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Brent W

umm hello lol

7/25/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 19, Luv 5
  • from toowoomba
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 535
  • Last active: 3/30/11
  • www.bebo.com/BrentW89
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About Me

it's all about me n a lil bout u but not mch
Me, Myself, and I
hey hey..... i am brent ward , I love the sports......i play leauge for souths, i and play wing #2 or second row so yea..... and do gymnastics for allstars.... yay i do fire twirling but suk at it so far.... swish is my new word so dnt take it....... ohh n im 14

------/\,.-------Put this on
--- <@ )--------your BEBO if
-----(''''' ¬¬/\---ya have a
------\____/---Fond OF Funny
---------||------Looking chickens!!

______, ,
....../ ..---___________----_____|]
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"
blink182, greenday, hip hop, snoop dog and 50 cent, grits
mission impossiible and die hard series and men in black
rugby and basketball , running , athletics and tripping down stairs, fire twirling
Scared Of
poisonous snakes with huge fangs but pythons are ok, n me wen i wake up in the morinin
Happiest When
when i am doing my thing (jumping on my powerisers, passing the footy, shooting hoops and training for foooty fire twirlin, running, sleeping, sleep walkin, n soin stupid things like jumpin off my roof
maddog ppl
mitch, dylan, sully, brando, rege, alistair, tim s , tim m, stokesy, lowy, linzey, miller, kate , tegan, elle, maddie, sarah, callum, hoppsy, brendan whitelegg (BW2) , shannon, logan, cory A, keisty, and all my mad dog friends i hang wit u get a shout too

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  • Brooke Ashleigh
    Brooke Ashleigh

    I netted in $572 in three days being on the web! It came from - http://goo.gl/SeCwN You will love me for this!

  • Taylor


    12/2/08 via Mobile
  • Bring Dani The Horizon.
    Bring Dani The Horizon.

    hiyarrr congratulations. you've won my random contest. you've finally won something. lol lovee. ---Dani xx ____x♥x

  • MizzEmilyy.

    Haee..... How yu doin? Tapbakk xx Emii

  • Beth

    hey hey yea that sounds good.. lol whats wrong?? you know yet?? you going back to school soon?? lol bye

  • Beth

    hey hey yea im good.. eww that doesnt sound too good.. maybe you should go to a doctor? bye

  • Beth

    BRENT BUDDY HEY! how are you? you getting better from you cold thing?? that i gave you. lol well bye.

  • Nellie Bellie
    Nellie Bellie

    lol do u have msn?

  • Nellie Bellie
    Nellie Bellie

    oh ok yes unfortunatly! but it was a dare

  • Bring Dani The Horizon. 7/29/08
  • Nellie Bellie
    Nellie Bellie

    hey, Yeah hes a freak!! r u friends with him?

  • The Legendary Miss Copie
    The Legendary Miss Copie

    hello.' i just writin this last thing to you!! you are a selfish fuckin cunt... its either you are scared of jake or you dnt like me all that much! i have been thinkin alot about this.... you went from 1 day sayin "i love you copie" to the next day sayin "i cant talk to you any more bye!" and every time i tried to get you to talk to me its "can't talk bye!" you are such an asshole... i loved you so much as a friend and you were so nice... always askin if i was ok and how i was... now you delete my number :( you must not of cared about me very much... did you?!? you cut me deep you stupid wanker!!! well good bye for good!!! :( I HATE YOU!!!!!!!! :( GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!

  • Bring Dani The Horizon.
    Bring Dani The Horizon.

    lol, not alot aye. i'm really boring.

  • Bring Dani The Horizon.
    Bring Dani The Horizon.

    i'm prettyy damn good how are you? ---x

  • Bring Dani The Horizon.
    Bring Dani The Horizon.

    Brentttttt buddy. what's goin on... we need to hang one weekend. coz i'm bored all the time. tapp backk p e a c e -----x

  • Nellie Bellie
    Nellie Bellie

    Hey r u friends with taylor?? Who do u do fire twirling for? holla bac