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If i could fuck my reflection, i would reflect SO HARD!

11/22/08 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Hey im candice, and im sick of the freaks and emos on myspace, so here i am on bebo :-) i used to live my life real fast, meaning i did lots of drugs, drank heaps, stayed out all night, etc. im not as young as i used to be, and in order to gain my inheritance, i kinda have to live longer than my parents.....so, iv resulted to working full time, and cleaning my house when im not working, and eating healthy lol, sounds fun right? HA! but i do find time to enjoy life, listen to my records, watch tele, and drink wif mates in the weekends. Who would have guessed that i'd turn out to be a normal hardworking kiwi? CRAZY!
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Bebo Whore Aka McFree

Bebo Whore Aka McFree

My cuddly wuddly! :-)

Feist, the Who, Tegan and Sara, Death Cab For Cutie, the B-52's, Simon & Garfunkel, T.Rex
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Ice-berg lettuce, 2 minute noodles, roast beef meals from the asians in my neighbourhood, sausages and onions, brocoli, carrots, sweetcorn, and sometimes burger king and subway, Pamela's Mash (it's the best mash in the world coz it has onions and is made by pam!)
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Clowns, heights (working on that one) anywhere that isn't home (working on that also)
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Listening to and recording music, having rudies, both at the same time. Watching the sunset, watching the sun rise on new years day, walking along a beach, detatching myself from other peoples problems
The Brak Show, The Chappelle Show, Sealab 2021, Space ghost: Coast to Coast, Simpsons, Family guy, Kath and Kim, the L word, French and Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous, Southpark, Boston Legal, ER, Robot Chicken
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  • Fucking losers, they're everywhere!!!!!

    My stupid fucking lazy uncle moved in the other day, he's kicked our cat out, and doesn't feed it wen it cries out.

    My uncle is a fucking waste of space, and is a bludger and a druggie 40 year old with the mentality if a child. He takes total advantage of grandma, he has the money to pay for rent and the money for food, but doesn't have the money to support his drug habit. So he asks grandma every day for 20 bucks for a tinny. I sincerely hope he gets hit by a bus and the burden and embarrassment is taken away from grandma (and the whole family). If i had a son like that, id disown him. Id be a fuck load richer, and happy. He doesn't even contribute to the family and gets evetything for free, like a free car, a roof over his head, free clothes, all paid for by grandma. Yes i ask granmda for money, but never for drugs, but i look after grandad for her evey single day, it's emotionally draining, but i do it out of the goodness of my heart. What has Thornton done for this family. Nothing! Oh sorry, he has done somthing, he takes and takes, uses grandma for a door mat, and when she doesn't have any money that day, he'll fucking go to my dad for money who doesn't ever have any spare money.

    Thornton walks all over grandma, and shes lets him. So fucking sad. and now i'm caught up in his bullshit, coz i have to feed the cat, and give the cat affection, hes a goddamn monster. i hope he dies real soon. Hes done nothing his whole life but cause people grief. its not fair on anyone.

    He lives on the same property i live on. i'm moving the fuck out if he wont, that means i wont look after grandad.

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  • I'm letting my light shine!

    So, i came out to my grandma a couple of nights ago. It was soooooo freaking weird! I totally expected a fight resulting in being kicked out, coz she always had these homophobic comments like "it's wrong to be gay" and "well if bob (the gay dutchman) wants to ruin his life by being gay, thats his problem".

    Basicly i had to come out coz i made the mistake of coming out to bob, he said i should come out to grandma, and if i didnt, he would tell her before he leaves for holland on the 8th of feb. so i thought id better come out, coz its better her hear it from me than someone else.

    So, i thought if something were to go wrong it wouldn't be that bad anyway coz my mum n dad and everyone on my mums side of the family would back me up (aparently they knew coz my mum told EVERYONE on her side of the family, but theyr all cool with it, it made an interesting conversation piece at my brothers wedding, thats how i found out they knew lol)

    So lol, i asked grandma to come up to my house so we can have a chat and asked her to have a seat. she did, and the convosation went a wee bit like this:

    Grandma: So what is it you want to say?

    Me: Ok, i don't think it's any of your business, but i don't want to keep lying to you.....lets just say your suspicions are correct....

    Grandma: Oh are they? what suspicions?

    Me: Im gay and i have a girlfriend named Pamela, and shes wonderful, and if you think this is a phase then whatever helps you sleep at night, thats ok, just want to say i've never been attracted to guys, and iv been gay for ages....

    Grandma: Oh, ok. yea i thought so. Your mum and dad might be quite upset to hear this, but im ok with it.

    Me: Theyve known that im gay for years....
    Grandma: Oh, so why am i the last to know?

    Me: Coz i thought you would kick me out of my house and dis-own me.....

    Grandma: Nooooo! i love you, i would never do that!

    Me: *jaw drops* Are you serious?! you were always to homophobic, throwing gay slurs around and such....

    Grandma: Oh that was coz grandad is like that, i just agree with him to avoid an argument lol

    Me: Wow.

    Grandma: No, i've got tonnes of lesbian friends, i know many many many gay/lesbian couples, i even went to oxford street in sydney with my friend maxine....im sure peple thought we were gay lol.

    Me: What! you went to the gayest street in the world and you didn't even tell me?

    Grandma: Well i din't know you were gay back then lol. you know the only thing that upsets me is that i'm the last to know, that hurts...

    Me: Well, can you understand that i thought you were a homophobe and to be rejected by you would be devestating to me, ur the only woman in my whole life that ever gave me the time of day when mum was being a "psycho nut-job", i didn't want to lose you.

    Grandma: Oh ok, fair enough. so, is that all you wanted to say?

    Me: Yea, pretty much

    Grandma: Ok, well i dont hate you, i love you, and i would love to meet ur girlfriend Pamela :-)

    Me: Awsum, yea sure :-)

    *big hug*

    LOL! I was gobsmacked! Now evryone in my family knows.......now i dont have to sneak my gf up the secret driveway to get her into my house without grandma knowing....kinda takes the fun out of it, but it's ok....at least i dont have to lie to grandma anymore :-)

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    I just pulled $829 in five days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://x.co/KTJD Your going to be so happy!

  • Chelle
    luv Chelle

    hey candice!! havent seen u or heard from u since my 21st. wat u up to these days?? hows everything going

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    Richard F

    I see that new video, please remove it :P . It will turn all ladies gay and gay guys straight

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    The latest mclesbo he he he he yay......

  • Vicki Rabbitt
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    y hello, wat doing tho.....

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    Hey candice, We still have to have our golf game at some stage k

  • Sez
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    long time no c girl where u been hidin lol how bout u guys come out and smile some time with us

  • luv Debbie H

    Hey Candice, hahaha that MGMT song I was trying to remember all nite on sat is called "Time to pretend". No wonder I didnt know wat it was, wudnt have known that thats wat it was called:L :L Us and our drunken convos, I like those sorta convos:L :L

  • Ashika Kapadia
    luv Ashika Kapadia

    well howdy.... yay u added me ... feel the love man lol was awesome to finally meet ya my dear. keep in touch and catch ya when i catch ya much love me xoxoxoxoxo

  • Pinks Sex Slave

    hey CANDI!!!! sup yo howz it going!!! jst a short one catch u on the L-bounce haha c u on sat nyt yea ya!!! lets gt crunk!!! haha