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Death Eater Ginny

I seriously miss this website.

1/12/13 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

I never hurt nobody but myself and that's nobody's business but my own.
Me, Myself, and I
Hallo ist mein vollständiger Name Ginevra Molly Weasley, aber ruft mich nicht Ginevra, it' an; s Ginny. Die einzige Familie, die ich habe, ist meine Freunde und die Todesesser. Ich fiel außerschulisch, um den dunklen Lord zu verbinden, und Professor Lucifer wandelte mich um. Ich bin immer zum Professor zuverlässig und tue, was auch immer er fragt.

Bumsen Sie mich nicht. Nicht überhaupt versuchen Sie, mich zu bumsen.


Hello my full name is Ginevra Molly Weasley, but do not call me Ginevra, it's Ginny. The only family I have got is my friends, and the Death Eaters. I dropped out of school to join the Dark Lord, and Professor Lucifer converted me. I will alwasy be faithful to the Professor, and will do whatever he asks.
Don't fuck me, Don't you ever try to fuck me.
The Other Half Of Me
LE Bomb. Or Harry
I do love you. Its crazy, unbelievable. I know you could care less. I know you that you dont know. But thats okay. Cuz if I told you, what would you do?

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  • My Bebo Family!!!

    my everything- James Crane <TheMisterCrane>
    my sister- Moaning M <moanmo>
    my rockstar- Max Cascada Ride <max-not-dead>
    my mother- ~ Mrs Molly Weasley ~ <MollyW73>
    my father- Arthur Weasley <Arthur---Weasley>
    my brother- Derek Dreghorn <DELBOY-2k7>
    my best brother- George Weasley <GeorgeGeniusWeasley>
    my to the end friend- Luna Lovegood <Luna-Radishes>
    my twin- Ginzy Weasley <Mizz-Weasley45>
    my make up artist- Morticia Riddle <PurebloodTicia>
    my warrior- Harry Potter <Gryffindor-Pride>
    my fangirl- Maria Mae <RiaRia06>
    my second best brother- Mr Ron Weasley <ron-gryffindor>
    my big sister- Morgan <MorganW17>
    my picture taker-
    my favorite teacher-
    my best friend- Hermione Weasley <HermioneG339>
    my hang out person- Lily Evans <Miss-Emerald-Eyes>
    my #1 quidditch player- I Am. Emily <pottylurvesginny>
    my personal entertainer- Kelsey.The Used. <GoddessKelsey>
    my wand-
    my friend dude- Harry Potter <harry-gryffindor>
    my sneakers- Audra The Hunter <Different-DealWithIt>
    my music- Karly <promises-4-shitheads>
    my singer friend- Aglaia McGonagall <AglaiaM>
    my hippie- Annabelle Lestrange <-pureblood-princess->
    my guardian angel- Lily Evans <Lily-Evans-loves->
    my emo friend- Hayley Lucid <Hayley-Lucid>
    my death eater pal-
    my cousin- Kat Clark <KatC31>
    my gossip queen- Lavender Brown <Lav-Lav-The-Witch>
    my other cousin- Kerry C <KerryC36>
    my mortal enemy- Harry Potter <HP-19>

    11 Comments 302 weeks

  • Bahahaha.....

    Balthazar is a funny name dont you think??? more randomness.... i'm sooo freakin bored right now! and dean is totally beating lara at exploding snap and i'm laughin at her cause she sucks! haha. well thats it for nowZ!

    7 Comments 306 weeks

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  • Favorite Things
    luv Favorite Things

    [[ Hello :) woould you like to roleplay? :D If your still around that is :) ]]

  • Averie.
    luv Averie.

    Sorry i havnt been online in soooo long! My comp broke and iv only jusst got a new one!

    yes i changed from Hermione, names Averie, half blood witch, slytherin :)

    we can change our story line if you want. friends, enimes, frienimes, lol whichever you prefur, gotta get back into roleplaying, its been ages!
    so lemme know what you think, and i can send a started :)

  • Morgan.
    luv Morgan.

    "whats up Gin?" she smiles back at her sister. (ooc yeah i still log on every few days)

    11/3/11 via Mobile
  • LE Bomb. Or Harry
    luv LE Bomb. Or Harry

    And what is your one condition? *He smiled, trying not to be nervous.*

  • Averie.
    luv Averie.

    Hermione smiled ooh i WILL threaten him. dont think i wont she laughed ..well actually... i did.. sort of.. on purpose.. learn a spell to conjour.. quite large.. hairy spiders.. she said trying not to laugh

  • X Gabby X
    luv X Gabby X

    SORRY.... and Yess :p

  • Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater
    luv Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater

    no i am not ever going to leave it does not matter now i have found you and i know you are a death eater rolls up her own sleeve iam a death eater too please mum don t cry narcissa is my auntie and lucius is my father she put her hands into her mum s hands i know you wanted me and i wanted you too you are a very good mother to me and i pleased to have you in my life i really did not mean to be cross with you father she said to lucius come over please now i have my mum and dad right with me and iam very glad she began to cry bitterly of course i want you mum you can come and live with us if you like make a bebo

  • Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater
    Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater

    louise looks at bellatrix and went over to her whats the matter you can tell me ill keep your wand iam not going to hurt you daddy come over bellatrix wants to talk to me daddy please tell me is bellatrix really my mum i need to know she looks pretty upset about it iam sorry bellatrix please let me know if iam your daughter you do look very unhappy you want me don t you as your baby gir

  • Averie.
    luv Averie.

    Hermione took a seat next to Ginny taking a sip from her drink, taking in what she was saying Hmm.. are you happy with that? He better be serious this time.. i wonder what happened with that other girl.. I have to tell him ill deck him if he does you wrong again she smiled alittle but i am happy for you, thats good news! gezz its been too long, so much has happened.. as for Ron.. ah! she sighed

  • Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater
    Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater

    she just looks at her dad the answer to your question is NO iam doing it cos i love you so much father if you kill her she will kill you AND THATS A NO NO YOU ARE MY FATHER AND I DO NOT LET ANYONE KILL MY FATHER I KNOW WHAT SHE IS LIKE put your wand away now so she spotted the dark lord and said to him my lord and bowed before him you will understand if i kill bellatrix cos she had been abusing me in the past so i will kill her and ill do it right but she went over and took bellatrix s wand and she handed the wand over to the dark lord right then you stand back master and daddy go and stand over there and louise said to bellatrix well then YOU MAY TELL MY FATHER ON WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING TO ME ALL I NEED FROM YOU IS THE TRUTH iam going to ask you a question and you are going to tell my dad DID YOU TRY AND KILL ME you told me that my father was dead yes father thats what she has been saying and ALSO SAID TO ME THAT MY DAD DID NOT WANT ME

  • Averie.
    luv Averie.

    Hermione half giggled half smirked. Standing with Ginny at the bar she leaned over the counter looking at the menu two, firewhiskys... its on me she added to Ginny Hermione took the drinks handed Ginny one and made he way towards a table at the back of the bar it is a sexy name isnt it? maybe i could do little things... tiny things.. without my wand.. see what he does? so far he seems open minded but im still not 100% sure... its not an easy thing to tell a muggle... they think magic doesnt exist.. hmmm Hermione laughed but its Ron.. you know i cant just.. leave or not talk to him, weve been through too much together. Him, Harry.. You.. your all people o cant live without.. but it complicates things doesnt it she sighed so.. tell me about Harry!

  • LE Bomb. Or Harry
    luv LE Bomb. Or Harry

    He ran his hands down her arms and smiled genuinely "I love you. And I mean it. You don't have to say anything. I know we've gotten off track, but my feelings never really went away. I could say every terrible thing to you, but never mean it. It all broke my heart. To say that stuff to you. Ginny, I just want to wipe the slate clean. Let's pretend we never had a row, never turned away. Let's pretend we're teenagers with their first love. Let's be carefree and happy, and fuck the rest of the world. What say you, Captain?"

  • LE Bomb. Or Harry
    luv LE Bomb. Or Harry

    Harry completely understands her need, he feels it too. It's been too long sinse he's felt the warmth of her flesh. After all the crazy shit that's happened between them, he's still wanting to be with her. Because he knows it can only be her. They have their destiny to fulfil. "Ginny...Love..Look at me."

  • Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater
    Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater

    louise looked into his eyes and said to him father i thought you killed bellatrix father she is going to do it again and this time she will kill me cries bitterly oh father please do not leave me she was still not feeling too good she really wanted to go to the hospital once they got there father she fitted again and this time it got worse she was very pale and scared she rolled up her sleeve let me talk to the dark lord first about bellatrix and what she had done to me then when iam feeling better then ill kill her myself cos if you near her she will kill you she meant what she said to me ill bleed my dark mark she whispered into her father s ear and then i can talk to the dark lord father you will not do anything to bellatrix wait for me until i get better again ill kill her myself take me into this room and pull the curtain over i better do this now father and she rolled up a bit of her sleeve and she bleed her dark mark

  • Lily Evans
    luv Lily Evans

    Oh darling that's wonderful! Of course its okay! I couldn't be happier for you both! I always knew you were the right one for my boy!

  • Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater
    Louise Riddle Iam A DeathEater

    she gived ginny a hug and then she turned to face her father but oh dear she was not feeling too well she just said father and next minute she fainted on the ground and she fitted and fitted and fitted she cannot breathe very well daddy help me she had some very bad flashbacks when bellatrix used to kill her tears rolled down her cheeks when she was looking at lucius she was very scared she wanted her dad to be with her all the time oh daddy she said to lucius i need to go to the hospital wing now but she told her dad lucius father did i tell you when i was a baby bellatrix came into my room and she was going to use her wand on me i wanted to tell you

  • Averie.
    luv Averie.

    ok, alcohol it is! Hermione laughed and turned with Ginny to start walking to the closed bar well his name is Jace, Hes soo unbelievably good looking and hes so funny! but ahh! hes a muggle...NOT that i have a probllem with that.. but i dont know how to tell him.. or if i even should! and Ron! ah Ron! that brother of yours drives me insane! I wish he could just say what he means! damn these boys she laughed and whats Harry done now?

  • Averie.
    luv Averie.

    Ah, well from the begining, after your brother and i, er, seperated i decided to go travel for a while. So i met my parent in london and since then, which would have been abouuut maybee.. um 6months ago, i meet a guy, and oooh Ginny! we've beeen having the BEST time! but oh... hes a muggle and i havent told him in a witch! and now that im back, Rons in my life again, and AH! i need advice Hermione giggled bitting her lip whats your news? shall we go get a few bevrages to have this discusion over?

  • Lily Evans
    luv Lily Evans

    *Lily is very excited for her young friend* Oh please tell Ginny!

  • Morgan.
    luv Morgan.

    "How can i help you Gin ?" morgan held her hands out in the i have no idea how to start helping look on her face

    12/12/10 via Mobile