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Adam Phillip

alistairs past 2 weeks

8/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 233
  • from Carrick
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 3,836
  • Member since: September 2007
  • Last active: 3/20/12
  • www.bebo.com/you_love_to_hate
drinking is the way to go
Me, Myself, and I

i dont go on bebo much like... but still its good to have xD
fuck this
fuck that
fuck the world

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  • Alistair Spence

    1- What's their name?
    alistair (cant afford a middle name) spence

    2- Does he/she have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
    yes Amy (:

    3- Would you go to Disneyland with them?
    yea defo

    4- How old were you when you first met?
    like 5 or 6

    5- Do you know their secrets?
    most of them im sure he keeps things from me

    6- Is this person older than you?
    course not im a year and 2 weeks older than him :L

    7- When was the last time you saw this person?
    looking at him right now 15.07 1/3/08

    8- Are you related to this person?
    soulmates/ married

    10- Are you their b/f or g/f?
    as above

    11- Do you have a nickname for each other?
    lmao where do i begin :D

    12- Do you have pics of this person on your bebo?
    i do indeed he's the one with the extremly huge nose

    13- How many times do you talk to this person?
    all the time 24/7

    14- Do you think they will repost this?
    he gave it to me, he said he would shaft me if i did it

    15- Could you live with this person?
    yea im like a virus to him D:

    16- Why is this person your other half?
    we're soulmates < well said

    17- Have you seen this person cry?
    yea only because of some stupid fuck

    18- Do you know this persons middle name?
    he dont have one

    19- Have you ever been shopping with this person?
    o aye we spend are time in ann summers

    20- Have you ever had a sleepover with this person?
    near every week :L

    22- Have you ever gave this person something?
    all the time, though he's the one that gives the pleasure :P

    23- Have you ever done something really stupid or illegal with this person?
    we walked around drinking :L

    24- Do you know everything about this person?
    yup including he's secretly gayy

    25- Does this person have a job?
    yea he's a whore outside tesco's

    26- Does this person have you as their other half?
    this blog is about my other have so wtf do you think

    27- Do you think you & your other half will be best friends forever?
    so far yes so yea forever and ever :D

    28- Have you ever made something with this person?
    children < yea we called it child

    29- Have you ever taken bebo pictures with this person?

    30- Have you and your other half fought before?
    yea but i always win

    31- Is your #1 on drugs?
    yes alcohol :L pissed over a small bottle of bacardi and a quarter if strongbow

    32- Does this person drink alcohol?
    as above, not as much as me though :L

    34- Have you and your other half made up a hand shake?
    we did one year

    35- Have you and your other half done prank calls together?
    yea nena :L :L :L 'im the devil'

    36- Have you ever seen this person dance?
    nah he was just pissed

    37- Have you ever seen this person sing?
    all the time not the sweetest of sounds either

    38- Do you and this person have a certain saying?
    NICE ONE BRUV< i gave into saying it

    39- Do you know this persons bebo password?
    nah other wise his bebo would defo be pimped

    40- Do you know who this person likes or who she or he is going out with?

    41- Have you and this person ever gotten into a fight that lasted?
    i duno

    42- Does this person have a dog?
    he used to but dumped her

    43- Does this person go on the computer often?
    every freaking day

    0 Comments 229 weeks

  • 101 things about me

    1. my full name Adam Phillip Martin
    2. sometmes also known as Addymartini or Cat in the Hat
    3. my birthday April 7th 1992 currently aged 16
    4. currently attends Carrickfergug College
    5. Lower 6th (Year 13)
    6. G.C.S.E results: A- I.C.T B- Mathmatics C- Science, English, Business Studies D- R.E, French
    7. Currently studying applied I.C.T, Business Studies and Accounting (Carrickfergus Grammar :P ) and C.O.P.E which i must add is bollocks
    8. my older and 'apperently' gorgeous cousin is in my year in school (she tries to rape me :S)
    9. wanna go to university cuz im cool
    10. want to be an accountant :) 2A's to get in tho?? im fucked :L
    11. Best mate and soul mate Alistair (who cant afford a middle name) Spence :L
    12. i like to make fun of him soo much
    13. we went and saw MUSE 4th November 2006
    14. i stay at his house nearly every weekend :L
    15. my parents are divorced
    16. my dad and his side of the family live in england
    17. live with my mum and step dad
    18. i have 2 sisters and 1 bro (used to be 2)
    19. i live in Carrickfergus also known as The Shithole
    20. i adore the weekends
    21. i love alcohol any alcohol ill drink :L
    22. i support Liverpool FC
    23. im clearly not cool :L
    24. im not popular :)
    25. i get £80 every 2 weeks just for going to school :L
    26. i made two youtube videos last year
    27. we had a band name 'Jesus the hat and fisherman cap' sadly we dont make videos anymore
    28. im small 5ft 7'
    29. i have small feet too 8 ffs
    30. god hates me :L
    31. i love playing my xbox 360
    32. fav game:- avent a clue
    33. gamertag :- addymartini
    34. i need a hair cut
    35. i have god parent :L god mum spoils me somthin shockin
    36. for christmas i gota laptop, new phone and ipod :L
    37. robert orr is cool (:
    38. we are both retarded friends :L
    39. music taste = anything thats gd mostly emo tbh
    40.i own 3 cats
    41.a dog
    42. fish
    43. chickens :L (o yea)
    44. apparently im a wierdo (at least im not the one who wants to breed lesbien trees :P )
    45. my accounting teacher walked to school today :L
    46. shelly big belly signed onto msn
    47. i have arguments with jane because she wont admit im horrible looking and she aint :L
    48. im in love with PENDULUM
    49. i can be an evil bastard
    50. i have an aphobeia of spiders (i think its called arachniphobia)
    51. i cant spell
    52. im a retard
    53. i constantly contradict myself
    54. im bored of doing this
    55. i want to rape lee evans
    56. fav quote:- Hi my names Kieth etc :L :L
    57. alistair and i like to shaft each other :P
    58. im a bad boy, i download illegal stuff such as music albums :)
    59. i dnt give a fuck if i get caught
    60. why did i agree to make this!
    61. i have a video of alistair constantly looking at me :S
    62. my fav film is seven pounds i nearly cried watchin it :L
    63. i miss my gcse re class :(
    64. i wear jeans, i hate skinny jeans no offence to anyone
    65. i cant wait to learn how to drive
    66. i know a model
    67. she happens to be my soul mate :)
    68. fate (L)
    69. she calls me the cat in the hat
    70. she draws pictures off cats (me)
    71. i fall of chairs
    72. she laughs at it
    73. she makes me smile all the time :)
    74. she 'apparently' loves me more than wut i love her
    75. alistair wuts to make one of these :L
    76. i got a trojan hourse virus from one of the bulit in games on my laptop!
    77. i like listening to music as loud as possible
    78. i love danish pastries :)
    79. i constantly eat and never gain weight!
    80. im goin to be fat when im older :L
    81. im more concerned about my mates than myself
    82. i constantly say sorry to people even it things werent my fault
    83. i get a taxi to the grammar :L which is like a 3 min walk
    84. one of my mates is getin married :)
    85. i clean my aunties cat pens and get paid a tenner for it :L
    86. i thought about dieing at one stage
    87. i got bullied no denying it
    88. i take the piss outa gingers somethin shockin :L :L gavin aka the sun :P
    89. ive saw lewis hamilton face to face
    90. i cant play

    2 Comments 232 weeks

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  • luv Jesus Christ

    oh wow. it's bebo. i love you, monkeyboy you gay face.

  • Alistair.

    that's a cheerful little bebo you have there :L

  • Conor Houston
    Conor Houston

    What's up?

  • Conor Houston
    Conor Houston

    Hiya I'm Conor Houston. I enjoy listening to music Adam doesn't really like. Also I am dreading getting my results tomorrow. Just before I go, I love you.

  • Kirsty K
    luv Kirsty K

    OMFG Adam Phillip Martin im not in your top friends! guuutted :L

  • Jesus Christ

    hello, stranger.

  • Conor Houston
    Conor Houston

    We shall have to. Remind me please. However I go away on Saturday so the rest of the team could meet up for training with out me.

  • Kirsty K
    luv Kirsty K

    You are gay ;D (: I was GUTTED :L <3

  • Jackk

    Yeah close to boobies tehe whats ur msn you silly sausge

  • Kelliee

    had a party to celebrate n all fs

  • Kelliee

    jeeeeesusss. thought you were fukin deeed

  • Jackk

    Man we were once close like close close but then you didnt even reconize me cut me deep adam real deep man :( haha oj dude ya well

  • Kirsty K
    luv Kirsty K

    Heeeeeeeeey Gaaaaaay ;D Its me and Kmo lovee yeeeeeeee <3

  • Kelliee
    luv Kelliee

    have a love 'friend'

  • Jake
    luv Jake

    now then bro howa yu doin aint talked in ages ttyl tapp bk byee

  • Chloee.
    luv Chloee.

    Heyya how r u ? wat u been up to ? xxx