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Her Names Laurenn

Soooo Tired Of Stupid Cunts!!! :(

8/5/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Allie
    luv Allie

    More in My Childhood photos. Never seen these ones before I nicked them off Nanny lol. Also got some black and white ones we an go through them on Sunday seeeeee ya xxx

  • Ashley H
    luv Ashley H

    hey hey hey :) how are yu doing ?? luvsss xxx

  • Ashley H
    luv Ashley H

    hey hey how are yuuu>> been doing alrit?? xxxx

  • Chloe Carter
    Chloe Carter

    Heyyy.How are you.? Wb soonio xxx ilu xxx

  • Itz.Kel.

    Heyy :) Youre On Bebo.. Shocka :O How Are You? Did You Get Home Okayy? :o I Didnt Rly Watch You Come Outa The Tunnel But I Didnt Hear A Scream.. So I Assumed That You Was Okayy :L LoveYou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Wylde

    lifes been airite just surviving wats bin up ?? xxx

  • Like A Doctor
    luv Like A Doctor

    Aloha, i'm suddenly i'm Mr.Popular at the moment i'm not even jokin love from all angles :) but i will return the luvagez... lol at pumpkin m nan calls me that haha

  • Amy.

    Best of luck with College babe! Don't worry you'll meet people on ur course, no need to worry im sure itl be fine! I know babey I miss you very much, I love you gorgeous, Must see you soon!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rodders

    hey hey long time no see...:) how are you? I heard you passed ur interview thing so u comming to city now eh? well we shall meet there then xD why aren't u comming out anymore? xxxx

  • Wylde
    luv Wylde

    im gd just got back from reading festival hws life?? xxx

  • Yasmine - Rawwrr Xxx
    Yasmine - Rawwrr Xxx

    Yeahh howcome you dont come down the beach anymore..? Good =] Yeah not too bad thanks.. What you been up too.? xo

  • Like A Doctor
    luv Like A Doctor

    half my life is online, so i'm on forever lol :P

  • luv Amy.

    baby(L) i agree, i miss you so much and its been far too long! in london til monday babeyy but def. see you when im back i love you babyyy xxxxxxxx

  • Yasmine - Rawwrr Xxx
    Yasmine - Rawwrr Xxx

    Heyy. Havent spoke to you for agesss.. Howre you doing babes.? xo

  • Wylde
    luv Wylde

    miss u girl hws u? xxx

  • Lauren.
    luv Lauren.

    sorry i havnt replied, aint been on in a whilee :) yeahh well im getting driving lessons for my birthdaay hopefully, well like 10 then i will pay for them after thatt. :) what you been up to dear? have some lovee xxx

  • James
    luv James

    hello how u been havnt spoken to u in AGES ...where u been at saw u at the lagoon ..but barely spoke sorry but i never really speak when im skating ill give u love but im not coming on to u

  • Amy.

    Best of luck with the interview I know you'll do fine! I'm good thx and urself? Love you lots. xxxxxxxxxxxx


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