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Caarys Collinn

Nothing in this world worth having comes easy (:

6/8/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from middleton' x3
  • I am Single
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Laurenn Jade

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'' were trynaa record n thaat! '' Funnny.
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funnny youu girl (:
you can always tell me your problems! (Y) haha, 'x3

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Caarys Wrote at 09:03 am on May 01
Givee Me Somee Lovee Peoplee... Lovee C x x x

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  • -Bebos'Oldd.
    luv -Bebos'Oldd.

    Caaryss its was timmeeeee agoo that wen we was talkin ova bebooo :L :L ann i aint either i dnt even come on bebo any moe man :L :L miss eatonss coool sometimes :) love yaa 2♥ and i meannntt cnt beleive uve moved houseee LMAO xxx

  • -Bebos'Oldd.
    luv -Bebos'Oldd.

    He3llooooo (: Orrrrr Nooooo' Cant Beleivee Uvee Gonee Nowww! Pahahaaha (: Well Yanoo Like We All Waggwedd Itt Yhh Well Wee Got Off Report Ndd Thatt Andd Dunnn Itt Agenn Wow Wee hadd 6 Teacherss Shoutin Att Usss Haa Haaa Itt WassFunnyyy Thouu :) Noow Wee Bckk Onnn Reportt (N) Ha Haa But This Time Shanon Dint Wag It Rachel Lockett Did Instead hahaa miss eaton was like do u wanna go to another skewllll proper shoutin and then we all started laffin nd got dun forr thattt :O haha was funny thouu unoo ;) haha welll unoo ya avinn my first loveeeee ;) hahaha it shall be RETURNEDD Thouuu :) x ♥

  • -Bebos'Oldd.
    luv -Bebos'Oldd.

    haha whyy thouu ;) well bebo gave me aother love so obv ur gettin it haha &** guess what sum fat cunt changed my msn password hahahaha so a cnt go on it yet hahahaha x

  • -Bebos'Oldd.
    luv -Bebos'Oldd.

    Gooden(Y), were tryna record nd that ;) x lmaoo i wud be scared if it wwas me :) lmaooo ;) O have my lovee haha ;) wannit backkkk ;) rbb blackout crew ;) danielleeeee ;) x

  • -Bebos'Oldd.
    luv -Bebos'Oldd.

    ano hah fink she only givin us 4 thou haha we gotta stay behind every wednesday for a hour each week till yhe 6 week hols lmaoo thts if she gives us 6 hours anyways lol. && are ya scared off gettin ya tatoo dunn? lmaoo andd okaa haha did ya mum say ya can have ya tongue dun? && they aint funny there angiin haah :) :) 8) lmaoo have anuvahh :D :D rbb danielleeeee x

  • -Bebos'Oldd.
    luv -Bebos'Oldd.

    Lmao got caught Yannooo! We on report now and hot 6 hours detention 1 hour every wednesday Lmaoo funny that! And did ya get ya tatooo and ya tongue done? Well have a BIRTHDAY Love Obv;) Haha And Have Ya Seen These New Faces:O They Dirty Bastardss:) x

    6/3/09 via Mobile
  • -Bebos'Oldd.
    luv -Bebos'Oldd.

    Helloooo Yeah Am Good Taaa! At Shannons me Lmaoo not about school tomorrow me and Shannon are bein rebels and not guna go school tmorrow. What you doin.. And hers ya love bak x

    6/1/09 via Mobile
  • WackiBacci.

    heeeeeey! im good ino yeahh.. how have you been? nothing much just drinkjing really you know haha and you? w/b 'x

  • -Bebos'Oldd.
    luv -Bebos'Oldd.

    caarysCAARYScaarys ;) Youuu Alriitee Baabe;) Well Hmmmm Yanooo Likee Were Just tooTOOtoo Coooool(H) I Reckon You Should Have One Of My Loves;) BUT! obv i wannit returned;) rbb'x3 iiLovessYouuu'x3♥ Where Trynaa Record N Thaat ;) haha x x

  • Jade Watson
    luv Jade Watson

    hiyahh ave summ lovee lovee jadee <3

  • Jade Watson
    luv Jade Watson

    haha im aloud out on wednesday its onli bin a week haha ave sum more loveee love jade x x

  • Jade Watson
    luv Jade Watson

    hiyahhh ave sum loveee xx love jade <3

  • Sam Wilson Is A Mong
    luv Sam Wilson Is A Mong

    Lovee back x