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Te Vaka

Listen to new album "Havili" at www.tevaka.com

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Warm Earth Records Indie Label
South Pacific Australia
*TE VAKA DOWNLOADS NOW AVAILABLE FROM http://www.tevaka.org *FOR CDS, DVDS, TSHIRTS http://www.tevaka.com/order.html
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The Official Te Vaka Bebo Page
Me, Myself, and I
Te Vaka is a group of musicians and dancers from Tokelau, Tuvalu, Samoa, Cook Islands and New Zealand brought together under the inspired leadership of Opetaia Foa'i. Te Vaka has been enchanting the world with their own brand of South Pacific Fusion since 1997. Using the rhythms of the log drum ("pate"), combined with traditional and contemporary instruments, Opetaia Foa'i and the band deliver a kaleidoscopic array of Pacific flavors in a genre all of it’s own.

Opetaia Foa’i is the songwriter/ lead vocalist of the group. His inspiration comes from his multi-cultural upbringing - half Tokelauan, half Tuvaluan, born in Samoa and bought up in a Tokelauan community in New Zealand. Opetaia’s musical background spans both the traditional and the diverse influences of contemporary metropolitan culture. Described as “one of New Zealand’s finest songwriters” and “ a true son of the Pacific”, he won the Senior Pacific Artist award in 2005 for his contribution to the Pacific Arts.

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  • Te Vaka's 7th Album Havili is finally finished

    What an incredible journey it has been - the writing, recording, mixing and
    mastering of this album has at times stretched us all. No matter the obstacles we were all determined that this Te Vaka album would be special. The decision to record a live album, made by first time producer Manase Foai, contributed greatly to making this album something that we are all extremely proud of. Recording in the best facilities available to us has definitely enhanced the richness and quality of the songs. We are relieved that the job is finally done and couldn't be more happy with the outcome. The album has 13 tracks, including 3 percussion/log drums tracks, it is the classic Te Vaka sound and more.

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  • New Album Update!

    We have some great news!!! We start recording the new album THIS WEEK! The excitement levels are high and the band is busy doing all the last minute preparations to ensure everything goes according to plan. We are so confident and excited about the new songs that we have chosen Studio 301 in Sydney to record them. This the best recording studio in Australia and recording the album there will make a huge difference to the album quality. We are also bringing in top engineers for recording and mixing to ensure that everything is the best it can possibly be. The recording process will be captured on video so we can share the experience with our supporters.

    The schedule is very tight to get the recording, mixing and mastering done and the album released before the band embarks on their upcoming US tour but we are sure the team will pull it off. Fortunately most of the new songs have already been rehearsed for the live show which will make the recording a bit faster. Release date is planned for the end of August so watch the website for when you can pre-order your copy.

    Keep your eye on the website to make sure you dont miss out on US tour dates and when the new album is available.

    Best wishes

    Te Vaka Management

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  • Te Vaka on Facebook

    Hi Everyone, if you are one of those many people who are not using Bebo much nowadays and have shifted to Facebook. Please join us on the Te Vaka facebook fan page. It is constantly updated with all our adventures. Here is the link http://tinyurl.com/tevaka

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  • KApU N TO'AGa'OfaFiiSiiHoi 10/6/11 via Mobile
  • Te Vaka Management
    Te Vaka Management


  • Te Vaka Management
    Te Vaka Management

    "New album "Havili" available from www.tevaka.com

  • Te Vaka Management
    Te Vaka Management

    Go to www.tevaka.org/freedownloads to get your 7 free downloads and you can also support the 7th Te Vaka album by buying exclusive downloads!!! Only for Limited time!!!

  • Te Vaka Management
    Te Vaka Management

    New Album coming soon!!!

  • Te Vaka Management
    Te Vaka Management

    Manase and Neil have just arrived in Sydneyand are working on the NEW Te Vaka album! It sounds Great!

  • Pharippz


  • Rozen R
    luv Rozen R

    luv u gang :* :DD :DD :DD :DD

  • luv Johanna Masoe

    CONGRATULATIONS! :) Its nooo suprise at all that you have received the award for BEST Pacific Group 2010. Keep up the pacific beats, it will never die! :) Alofa atu! xxx

  • Porn Star
    Porn Star

    yay daty my famz luv em ! :DD

    4/21/10 via Mobile
  • 'Jaye .

    Love te vaka :DD x

  • Annie Koro
    luv Annie Koro

    big fan of this band..

    4/13/10 via Mobile
  • L I Z -YO
    L I Z -YO

    pharr LOVE this BAND tew the days!!: xx

  • Frank Enosa
    luv Frank Enosa

    MALO ko lava kia Manahe te taumafai malohi.Kua manuia au taumafaiga,Hau ai lava. Koe na nofonofo ai, toe haoni ki au koleni.Fakamakeke. oku aloha.

  • luv Johanna Masoe

    GOOD LUCK NASE! Hope all goes well! Go hard and keep it up! :) Take care & God bless you all! x0x00

  • Julz

    hae.. Big fan.. From nukunonu....nd probly related 2 one of use...

    2/28/10 via Mobile
  • Dee N Ants

    Swains island :) whoops sorry

  • Keaton Holt Pedro
    luv Keaton Holt Pedro

    Talofa... Hey, I was just wondering which ones of you people in the band were related to the Pedro family??

  • Letaido
    luv Letaido

    Man! this is the originals! Love TEVAKA ALWAYS .. FIVE STAR PEEPS :*

  • Otilani Havea-Lombard
    luv Otilani Havea-Lombard

    Just wanted to let you guys know how much we are enjoying Haoloto. We almost got all the words down and of course it makes us wants to get up and dance. Congratulations to yet another AWESOME album and hope to see you guys this way again soon. 'Ofa atu Oti