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Last Drag

So apparently, we have a gig this Saturday!! Check out Upcoming Shows for the deets! :D

6/29/10 | me too! | Reply

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Intercourse Records Indie Label
Tullamore Ireland
LOTS... But the bands we agree on are AC/DC, Zeppelin, Tenacious D, Stephen Lynch, etc. And of course Blind Ambition! :D
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20 Blue Condoms
Me, Myself, and I
Hello! We're Last Drag. Our line-up is:

David O'Shea: Bass + Vocals

Gary Bailey: Guitar + Vocals

John McDonald: Drums + Backing Vocals

We have a demo out now entitled "20 Blue Condoms". You download it for free now (just find the "20 Blue Condoms" Blog and follow the instructions)! Keep in mind the demos are home-recorded and are low quality - it's the best we could do with available funds!

E-Mail: last.drag@hotmail.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/lastdragireland
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lastdrag
YouTube: www.youtube.com/LastDragIreland

Which member of Last Drag are YOU?!? To find out, click here: http://apps.bebo.com/quizzer/quiz_vi...

Oh, and by the way, don't forget to check out our friends, touring buddies and future cell-mates Blind Ambition at: http://www.bebo.com/--bLiNd--aMbItIon--

Indium (on Last Drag) - ''Yer songs are as catchy as herpes, and twice as fragrant!''

Ride the thumbs up.

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Last Drag - Same Old Stories (Live, Tullamore Battle of the Bands, 19/04/09)

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  • Dave's Last Drag Update, 09/10/2010

    Hello again. Didn't expect to be back so soon!

    Just a quick little update for those who care (all 2 of you) to say that, unfortunately, recording's gonna be delayed, cos John can't do it tomorrow. So I guess we'll start on drums next Friday evening. It's a little setback, but I'm gonna keep myself occupied in the meantime.

    I'm gonna try my darndest right now, after I write this blog, to write as much of a new song as I can and, if I'm lucky, demo a little acoustic version of it. Who knows, maybe Gary'll be willing to come over at 1:05am and work on it with me? I'll text him. My Ma (who's asleep in the next room) will not be happy regardless. But fuck her, choons!

    While I do have a few unfinished choons knockin' around, I wanna start a fresh one tonight. I'm in an alternative rock mood, so I'm gonna lean towards that, but the song could go in any direction. Let's wait and see.

    I'm listening to the Gorillaz live now, for inspiration. They're awesome. The creativity in their music is amazing, it's all so varied and it crosses so many genres. Love it.

    Anyway, I realize that I have a tendency to write these things as if people give a shit, and I probably sound pretentious and like I think I'm famous, but the truth is, I just like to write these things if, for nothing else, as little personal diaries I can read back on myself in days, weeks, months, even years from now. So just to clarify that. And if you don't like it, why are you still reading? I have a weird personality.

    Anyway, good night! Wish me luck!

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  • Dave's Last Drag Update, 06/10/2010

    Well hello there sailor! It's been a while!

    You might have noticed that I stopped my monthly updates. The reason? Not much of a reason beyond I didn't think there was much to write about. Not that we were doing nothing, but it was all very boring to the casual reader. As for Bebo, despite what I said before about not abandoning it... Well, we've pretty much abandoned it. Just like everyone else. The sole reason I'm blogging here is because it's the easiest place to blog without setting up an account somewhere else.

    Anyways, the reason I'm writing this is because we have a slight update that some people may or may not (most likely the latter) care about. We've decided to record another demo. We promise to try and make this one much less of a FAIL than the other one. Which was a fail of epic proportions.

    So yeah, we've been chattin' about it for a while, but we're finally gonna hit the "studio" this Saturday. It'll be a long and slow process, as we still have to write songs (we only have a few at the moment that are recording-worthy), but we're more than likely just gonna release them individually as they're finished, and then release an oul collection when we have about 10-12 choons. Figured since we only have the one gig comin' up, and we're not likely to get any more, we may as well occupy ourselves with writing and recording. Like I said, we've a few new songs complete, and I have some ideas mullin' around in the ol' noggin. We might also re-record one or two songs from the last demo and try to get some good quality. I hope. Good choons. So yeah, studio this Saturday. John's gonna do some drums for a new song that we've had for a while that doesn't have an official title yet (it's so hard to think of one! No obvious titles stand out!!).

    We'll probably do the usual method of drums-bass-guitar-vocals for each song in that order. Pretty simple shtuff. I'm also gonna try master tracks on some software, so hopefully that'll up the quality. These are my ideas. You probably don't care. I just wanna write 'em down somewhere.

    In other news, in college today, I got to enter the Music Tech studio for the first time. I learned we can book it at any time (as long as it doesn't clash with another booking of course), so once I get a bit of experience in there and learn how to use it (it may take a while), we might get down to some serious business and record something proper. Don't hold your hold breath too long though.

    Anyway, I havta start being a lot more productive in my songwriting. I got some lyrics knockin' about at home. What I'd like to do more on this demo is construct the songs as we record them, using the studio as an instrument somewhat. Experiment with different styles and techniques. Over the summer, I got into a lot of weird, experimental, progressive music, and the creativity of it all is really inspiring. So I'll try and incorporate that into it.

    So let's talk release dates. Obviously, the whole demo is miles away. Now you know to never hold me to release dates (remember the last demo? No? Keep it that way), but right now, I'm gonna call it one month til you hear new music. And if I was stretching it, and month and a half to two months. And if I was being realistic, 7 years. :P Ah no, we'll try our best. I may, rather than do them every first-of-the-month, randomly do these updates when there is an event that is worth updating you on. Of course, between updates, you can always keep up to date via my Twitter and Facebook:

    www.twitter.com/davidoshea1 and also www.twitter.com/lastdrag

    Looking forward to starting this new adventure with John's drums on Saturday.

    Thanks for listening, and come to our gig in Birr!

    O'Shea out.

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  • YouTube show?


    So this is Dave. This isn't really to do with Last Drag, more of a personal thing...

    For a while now, I've wanted to start a YouTube show. Kinda like what Philip DeFranco does (www.youtube.com/user/sxephil), but more leaned towards music. I'm just wondering what you guys would think? Is it a good idea? Would you watch it? Here's the lowdown:

    At first, it'll just be me talking to a webcam about music news, maybe do the odd review, and giving my opinions on goings on within the music industry. For this, I'll need some help. I'll need someone to either:

    A) edit the videos for me, or
    B) suggest to me some video-editing software that's piss-easy to use.

    I was also thinking of plugging some local music on my show.

    Eventually, if the first bump goes well, I'd like to expand it beyond just me talking to a webcam, and maybe try and do stuff outside my house, like interview people (obviously I won't be able to get famous people, but interview local bands maybe?) and cover any events I can afford to cover. For this, I'll need the help of one or more people, including someone with a good camera to film me.

    Anyway, this was just an idea I had, and it's still in that idea stage. But let me know here, or on Facebook or Twitter what ya think, whether ya think it's a great idea, or totally gay, and if you'd like to get involved and/or help me out.

    Thanks a lot! :)


    6 Comments 161 weeks

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  • Contact us?

    There are now so many ways to contact Last Drag, that it's dangerous to be exposed to all of them for too long. Contact us for anything: If ya want us to play at your gig, song requests, house parties, CD orders, to tell us we rule or to tell us we're shite! Anything! The ways to contact us are:...

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  • Adrian Murphy
    Adrian Murphy

    *thumbs up*

  • BATTLE OF THE BANDS tramore 2011
    BATTLE OF THE BANDS tramore 2011

    if you want to contact us through facebook heres a link.. http://www.facebook.com/?sk=events#!...

  • BATTLE OF THE BANDS tramore 2011
    luv BATTLE OF THE BANDS tramore 2011

    18th Febuary in O'sheas hotel, Tramore got 8 spaces left if ye'd be interested

  • St Marys
    St Marys

    Battle of the Bands Sunday Dec 5th go to www.botb2010.weebly.com for more info

  • BATTLE OF THE BANDS tramore 2011
    BATTLE OF THE BANDS tramore 2011

    would ye be up for a battle of the bands in tramore?

  • L O A
    luv L O A

    yeah no bothers guys.

  • L O A
    luv L O A

    hey, we are a band from mountmellick, looking to do gigs around Tullamore and places in that area, really love your stuff. would like if you would consider us for any gigs that you might need support. cheers.

  • State 79
    luv State 79

    nah man wish we could bu we havnt gotten a practise with new drummer yet, were getting back to practising i say next week

  • Soundbunker Productions
    Soundbunker Productions

    Hey guys ,We are not charging bands to play if you cant sell 25 tickets then its not possible. The cost of each band to play costs us just under €200 as we are suppling free food and a free live recording and 3 stages of full backline we have to have all bands sell there 25 tickets. But a band like you guys i would of thought would have no probs to get 25 sold.

  • JJ S
    JJ S

    love the stuff lads! seen ye a few times in tullamore, great stuff :D

  • Soundbunker Productions
    Soundbunker Productions

    no pre-buy but there is a deposit of €50 needed on collecting them and on the day you receive food and a free pro-tools recording please get back to me asap thanks

  • Soundbunker Productions
    Soundbunker Productions

    This Summer Soundbunker Productions is Holding a 3 stage festival in the Pint Bar Eden Quay Dublin on Saturday August 21st from 11am till late that night. We are hosting the Busking stage downstairs. On the second level will be the Main stage and the 3rd stage is on the roof in our Beer garden stage. All the stages are fully supplied with professional back line. And are being recorded into Pro-tools 7.4. All bands that perform for us and meet our requirements will receive free food and a free pro-tools recording of there performance on stage. We are also offering 5 days free recording to the band that can sell the most tickets. This is a great event to get involved in and if your band/solo are interested in performing for us please mail soundbunkerproductions@yahoo.ie with 2 contact numbers and 2 email addresses and a link to you page(s).........

  • Looking for a band in Wexford
    Looking for a band in Wexford

    i think yes should get a facebook page lads! everybody seems to be on it now!! look at your local pubs and clubs and see whose playing there and ask for a number for the band! there really shouldnt be a problem in getting a support gig! j90 > www.j90.ie Nero > www.bebo.com/neromusic bluemouse > www.bluemouse.ie Manhatten > Paul 0863957735 theres a few there ;) i wouldnt try 'big gen' coz there old and grumpy! they dont like giving support gigs! there a bit past it!

  • Looking for a band in Wexford
    luv Looking for a band in Wexford

    Hi Last Drag,any luck in finding gigs? you could always ask local bands could you support them? Such as Big Gen, Blue Mouse, the Whobodies, Empire, Devine Intervention! You could also play at teenage gigs like INFY or in the Dun Mhuire or Riverbank! or Talbot! Try any of them and if you still havent found any gigs, please reply back!!

  • Soundbunker Productions
    Soundbunker Productions

    Hey guys check our festival its not pay to play we have some great bands playing come join its in our blog

  • Bubble Gum Madness
    Bubble Gum Madness

    ha ok wel weel wait till summer wen john bk wit ye and defo get ye gig:D :D

  • Bubble Gum Madness
    Bubble Gum Madness

    hey well im makin poster soon so...:D

  • Band Manhattan
    Band Manhattan

    Hey there! We are "Manhattan" and have just been voted Best Band at the Fabricated News Awards. Come find out why on our Bebo Page by watching our video for "Shame" or listening to our many songs. http://www.myspace.com/bandmanhattan

  • Bubble Gum Madness
    Bubble Gum Madness

    wel lads if ye still defo cant play as a band for the 16th dave and gary could open up with an acoustic act if ye want:D

  • Infinity Music
    Infinity Music