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Marty A

Mark 9:48 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched...

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About Me

Faith is not needed where certainty exists.
Me, Myself, and I
I am an anti-theist, meaning that I hold no belief in any god whatso-ever!

I am a jesus mythicist, because plain and simply, there is no acceptable evidence of him having ever existed, besides scholary speculations and hearsay accounts written well after his supposed time.

I also class myself as an extreme skeptic, especially when dealing with some devine supernatural phenomenon, or superstitious crap. Extraordinary claims DO require extraordinary evidence, one shouldn't have to rely on someone else's primative idea of unsubstantuated bullshit!

I'm also a secularist, and I am against the indoctrination of kids, and the teaching of religion in schools among other things...

So beware all religious folks, before you even think of leaving me a comment (which I tend to get alot from you religiously inclined), or citing your primative bible, be prepared to back your comments up! (Evidence?)
Generally heavy metal. Anything with a guitar cranking hard out.
Shrek, Debbie does Dallas...
Rugby union, league, boxing, any sport except soccer and american shit. Contact sports are the best.
Scared Of
Catholic priests.
Happiest When
Stoned and shitfaced...

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  • Marty A
    Marty A

    Personally, the claim that an eternal and all-powerful super-male chose to create the billions of galaxies, each made of billions of stars, so that the insignificant shoe-wearing apes on one small rock orbiting one of the more unremarkable stars can kiss his ass once per week, requires a great deal more faith then I would care to know!

  • Lyc


  • Dr Zakir Naik 10/7/09
  • Derick.XD

    lol ur skin's funny im against religion too...all people have made it to be is a stupid democracy...God isnt about religion...hes about love i think most religious ppl today are hypocrites...they say they love God and that God loves you, but all they ever do is tell you how bad of a person you are and that you're going to hell...i hate that if you want to see wat God's really about...message me God bless =) ( the real one...not the " religious" one )

  • Stephie-May
    luv Stephie-May

    antitheists do you know the moral of the story by dr.zeus green eggs and ham. god bless

  • Peter Shevlin
    Peter Shevlin

    Hicups cant be explained either even by doctors..you say they dont exist...you should let people follow there own belifs rather than trying to push your belifs on them by commnting on groups...plus your skin is stupid most of the things you call"side effects are anti religious anyway!

  • Patches - Dats Us
    Patches - Dats Us

    One Question? How do you explain away the clearly obvious Biblical Facts that have been discovered through Archaeology?

  • Lyc

    aww any good news from dah lord 2dae?? plz share it with me hope to hear from u soon muj love ~lisi~

  • Anthonys Beautiful Wifey
    luv Anthonys Beautiful Wifey

    Kia ora! long time mate! hope all is well with you and your Whanau? we are all choice ova these ways... workin and kids :L love it! catch ya xo much luv xo ps sharin da luv:)

  • 6/4/09
  • God

    You have some pretty onto it beliefs, good on ya

  • Laura.

    Mahaa i totally agree with you :D Religion = Bullshit. Lol x

  • Mr Kiwi
    Mr Kiwi

    Well Marty, how are ya? Recommend any busy jesus freak sites i can harass?

  • Lisa S
    luv Lisa S

    haha love it xx