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Adam Holland

new years eve next big drink aha keep up boys

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  • Male, Luv 240
  • from good old strathfoyle
  • I am Single
  • Last active: 6/26/11
  • www.bebo.com/smiler_stra
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About Me

everyone wants to go to heaven but we are all scared of dying
Me, Myself, and I
right its definatly about time that i updated this thing my names adam still live in strathfoyle its a load of balls working at express cabs its not the best job but i cant complain about the money haha im trying to see the world at the minute been to germany,prague,hong kong and thailand this year its spain,amsterdam and maybe belgium then next year its california and vegas baby happy days haha im also in the middle of writing a book at the minute i love writing books and lyrics i think im pretty good haha well thats me haha oh i nearly forget im adicted to my tattoos i got 8 so far good job
im a real rocker love my bands hi avenged sevenfold all that remains bullet fo my valintine linkinpark things like that
The Shawshank Redemption, and a lot of horror and comedy films 2 many 2 name though lol
basketball and swimmin oh and ufc
Scared Of
nothin i always say bring on wat life gives
Happiest When
out partyin wit all my mates or when i completey blitzed outta my skull lol and especially when i ko.d in bed
well where do i start here then lol i fink i will start wit wee keeley she a wee babe lol even though she cant drink for shit lol oj jokin babe then there wud be my main man tony he, s a fuckin ripper hi im glad u gt my bk anyway lol then there wud be robbie and hairyhole i knw its a messed up nickname bt hes a really sound guy like lol and robbie well he's another ripper lol then there wud be my 2 wee babes from scotland wee emily and rachel lol two really cool gals we had some gud times over there and i miss da pair of ya lol and then last but nt least wee amanda she nt wise hi lol she wee keeleys mate and like keeley she cant drink for shit niether lol u knw im onli jokin babes well i fink dats bout it lol if i forgot bout any 1 just leave me a comment or sumfin lol im nt phycic

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