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BEBO is a pile of shit whats the point no one ever uses it neymre !

6/18/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

       singlee TAKEN ♥♥

      Theres only one explanation of Heaven &+ Hell
    Heaven is when your the happiest you can ever feel ..
      &+ Hell is when your feeling your worse
but wherever you are Heaven or Hell remember you can always choose which one u live.

♥ id go to hell over and over again , just to prove to u how much i need you here theres nothing that i wouldnt do ♥

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my soppy boppy :) ily :D x

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i love you guys more than i could ever explain !

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  • x

    TROY ;#X3
    well iv seen you grow up babe and haven't u changed !! i remember the days we were running around kiddie parks hehe .. and know yes i don't see you as much but when we do see each over we catch 100% jokes :D
    HOLIDAY 08 was live .. and completely crazy !! hopefully there will be another holiday soon :D
    babe tbh i love u and you will always be a very close mate to me !!

    SOPHIEE ;#X3
    well ur amazing babe
    you can always cheer me up when im feeling down and tbh babe i love u 4 that you really know exacly what to say and thats amazing.
    your special and dont forget it yeah .
    youv bin through enuff shit since wev bin freinds and wow have you copped babe your strong and i wish i could say i am to but im not !! tg iv got my best mate here other wise without you i wud probabily be a pile of goo by know loooool .
    well wev cought so many jokes
    your a crazy motherfucker and a complete crack head lol , but of course i love u
    wev had the most craziest times and allot of good memories , i would have to say me and you are the CRAZIEST MOTHERFUCKERS in this place :L :L
    but ya know what we fink if people have a problem
    FUCK EM !! lol
    maybe me and you have a alcohol problem but tbh im not bothered about that atm lol
    and im sorry babe if iv ever hurt u but at least we stick through and your still my girl
    :D love u 4 ever :D

    Sophiee,Troy,Lisa,Ollie,Ben M,Warren,Jamie,Mark,Paul,Nathan,Am
     y G,
    Charlotte W,Joe,Dom,Hannah,Rich,Ben,Ryan,Jam
     es,Nicole,Dan,Jade,Charlie Q,
    Alex B, Whitney, Tia maria, haarjrah, Laura, etc etc
    sorry if i missed anyone out just tell me and ill put u straight in :D x


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  • Baby Girl 'Ox
    Baby Girl 'Ox

    Heyy Babii Hows Yuu?? Like My Bebo??? Lol Love Yuu Millionz xxxxx

  • Zobii

    Whht :S Orrn Aliiyah Beboo Yuu Dikedd ii Ent Gt Demm :L x

  • Tayzah-Flava
    luv Tayzah-Flava

    gdgd babe, im gd ta, xx

  • Tayzah-Flava
    luv Tayzah-Flava

    hello babes yu ok? love for my girlfriend xxx

  • Tayzah-Flava

    gdgd babe im gd tah babe ly xx

  • Tayzah-Flava
    luv Tayzah-Flava

    hello yu yu ok? ly xx

  • 'Sweethanqq -

    hahaa okaaay :L x

    9/3/09 via Mobile
  • Tayzah-Flava
    luv Tayzah-Flava

    aww llol im talkin 2 yu on msn :s lol xxxx

  • Tayzah-Flava
    luv Tayzah-Flava

    aww babes lol im jus bored so boring lol :L wb sexiness xxxxx

  • 'Sweethanqq -

    lool yeea but if yu dont believe me tell like one of your friends to go on my page lol their dp will show up too trust me :L

    9/2/09 via Mobile
  • Tayzah-Flava
    luv Tayzah-Flava

    thanks babe im gd thanks, wuu2? wb beautiful xxxx

  • 'Sweethanqq -

    lol everybody gets freaked out by it at first :L especially strangers lmaoo

    9/1/09 via Mobile
  • 'Sweethanqq -

    heeey just random add and lol its just an app dw :L

    8/31/09 via Mobile
  • Tayzah-Flava
    luv Tayzah-Flava

    hello babes here yu are lool yu ok? xxx

  • Zobii
    luv Zobii

    Hiiya :D Yuu Owiitee ..? Yh da Holi'z Aree Gooin Good Wbur'z..?< LuvYuu x

  • BOomm'
    luv BOomm'

    Oiink Oiink, Ohhh Rawrhtingsz n ting :S