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Peppa Pig

pasion. is our pasion. in the moonlight, on a joy ride. fascination its just the way we feel :]

8/5/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 603
  • from Leicester.Baby<3
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 6,668
  • Member since: September 2007
  • Last active: Feb 26
  • www.bebo.com/L3Xii_CHUCK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
a lex a
baby :)

'# . gorgyyyyporgyyyy . (K)
compare the meerkat dot cum
well your my best fourthist boy ++ i dont have four boyss so your the best fourthisstt even thoe your the only onee.. Yhhh mann :]
iloveyougeorgyyyy BMA no matter what darlingg okk . xxx

(L) :D
The Other Half Of Me


shes my wifey ++ we have a castle with water bombs

morning campers
facebook me ;
lexi coles
charley demi bale
i want you to know your my best friend. + i give you all i can - a castle.
+ you give me all you can - a london pencile. jokes fam jokes ;] muhauha
charley i aint ever had a best mate like you haa were madd buggers ! your here for mee and i wil always do the same. thankyou for evverything, helpin me when i needed it, listening to me roar down the phone, trecking for me + everytrhing else. im so gratefull for everything you do. i love you bma ! <3

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  • lexibum ;]

    New hair ;]
    cosmic blue bob beaut ;]
    nearly 16 mate.... Welll in like <U>158</u> days i think ;]
    i live for my bestfriends +the decentboys ;]
    <I>never</i> put my life on hold for a boy.
    its simply not worth it !x.
    ;i have a tempory job with children
    ++I want a job as a nail technition
    as you can see... i crant speal. ;]
    jokes fam jokes muhauha ;]
    i bumm that phrase ^^
    I (L) Swimming;bikeriding;jogging;walkin
     g;dancing;areobics the new start to a healthy life
    i kindov still love jaffacakes ++ wedges ++ Mayonaise
    my dad (FLUFFY) is my bma ;]
    charley is my wifey ++ we own a castle with a moat.
    i dont really want to write an essay but thats my style so live with it ;]
    i kindov like a lad. im not telling you who. if it isnt obvious.
    i liked him before. but i didnt tell anyone.
    ++i missed my chance cause i was a twat
    dont kow whay ? i really like him too
    wondering - at the mo ? aye aye - whether i will get a second chance
    likely ? fukk isit.
    wow this is some essay hmm?
    well thanks for payin attention.
    now you know. im the new lexi.
    im not the girl he left me to be.
    emotional, disasterouss (wow big word for me huh) WREKK ;[
    imm hyper, havingg fun. living life to the max.
    cause yuu never know, i could get knocked over on the road right now!
    well i couldnt cause im in my kitchen, buh you get my drift ;]
    so anyway. take it easy, i am ;]
    love you.
    lexy. ;] <3

    0 Comments 208 weeks

  • JackOckenden <33

    Simple Really. He's A Fave. A Total Keeper (:
    My Big Brother. WoopWooop
    &&Oh Yeaa He Loves Cookie Crisp. (:
    He Knows Dat ii Wont Hurt Him Cause He's Like Too Amazing To Hurt. Always Here For You Babe.
    Like You Are For Me (:
    If Any Girls Wanna Hurt Him, They Have To Go Thruu Me (;
    Sorry Jack Butt ii Will Try Too Keep A Smile On Your Face Babes Cause You Always Make Me Laff.
    Too Many Msn Memories Muwahaha !
    Oh Yeaaa Jack.
    Onee Word.
    Just One.
    LoveYouBabee (yn)<33

    0 Comments 230 weeks

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    Are We Close?
    Have You Ever Had Ah Crush On Me?
    Do Yu Have One Now?
    Wud Yu?
    Give Me Ah Nick Name &Describe Why?
    My Best Body Feature?
    Could You Ever Love Me?
    Could You Ever Hurt Me?
    Favourite Memory With Me?
    If You Had Me For Ah Hour Whot Wud Yu Do To Me?
    Are You GoingToPutThisOnYurBlog&SeeIfIiDoY


    8 Comments 259 weeks

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    This Thursday October 15th is Silent Headphone Disco!! Thursdays have gone a bit bangers & mashed - our new student night has got off to a fine start with packed bodies each week, and cut up boys (ministry of sound) recently playing. Details on our profile. Bargain? Room 1: Electro/R&B/Chart. Room2: Embarassing Cheese/Eighties/Classic Rockℜtro Hits. Bangin\'? 1.50 DRINKS / 2.00 SHOTS / 7.50 PITCHERS all night Check the sexy beasts we call regulars & sign up for details at clubhive.co.uk - guestlisters wanted - get paid to invite your mates to our nights! As ever.. Fridays remains Misfits: Twisted alt. disco of indie/electro/pop/rock. 1.50 drinks. 2009-10-15 10:25:31

  • Mrwhippy 9/28/09 via Mobile
  • Mrwhippy

    sam how old r u

    9/28/09 via Mobile
  • RosieeRavee
    luv RosieeRavee

    [c=29][b]Lexyyyy[/c=1][/b] (A) .... [&]+ [I]I[u][c=4]love[/c][/u]youu[/I] [c=11]Dazzah[c] (L)

  • Mrwhippy

    hey who r u :) x

    9/25/09 via Mobile
  • Bonkerss
    luv Bonkerss

    Have SomeLove Bumhollee [<33] ILU Bma !!! xxxx

  • Bonkerss
    luv Bonkerss

    Miss Lexxi I havent left yu love in a longg time !! Hope your okai :) Bet yur glad to be back college :P lol LoveYouLotsh BestFriendsForever <33

  • Emily
    luv Emily

    ahaaaa! narhh not these 1's :L their too small to get on the bed :D keep tryinn lexxx. i love youu. bmaa x

  • Emily
    luv Emily

    i've got a mum and 2 kittens at mine now. new ones :) theirr sooo sweet :D just work on the fluff monster. love you x

  • Emily
    luv Emily

    erhh well if you get a kitten you may have to get 2 :/ ohwelll moree for youu :L love you lex x<3

  • Emily
    luv Emily

    a kittenn heyy :L i love you manny

  • Emily
    luv Emily

    lex my bebo is long and you will be in it :) awwrhh im really happy for you. we both got people we wanted then i guess (: i'll sleep yours when i can but im with my dad this weekend sooooo :/ i'll see you soon my manny fanny. i love youu alexandra coles :] x

  • Jodi'E

    Sexxxxxyyy(: Maatee uur profilee picturee is raather good i musst saay. withh ooour wonky little heaart hahah:L x Youu okkk Baaabe.? ii didnttt meeet yoouu or otee yesterdaaay:| anndd i forgot boutt my topp. woopsiesss. i shaal haav too come nn get itt . ii Lovee My Wifeey. andd Twinnn.x

  • Bonkerss
    luv Bonkerss

    I Still Never Learn Tbf ;) Loveyou BestFriends <3

  • Connor


  • 'Higgzys Wifehh.X
    luv 'Higgzys Wifehh.X

    Hey babee havee you got your tonguee done yet? causee i havee enoughh to get my nosee donee & my mum said im allowed to go with you & your dad if you havent allready bin:) xxxxloveyuou bma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jodi'E
    luv Jodi'E

    Wheneveerr.(: Maake suree uu dontt forgeet boutt me theen, Cuz ii actually haventt seen yoouu in agess, Yeaaaah ii really need to haave a littlee chek ov uur housee dontt ii, as ivee not eveen beeen in yet :O ahah(: iiLARV'Yoooouuu_<3 x