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The Experience

You want the Experience don't you; then check outhttp://www.youtube.com/user/davidwburkey

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Limerick Ireland
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About Me

Burke and Lee, The lazyest working comedy band around today, or ever!
Me, Myself, and I
Welcome to
The Experience
of Burke and Lee.

Formed in the fiery pits of Hell in Limerick, The Experience are a two man Acoustic Comedy Rock Band. We’ve been together since early 2004.

Please feel free to check out our Songs, Videos, Blogs and Quizzes and leave any feedback you want.

Remember life is short so laugh long and hard.

“That’s what she said”

If your a MySpace head check us out on:

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The Ginger Song - The Experience

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  • The United States of Burke and Lee!!

    The United States of Burke and Lee...

    Burke and Lee Do America...

    Call it what you may, but the fact is: we're here!

    Yes, The Experience are currently touring America. It’s never been our ’dream’ to break America like some pussy panty-wearing girl-bands out there (Yes, Westlife, that means you). We’ve already broken the market such is our wonderment, and we certainly don’t need to prove anything. We let our rockin’ to do the talkin‘. That’s not arrogance, it’s just we rock ass- and we know it.

    Kicking off in the home of Ron Burgundy, San Diego, we'll be covering all fifty states so there's no excuses for missing us!

    Among others, we'll be performing at a Special Olympics day in Minnesota, a Ginger Institution in Tennessee and a rehabilitation centre for STD patients in Wisconsin. And of course we’ll be paying our own tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson with a performance of ‘Thriller’ at his memorial service at his Neverland Ranch.

    We'll be finishing up in Madison Square Gardens (where we’ll be supported by Tenacious D) on the 20th of August, shortly after we've performed exclusively and privately for Barack Obama himself at the big WH.

    So make sure to get to a gig near you somewhere in the U.S (dates up soon!) and come bask in our awesomeness-ness. And don't worry, we know 50 concerts is gonna be tough but be confident there are still some artists out there that are professional and awesome enough to actually go through with it this summer...

    The Experience. In America. Awesome.

    0 Comments 211 weeks

  • The Experience Journeyed To Dublin and Rocked It!

    On the 20th of January 2009 The Experience undertook a perilous journey to Dublin.
    Their destination: "The Ha' Penny Bridge Inn" in Temple Bar in the heart of Dublin City.
    Their mission: to play at the Battle of the Axe Comedy Club Open Mic Night.
    Once again armed with only two mic, an acoustic guitar and a burning desire to make an idiot of themselves in front strangers The Experience set sail.

    The sturdy vessel that would see them through the dangerous and changing tides was one that would rival any of the Spanish Armada. Its captain at the wheel Lee; uncompromising, unyielding and as varied as the winds its self, our captain braved a high tides and the breaking waters as if he owned the sea.
    His second-in-command and skipper, Burke. The lovable rogue kept spirits high even in their darkest hours.
    And then their most loyal of crew, Ross; The Experiences most loyal fan/stalker and Rob; The Experiences technology audio and visual engineer (their Tech Guy), and with that The Experience and Co. set sail in Lee's Renault Megane for the new world (Dublin)..........................

    Many hours later, after many random conversations and many trials and tribulations on the road, The Experience made it to the stage they were born to stand on. The Battle of the Axe Comedy Club was not expecting a two-man comedy band from Limerick singing songs of bestiality and sexually transmitted diseases, but that's exactly what they got. At the end of the night the MC (Keith) called back out the names of the acts that had performed, and the act with the loudest cheer and clap from the audience won the most prestigious award; the Lucky Duck.
    When the dust had settled and the noise from screening comedy club goers had subsided it was The Experience who stood victorious. Yes that's right The Experience, Burke and Lee were graced with appreciation and crowned winners of the open mic night.

    Burke and Lee would like to thank sincerely everyone at the Battle of the Axe who came out to see it that night and for laughing, cheering and for having some fun with us, and also Tony and Keith and of course they're loyal crew of Rob and Ross for their support and devotion.

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  • Now That We're "Famous"

    That's right your friendly neighborhood comedy duo; D-Lee and D-B; have hit the big-time and they hit it with a bang. All there years hard work and sacrifice have finally paid off. Last Monday night was their first; of what is surety to be many more to come; TV appearance. It all started about two weeks ago when a casual search of the Internet uncovered the tantalizing news that Ireland's most prolific and well-respected talent show will be coming to Trinity Rooms in Limerick. Upon receiving this news only one thought float through our hero's minds "sure we'll do that and it will a laugh" and they did and it was most certainly was a good laugh.

    Armed with nothing but a guitar, self belief (more commonly known as delusion) and our most loyal of loyal fans the Experience you all know and love journeyed down to Trinity Rooms on that wet and rainy Saturday morning. They walked with no hesitation or fear straight into the auditioning room and stood before the most critically acclaimed critics the world has ever seen. Brendan Kilkenny, Lucy Kennedy and some old 2 FM DJ whose name I can't remember. Yes Ballydung Grot Talent would never be the same again.

    With one quick glance between them, as if to say to one another "let's do it man, let's blow their ears off" D-Lee began to strum out those old too familiar chords. "Tipperary's Feacking Crap" D-B announced as he stepped up to the mic, "I know this much is true" he went on to explain. The judges struck dumb with silence hanging off every word looked on in amazement.

    Then something so unpredictable and astounding happened, something that may very well go down in history as the most stupidest thing anyone has ever done, Brendan Kilkenny stopped our heroes mid song before they had even finished their song..........................

    D-B desperately trying to hold D-Lee back from ripping Mr. Kilkenny's albino mullet off simply replied "well come in from a man as talented as you Brendan". But it was not just the Experience who were bewildered and confused by Mr. Kilkenny's opinion on the song, Lucy Kennedy and the 2 FM guy greeted it with showers complements and apologies for what their fellow judge had done.

    The D-Lee D-B Experience had walked into that audition as mere men and walked out pretty much the same way.............. but with a slight difference, knowing one week from then that they would appear on the Podge and Rodge show on RTE 2 for a brief couple of seconds, and what more could you ask for in this life than that

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    Limerick Gigs

    sup guys Limericks Got Talent is a Competition hosted by punches hotel and special olympics it is an event which will help any singer or band get noticed with papers involved and music video producers and more this competition is for any age any style for singers bands comedians any talent what so ever there will be auditions held send of july all heats will be held on tuesday 11th August- wednesday 12th August - and Thursday 13th August Grand Final Friday 14th August in punches Hotel winners coulld win recording time or a music video by BMB FILMS a world winning music video gruop. www.bmbfilms.com For Application Form please Visit http://www.patrickpunchshotel.com/Li... do not miss out on this life changing opportunity

  • Ross Cummins
    luv Ross Cummins

    Omg! Omg! Omg!!!!! Can't believe ye're finally here! Can't wait 'til ye come to Texas...i'll be first in line!!! love you guys! Ye're...awesome!!!

  • Samantha C
    luv Samantha C

    Your beard and not ginger cannot go in the same sentence look i've seen what's below your belt thats all that counts.. I seen ginger so you need to stop living in denial! Oh ya and dont worry i won't pass it around that d song is about Ross i wouldn't like to hurt his feelings so i've only posted it on facebook and bebo at the mo... shouldn't be seen my 2 many... :)

  • Limerick Gigs
    Limerick Gigs

    hey guys paul here there is a big competition going on that will also be raising money for the special olympics its a limerick got talent thing winners get a music video by a world winning filmer and maybe some recording time the launch in on the 19th june in puches hotel at 8 u can appley there or i can give u an application form its 10 euro to entre your act this competion can take singers bands dancers comics rappers. tha auditions will take place in july and final in in august are ye interested?

  • Samantha C
    luv Samantha C

    Lovin da Ginger songs lads... It's a cracker!

  • Cathy O Neill
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    yo! how goes it?? is it all the whales vajuju you ever thought it would be? :D

  • The Experience
    The Experience

    Insert your love here (-----------------------)

  • David Lee

    Final thursday, lets bring it home

  • Damien Considine
    luv Damien Considine

    Now that WAS Truely "The Experience" :)

  • Music Society 3/28/09
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    If you like irish comedy ADDING ME IS A MUST! ADD ME

  • MIsu Entertainment Officers
    luv MIsu Entertainment Officers

    Well we may have something in the pipeline. It would be a shame not to introduce you guys to people of mary i!! We will be in touch:D

  • Ross Cummins
    Ross Cummins


  • Damien Considine
    luv Damien Considine

    I Know I was thoroughly disappointed in myself!!! :_(

  • Cathy Deere
    Cathy Deere

    Best of Luck tonight Dave Lee....and whats that other guys name??!!! :L :L :L

  • Schnitzel Comedy
    Schnitzel Comedy

    yeah boyos see you wednesday