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Cluedo Fans

Meh. My computer which had my cluedo stuff on it has gone kapoot so don't expect any new stuff for just now :(

3/14/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is a group for people who are fans of the board game Cluedo.

Cluedo is a classic board game, made in 1946. It's a game of detective works. Players must deduce who murdered Dr Black (was it Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs White, Reverend Green(Mr. Green in US), Mrs Peacock or Professor Plum. ), what with (either the rope, the spanner, the dagger, the candlestick, the revolver or the lead piping) and in what room (study, hall, lounge, dining room, kitchen, ballroom, conservatory, billiard room or the library).

The board game was also transformed into a TV gameshow in the early nineties. u can see clips of that in the video section.

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  • Series 4 Episode 6: "Publish and be Damned"

    Journalist Roger Morgan is researching the history of the grange's previous resident, Princess Catherine, and uncovers all kinds scoops from several residents of the grange, but, this being Arlington Grange, he doesn't live to see his stories published.

    Weapons: Snooker Triangle, SAS Dagger, Microhpone, Knife, Cheese Wire, Broken Glass

    Mrs Peacock: Peacock is only to happy to share her stories of the princess until she realises this could seriously damage her reputation.

    Colonel Mustard: Morgan knows about the Colonel being absent the day a kidnap attempt was made on the princess which could potentially destroy the colonel's good name.

    Reverend Green: Morgan is uncovering all kinds of unholy secrets about the princess and is none too pleased about it.

    Professor Plum: Plum has offered Morgan some tape recordings from around the grange not knowing that he only wants the sleazy stories on them.

    Miss Scarlett: Scarlett has lied to Morgan about the princess to get some cash from him and fears she'll be found out.

    Mrs White: White was a dear friend of the princess and is disgusted by Morgan wanting to know so much about her.

    Solution: Mrs Peacock with the microphone in the study.

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  • Series 4 Episode 5: "Where There's a Will"

    Mrs White inherits a small fortune from a dead relative and the residents begin treating her very differently in the hope she may part with some of the cash for their needs. That is until city broker Terry Radcliffe comes along with an offer Mrs White can't refuse. The regulars aren't so sure about this and Terry ends up paying a permanent visit to the brokers in the sky.

    Weapons: Knife, Sculpture, Shotgun, Garden hoe, Corkscrew, Decanter stopper

    Mrs Peacock: Peacock needs some of White's money to clear some of her debts and Terry is about to take it all away.

    Colonel Mustard: Mustard announced his engagement to Mrs Peacock but faces an uncertain future unless he and Peacock can get some of White's money.

    Reverend Green: Green recognises Terry as a con artist, Roger Ellis, who set him up and conned him out of church funds..

    Professor Plum: White had promised Plum a share of the money so he could begin work on a safari park.

    Miss Scarlett: Scarlett is in on Terry's dud deal until she realises he may keep the money for himself.

    Mrs White: White is about to be conned out of an inheritance but has discovered this after signing the papers.

    Solution: Mrs White in the study with the decanter stopper.

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  • Series 4 Episode 4: "The Hanged Man"

    Mrs White has invited her old friend Marjorie Hunt to give the residents a tarot reading using some cards Mrs Peacock has found. The residents aren't entirely comfortable with her presence and her predictions unveil some skeletons in the closets of them. What she doesn't predict, however, is her murder,

    Weapons: Rat poison, Broach, Lighter, Cue, Letter opener, Toilet chain

    Mrs Peacock: Peacock is planning to burn the grange down for an insurance claim and this becomes one of Marjorie's reveltaions during the tarot reading.

    Colonel Mustard: Mustard has been involved in some shady business deals which come out during the reading.

    Reverend Green: Green is having an affair with a local woman and Marjorie caught him red handed.

    Professor Plum: Plum's latest invention has been getting him into a lot of bother and Marjorie has brought it out into the open.

    Miss Scarlett:Scarlett has been involved in a hit and run accident and no one else knows apart from her and Marjorie.

    Mrs White: Marjorie uncovers a secret about a child relating to White which unnerves her somewhat.

    Solution: Miss Scarlett in the drawing room with the lighter.

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Mrs Peacock's Confession: Series 4 Episode 6

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  • Gail B
    Gail B

    Me and my m8 and her family we play cluedo it is so fun i love it

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel

    It happened in the lobby with the big brown jobby! lol! Im sorry it woz totally irresistable! Before you tought me this game i didnt have a bloomin clue wot it woz even about! I used 2 think it woz like a weekend party that ppl went 2 and pretended 2 b bumbed off! Lol! Graham! xXx

  • Fallen Angel
    luv Fallen Angel

    Miss Scarlet is such a hooker! i fukin luv it! but not wen she woz played by jerry hall! that woz jst embarassing! lol! xxx

  • Barry

    It was Miss Scarlett with the dildo in the libray!