sorry that I acted like a slob
    I'm sorry I got fired from my job
    I'm sorry that the house hasn't been cleaned
    The kids fought and I didn't intervene
    I'm sorry that I haven't made our bed
    I didn't feed the dog and now he's dead
    Because I'm on the couch like every day
    Livin off Pepsi and Ferrero Rocher
    I'm sorry for the weight that I've started to gain
    I'm sorry that my man boobs are causing you pain
    And yes I know that your folks came over
    And I never said hello
    And I missed out toddlers first steps
    And your birthday, yes I know
    And I suppose the worst of it all
    Was when I missed the birth of our new baby
    But I have a good reason babe
    See, I was playing Halo 3
    I was playing Halo 3
    I was playing Halo 3
    Hanging out with Master Chief
    Edition legendary
    Yeah, I was playing Halo 3
    See, I was playing Halo 3
    Just haging out with Master Chief
    While I was playing Halo 3
    I'm sorry that I missed the toilet dear
    See I was trying to play by looking in the mirror
    I know it must have seemed so cruel
    When I forgot to pick our son up from school
    I'm sorry that the car got repossessed
    I brought the flat screen instead of making payments
    I'm sorry that all I could see was my game
    When I came down in my new lingerie
    And I know you're threatening to leave me
    You've found a man you're going to wed
    And I'm sorry you will never get married
    Coz now he's playing Halo with me instead
    I know it's really hard on you
    And that it's got you feeling blue
    It must be just like deja vu
    From when I was playing Halo 2
    I was playing Halo 2
    I was playing Halo 2
    It almost split up me and you
    When I was playing Halo 2
    But now I'm playing Halo 3
    On my xbox 360
    Just hanging out with my online peeps
    While we're playing Halo 3

    Don't even have an xbox lol
    Still on Ps2 (Y)

    0 Comments 257 weeks

  • When your here

    To the tune of Avril Lavigne "When your gone"

    I was so lonely on my own
    Then you came in my life
    Asking to be my wife
    I didn't answer when you propo-oo-wosed
    Instead I started to cry
    And now you're asking me why
    Well since you asked me to share
    I think that it's only fair
    That I tell you how I'm feeling right now

    When you're here
    The blood vessels in my head start to pound
    When you're here
    It's hard for me to keep my dinner down
    When you're here
    The clothes you choose to wear
    That are too tight for your huge behind
    Make me wish I were blind

    Can't stand you

    I've never been this nauseous before
    I keep a baggie in case
    I happen to see your face
    And the stench you left is stuck in my flo-oo-wore
    In case you didn't know
    Perfume won't cover B.O.
    When you walk away
    The whole house begins to shake
    Can you see how much you disgust me now-ow-how-oo wow-ow

    When you're here
    I fantasize I'm in another place
    When you're here
    Like hurtling towards the sun in outer space
    When you're here the thought of spending life
    Forever with you as my bride
    Bring thoughts of suicide

    Can't Stand You

    Not sure I can recover
    Seeing you uncovered
    Made me disturbed, yeah-ah-ah-ah
    I would rather hook up with an angry shark
    Walk through Compton with a white hood in the dark
    Before I'd marry you I'd go hunting with Dick Cheney, yeah

    When you're here
    Faces I would rather date appear
    When you're here
    Like Janet Reno, Rosie, or Britney Spears
    When you're here
    The thought of seeing you
    Come downstairs in you lingerie
    Make me want to turn gay

    Can't stand you

    1 Comment 262 weeks

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  • Matty

    yer i did actually

  • Chris Hayward
    Chris Hayward

    lol mat it seems u have dedicated the first verse to andy wellings on the all i want for christmas song :P

  • Eirrac

    Haha they're brill. Im joining! <3

  • Matty

    thankyou adam =] ill try

  • Matty

    yay tommy u say it like it is ily

  • Josephine Ropgef
    Josephine Ropgef

    this page is a gd 1 so shut up..... and why wud we be band members???? we dont write the songs!

  • Wynne

    /'WTF is this page

  • Penis Calada
    Penis Calada

    lol. good answer!!

  • Matty

    becoz i write the songs myself

  • Andy Pandy
    Andy Pandy

    Why dont you make us 7 band members matty? we are the first ones...

  • Chris Hayward
    Chris Hayward

    hi de hi :P

  • Kristen

    Keep these parodies coming matt! :D

  • Penis Calada
    Penis Calada

    ur an idiot!

  • luv Rhys T

    WWOOOO! First member!!!! IM fan numero uno!


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