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Space Heroes

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Self Published
Kinghorn, Kinross,Edinburgh UK
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About Me

Soft and Cakey
Me, Myself, and I
Liam- Guitar + Vocals

Jenny- Guitar

Nicole- Drums

Hello, we are Space Heroes, a three piece alternative rock band from the Kirkcaldy area. We've spent the past year or so lovingly crafting an ever growing set of original material, which you can hear at any one of our gigs. Feel free to say hi if you like the sound of our music, are interested in booking us or simply have something incredibly profound to say.

We'll be in touch.


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rehearsal of marble arch and nicole's crazy contemporary dancing!!!!!!

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  • New Mixes

    We had some new mixes of the songs done- the sound quality should be better and check out the cool effects on drowning in the light

    0 Comments 288 weeks

  • Torpedo Lyrics

    For the benefit of Nadia, here are the lyrics to Torpedo:

    Shes standing outside
    Feeling empty inside
    He said hed be here tonight
    Why cant he ever be right?

    So she turns off her phone
    Decides she better go home
    But no more leaving alone
    Or spending nights on her own

    He knows he drinks far too much
    And always tells her to wait
    Hell never work up the guts
    To tell it straight to her face

    So he will sit this one out
    Not with a kick or a shout
    Wait till she calls him again
    Its not an if, its a when

    Its nothing to do with me
    Its something to do with you
    And theres nothing for me to say
    Coz youre already walking away

    I could be just like you
    Living the way you do
    But theres nothing for me to say
    Coz your already walking away

    Spend a night on the town
    Forget the way that she frowns
    Try not to think of her now
    As the music gets loud

    So you dance till your sick
    Drink till you cant even think
    And You look like a mess
    As she pulls down her dress

    She cries on the phone
    Tells him shes all on her own
    Could he come over tonite??
    He always makes things right

    And he turns up around eight
    Says it will be okay
    Just gotta tell him to go
    I bet he already knows

    She wakes up in his arms
    And turns off the alarm
    What happened last night?
    I guess he made things right

    She gets out of bed
    Decides she'll do what he said
    No more leaving alone
    Or spending nights on her own

    They talked on the phone
    She said to leave her alone
    He knows that this is the end
    Theres too much damage to mend

    Now hes standing outside
    Feeling empty inside
    So he turns off his phone
    Decides he better go home

    2 Comments 306 weeks

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  • Peter Docherty
    Peter Docherty

    Hello Guy's, Just to let you know, Bandfest 5 is in April at the Strathearn Hotel in Kirkcaldy. I don't know the actual date yet but was wondering if you would like to play it. Please get back in touch with me soon to let me know if you want to play it or not ok. Also get in touch with UBA if your intrested in playing to let them know ok. From Peter Please use this link to get intouch with UBA: http://www.bebo.com/MusicUBA

  • BojanKrkic

    alrite heard yous at PJs the other week, sounded the dogs profanities whats the deal with the lack of bass though ? being a bass player this deeply saddened me.

  • Ramso Jenkso
    Ramso Jenkso

    Hey I saw yous last night at the Greenside, it was really good! I have nothing profound to say... Ill add yous if thats okay as I wouldnt mind seeing you again. Cheers :)

  • Martyn Rollo
    Martyn Rollo

    Man I' the Rock! I used to go there for my lunch with my Grandad. Lolz. Will definitely try to be at that one. (I seem to have taken up a residence in yr comments section, how about that) x

  • Martyn Rollo
    luv Martyn Rollo

    Yay! Y'r doing the YM the day before the Greenside. Will I get something good if I go to both? Aside from 2 kick ass indie rock performances, obvz. x

  • Martyn Rollo
    luv Martyn Rollo

    Aha, new songs are always good. I see you're playing the Greenside a week after Our Smallest Adventures, I'll do my best to make it along to that. x

  • Martyn Rollo
    Martyn Rollo

    I miss Space Heroes. All the best for 2009, did Santa bring you the bassist you've been looking for? x

  • Upcoming Bands Association
    Upcoming Bands Association

    wishes you all the best for 2009......... have a "Guid Yin"

  • Lemi S
    luv Lemi S

    i wish i could go to ur gigs!!! i miss them soooo much! hope u guys will play during im there!<3 video was go btw!;D xxxxxxxxxxx

  • February Stars
    luv February Stars

    Feb Stars <3 Space Heroes!! also, tonight you guys were amazing!!! keep in touch with us about gigs you guys are doing we will be sure to come and watch =] xx

  • Our Smallest Adventures
    Our Smallest Adventures

    Our Smallest Adventures like Space Heroes a lot. Looking forward to the gig at Candlerooms. x

  • All I Want Is SomethingUnattainable

    Hey guys - it's Matthew Slater using me sister's profile. Catching up on you Jenny, like what you guys are doing. Probably like your first song the most - Between The Lines, nice intro. Good bunch of demo's, very little wrong with them, vocals in Sins could do with being louder. Hopefully see you guys play a gig over the holidays when I'm back, good luck guys.

  • Martyn Rollo
    luv Martyn Rollo

    Hello Space Heroes, please play some more shows soon. Kthx. x

  • Battle Of The Bands
    Battle Of The Bands

    Come and give your support to Space Heroes in the Kirkcaldy heat of Fifes Biggest Battle of the Bands. It will be staged on Friday the 18th of October @ Kirkcaldy YM between 6.30-10pm. The 5 other acts competing against SH are... LED Hey Wait Pure Dead Brilliant February Stars Dont Touch Lets see ye spurn them onto the final. BOTB

  • Battle Of The Bands
    Battle Of The Bands

    Hi guys! The fife wide battle of the bands is set to take place at the end of September...can you feel the anticipation! Were looking for bands from ages of 12-22 from all over fife or that study in Edinburgh/Dundee and live in fife to hand in their last demos as soon as possible before the closing date on the 12th of September. This could be either by myspace link or send your demos to us at: YMCA Kirkcaldy, Henry Cresent, Valley Gardens, Kirkcaldy, KY2 5UA After the closing date, a selection of judges will then finalise the finalists for each area heat - Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, Ainster, Cupar, Levenmouth. This will be finalised by the 19th of September, and the heats will take place at the end of sept/beginning of oct. Make sure your ultra fast with those demos! Any questions feel free to ask Look forward to hearing those demos! Cal. BOTB Fife

  • Teenage Kicks
    Teenage Kicks

    Calling All Fan's The Bevie Park Fest is Back and It's Bigger and Better See the Bands You love, play at the Bevie Hope see you there !!

  • Lemi S
    Lemi S

    i wanna see yous playin again!xxx from ur biggest fan

    6/21/08 via Mobile
  • Bryan Sheach
    Bryan Sheach

    That new song you played tonight was pretty bitching. They totally shouldn't have put y'all on first though. Ah well, right? Gid! Later. x

  • Teenage Kicks
    Teenage Kicks

    Come and see Space Heroes on Thursday the 19th of June down at the Pathead Halls on Commercial Street in Kirkcaldy! Other bands will include the likes of The Rioteers, The Lane, Reason To Be and Call It Conspiracy. There will also be an indie disco for you dancing types and singstar for you karoke-lot. £3 entry. 6.30pm-10pm. See you then!

  • Early Grave
    Early Grave

    Hey guys! cant wait for the 19th! itll be good to see yous play again :)


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