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The Colleys

Happy, eh, summer solstice.... Yer... "Please don't tell me how the story ends..."... etc....

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Self Published
Liverpool/Henley-On-Thames (Cork now, though...) UK
Okay, this is going to be a long list, you're best not to take any notice, I won't fit anything, there's some in the biography part thingy, but you'd soon figure it out anyway if you heard us play!
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About Me

...I gave a song to Kris Kristofferson, but I forgot to make a copy for myself, that was smart!...
Me, Myself, and I
The Colleys does a mixture of covers and songs written by the lead vocalist (Supernatural Scouser), and guitarist. We're dog-mad, hence "The Colleys". Main musical influences for us include The Beatles, The Travelling Willburys, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and countless others. I suppose I should update this every once in a while, so, here goes, anyone who has been looking for our gigs in Liverpool, you'll have to wait untill after May, we're stuck in this dreadful place (apologies to all the people living here) Cork, for the moment. Don't worry, we'll be home soon, but in the meantime, we're working on a CD, it's not going to well, I'm afraid, due to trouble with the drummer and bass. (They can't stand the sight of each other). I'd like to thank our fans <*laughter*, what fans?!> for all yer support. So, without further adue, rock on and give peace a chance! Hare Krishna. :D

You can try'n book us here, you can also contact us there through e-mail:

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  • Blah...............

    Number 6: Where am I?
    Number 2: In the Village.
    Number 6: What do you want?
    Number 2: We want information.
    Number 6: Whose side are you on?
    Number 2: That would be telling. We want information... information... information.
    Number 6: You won't get it.
    Number 2: By hook or by crook, we will.
    Number 6: Who are you?
    Number 2: The new Number 2.
    Number 6: Who is Number 1?
    Number 2: You are Number 6.
    Number 6: I am not a number, I am a free man.

    Ramble on, Ace of Hearts, ramble on!............ I'm mad, but that's just because the flour let the Elephant in to the fridge, and the rabbit just had to run through the garden....

    Eh.... it's Tuesday, which means I'm meant to be on a plane... two hours ago... oops... California can wait, my dearest Elgin Dewsbury III, so without further adieu, I shall play "Peppy La Rue" in C# minor......

    Yes, I need help, but it's all for the good of, go away spideit, I don't want to buy any petals, for the good of mankind, yes... Oh dear, there's an overwhelming scent of Jasmine, why thank you for the incense, but I need more than some ghost smells to etc, etc, etc.... Hari Krsna

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  • Some important links:

    Somebody actually put this in the letterbox, so take a look at 'em, 'coz I didn't have the time to look at all of 'em.


    ...and the usual:


    ...and our Billy is also on myspace:


    ...if you've noticed the difference, and were wondering, for music-stuff, Billy uses "Callaghan", as do I, but for writer-y-stuff, he uses "Billy O'Callaghan", so don't think you're losing it, or that it may not be the same person.

    If you visit any of the above links, just say that Irene sent you, and you'll be well looked after. ;)

    And here's a little something for the road.....




    ( Lead us from Illusion into Truth , from Darkness into Light , from Death into Immortality. Om, May Peace prevail in the three worlds. )

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  • Yes, this is copyrighted....

    Somebody asked me the other day to write a Beatle tribute song for them, and I said I would, but I was having a hard time thinking of something suitable. I went to Mendips (the house John Lennon spent most of his life in, living with his aunt and uncle), John, and later with George and Paul, used to write songs in the porch, it has brilliant acoustics, a really cool echo-y sound. The guy that lives there, Colin, from the national trust, let me in, just me and a guitar, and the following is what came to me. Remember now, that even though it's a rough first draft, it is still copyrighted, and it was written for somebody else, so please, no hassle.

    Even Dreams Must Pass
    I went to visit Arnold Grove,
    Tried knocking on that fabled door,
    Something that could've happened on any road,
    Nobody answers anymore.

    I took a sentimental journey,
    Had a feeling I'd been there before,
    I walked past The Empress,
    Nobody visits anymore.

    I saw a blackbird spread his wings,
    Doesn't care who's rich or poor,
    But that famous stage is empty now,
    And nobody plays there anymore.

    I heard the news today,
    And felt my heart grow sore,
    Orphan's dreams sold for pennies,
    Nobody cares anymore.

    Two of them still imagine peace,
    The apple now reduced to it's core,
    The old songs are still playing,
    But nobody hears them anymore.

    It's still just an idea, and at the very least, I'll be changing the title, for obvious reasons. I apologise that you need to know the Beatles to get the song, and it's meaning, but the guy who asked me to write it wanted it that way.

    Oh, and while I was at Mendips, i was told that Strawberry Fields is being sold to a property developer (yes, I'm only hearing it now, I haven't been in Liverpool in a while), and naturally, that really upset me, especially knowing there's probably nothing I can do about it, so that seemed to breach on whatever was in my mind while writing this song, so now you understand the penultimate verse. So, seeing as the land is being sold, God only knows what will happen to the gates. I don't know how worried Macca and Ringo are about it (probably not at all), but I've had a lot of enraged Beatle fans complaining to me about it. Unfortunatly, I can't go and stop them, but the more people that know about it, the better, maybe then something can be done to stop it.

    As always, I'm open to suggestion and criticism, so I'd appreciate any feedback.

    Hare Krishna.

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  • Shau

    wow ye rock guys! :DD

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse

    Woah.. look't all teh spam.. meh.. eh.. yaaaah.

  • The Colleys
    The Colleys

    The record label dudes were annoying, and had like a seriously huge ego, y'know, superiority complex and all that, so we're putting our albums out on our own label, more complicated, yes, more money involved, yeah, but there's that creative freedom of not having to worry about deadlines, which is so important, and no gimps who think they're better than everybody else telling me to change my style of music so it'll "appeal to the modern generation of listeners, blah, blah...", and that's important to me. So suport is greatly appreciated, eh, "fans"?..... Peace and Love. Hare Krishna.

  • The Colleys
    The Colleys

    "छोटी छोटी बातों का आनंद उठाइए, क्योंकि हो सकता है कि किसी दिन आप मुड़ कर देखें तो आप को अनुभव हो कि ये तो बड़ी बातें थीं।" "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

  • The Colleys
    The Colleys

    Yeah, if it works out it'll be cool, but these kinda things have a funny habit of going wrong, I'm not that bothered... "....Always look on the bright side of death...." Peace and Love. Hare Krishna. x

  • Felicia

    OMG!!! Congratulations!!:) Thats awesome!!!

  • The Colleys
    The Colleys

    I'd be here all day if I tried to explain. There's probably stuff on my own profile "Supernatural Scouser", there should be a link here somewhere. Or else try our website or myspace or something, again, there's probably links. I'll upload stuff once when I have time. We're recording demos at the moment coz we got offered a record contract, so we're really busy, when that's finished, I'll put stuff on here somehow, I don't actually know how to..... i'll figure it out, never mind. Peace and Love. Hare Krishna. x

  • Felicia

    Really!?! I'll have 2 check that out,thanx!! Its nice 2 know somebody else actually has taste!!!:L :D So what kind of music do ye play?!?!!

  • The Colleys
    The Colleys

    I hate dance music, but y'know that cypress avenue place near pro musica? That can be allright sometimes. Peace and Love. Hare Krishna. x