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6/5/12 · me too! · Reply

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We explain Bebo, because Bebo doesn't
Me, Myself, and I
Welcome to Bebo Explained (formally The How to of Bebo). Here we explain hopefully in plain English, Bebos new features.

Bebo has a knack for expecting people to just be able to use features, with little or no explanation of what they actually do, that's where we come in.

We will keep up with most new features, but if there is a minor topic you need help with please post a thread in the forum and not on the profile comments. This way other people who may also be in the same boat as you can read up about it and see responses. Rather than posting the same question again.

Before posting new topics please.
Check the blog to see that it doesn't already exist, I will from now on keep the index up to date so nobody has to go scrolling through every entry. Check the forum to see that it isn't already being discussed, or on it's way towards a blog post.

Sometimes we will wait a while to figure things out for our selfs, or wait for bugs to be fixed before putting up a new entry.

Please speak English! You will get a lot more respect from members around here by speaking English, spelling correctly, using punctuation writing in a normal font, not all in capitals, not alternating capitals, not all in bold, not all in italic. We're not expecting you to be a literary genius, I'm sure as hell not. But please make sense and use the techniques you have been learning since you were five!

This group is very against spam, all spam will be reported and deleted immediately, so don't bother.

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  • New Layout

    Well as you may of noticed or not, bebo has a new navigation bar, changed what profiles look like & where you go to sign in that's also changed for the better I would say. Its good to have a new look to the site & is part of giving the site a new lease of life, so what's your opinion on it, good,bad or could it be better somehow, let us know :) Also why not send your friends an invitation to join bebo :)

    2 Comments 127 weeks

  • New Feature

    There is a new feature which I think is called snap me up.With the credits you can only buy photos but I don't know what happens when you buy it or if its going to be expanded as it only got released today so I will edit this blog when I know more about it. Also there's two new staff at [b] here is a bit from what they said,

    Please say hello to Akash Garg and Kevin Bachus! Akash is the co-founder of hi5 and Kevin is the co-creator of Xbox. Both will be working with the team to develop exciting new features that will make using Bebo easier and more fun than ever.

    Stay tuned, the new bebo is on its way.

    ~ Callum

    0 Comments 149 weeks

  • Bebo Bought

    Well we wrote a blog to say it might be closing down however its been bought by a company called Criterion Capital Partners which are a small private investment firm. As they say good things come to those who wait :D for more information then click here

    ~ Callum :)

    0 Comments 161 weeks

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  • Hannah D

    Hi, I've tried emailing Bebo but have got no response. I have two accounts from years ago and I want to delete them both but I can't remember the email address or password for one of the accounts at all. How do I get rid of it?

    Feb 3
  • Bebo Explained 6/5/12
  • Project X-Twenty Three
    luv Project X-Twenty Three

    my other account has been hacked and now bebo said it was canceled, i have the url of the page the email address connected to it and the username of it. i have asked bebo help a few times about it with no reply from them, and i have tried the change my password thing, didnt work. if anyone on here can help me get it back please add me thank you! il keep checking on this page also to see if anyone replys to me thank you again

  • Devon Lowenhaupt

    I have try to add someone and it asks me to verify my email, but when I'm not getting the verification email. Please help

  • Robert Anthony Kay

    something has happened to some peoples profile pics and everyones profile skins they are not showing

  • Jasmine Knight
    Jasmine Knight

    I was wondering how do you hide your friends without moving the module? I'm so confused and i need help Thanks

  • Mrs Rangers
    luv Mrs Rangers

    hi i need help im using my old bebo account as my ex hacked me and deleted my bebo page last thursday night and i want it back but i have emailed bebo several times and told them an email but its not my email i thought it was and its not the right one i need to find out if i can get another email to send reset pw to or if they will tell me the email linked with that account so that i can get it back, thanks

  • Robert Shand.
    luv Robert Shand.

    How do you read all your comments from one person - (like when you're on your iPod, you can see 20 comments. Just no more). So how can you see them all? ..

  • Callum

    You can't move it any more, there was a time where you could move it but bebo caught on to it & put a stop to it but I don't know why it can't be moved instead of it being locked @_@

  • Nina.

    how do you move friends module?

  • Inactive .

    how do we move friends module we were able to before

  • Bebo Explained
    Bebo Explained

    Why do you think its bad :O & to post a comment using your group name when you go to write a comment just above the box it will say 'Post comment as' click that then select the group :)

  • Caits

    hiya, i've made a group.. and i'd like to post comments AS the group and not my own personal profile. any tips please? thank you x

  • Kerrí-Óx

    i think its very bad :/

  • Dans Princess'Ox
    Dans Princess'Ox

    hi umm y does bebo keep signin me owt x

    3/7/11 via Mobile
  • 2/16/11
  • luv Tavros.

    No prob.~ :'D

  • luv Tavros.


    2/15/11 via Mobile
  • 2/15/11 via Mobile
  • 2/15/11 via Mobile