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Just chillin out

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  • Female, 24, Luv 241
  • from Brighton!!
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 2,062
  • Last active: 5/3/11
  • www.bebo.com/flipper9
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About Me

'dont hate me coz you aint me'
Me, Myself, and I
Where do i start lol
Well i got a job i love at the mo,and im havin a laugh with life.
Not got any major commitments so lifes jst gettin started and im enjoying every bit of it.
Always happy and up for a laugh pretty much dwn 4 what ever.X
The Other Half Of Me


love this girl, she is the bomb! xXx

r'n'b hip hop and clubland!!! sumthin to bump and grind to lol
White Chicks, SAW, Green Street, Football Factory ect.Lee Evans is Brilliant!!
Supportin the blues all the way 4 life! (and u gotta try to big up the albion lol)
Scared Of
SPIDERS, needles, gettin old ugh! Dyin nd something happenin to peeps close to me
Happiest When
playin footy.listenin to music.tellin jokes.makin other people laugh and smile.oh and the obvious GETTIN OFF MY NUT!!!!!! lol
Famo & Friends
Lovin my niece and nephew 4 life.......nd cath the goonie ha ha...everyone has their own special place in my life.all da gals xXx and of course my bestest buddy sam love yaaaaaaaa 19yrs and im not bored of u yet lol xXx luvs ya loadsssssss
Westows Crew
Been There A While And Its Fab & Everyone There Is Proper Mint....Moe & Kirsty...'Are YOU Dizzy Blud?!?!?' Lol Funni Times!! Everyone Is Gr8!! Its All Good In The Hood xXx

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  • things bout me!! read it!!

    *.99 Things About Me!.*
    1. Full Name: Leanne Chelsea Ancell
    2. Nicknames: Lee,Lee-Bo,Curly,Feet,Flipper,Bakewell,Sex
    3. Birthday: 26th Feb
    4. Place of Birth:Sussex county hospital
    5. Zodiac Sign: Pisces
    6. Male or female: female
    7. School Year: Left
    8. college: Dorothy Stringer High School-00-05
    9. Occupation:Football Coach/Duty Manager
    10. Hometown: Brighton!!!
    11. MSN Screen Name:'Are You Dizzy Blud!!'
    __Your Appearance__
    12. Hair Colour:D ark Brown
    13. Hair Length: Long
    14. Eye colour:Green
    15. Weight:For Me Too Know :P lol
    16. Height: 5"10-5"11
    17. Braces: No
    18. Glasses:No
    19. Piercings: Ears
    20. Tattoos: 1-Lower Bk
    21. Righty or Lefty: Right

    ___Your 'Firsts'___

    22. First best friend: Samantha
    23. First Award: League Winner
    24. First Sport You Joined: Football
    25. First pet: Cat?? Maybe?? Lol
    26. First Real Vacation: Ummmm Dunno
    27. First Concert: Cant Remeber
    28. First Love: Maybe Now :D

    ___ Favourites___

    29. Movie: Adulthood,White Chicks,Green Street & Football Factory
    30. TV programme: Sunday Night Project
    31. Colour: Bby Blue
    32. Rapper: 50 Cent,Eminem
    33. Band: Loads
    34. Song Right Now: All I Ever Wanted-Basshunter
    36. Sweet: Galaxy Caramel or Skittles (Taste The Rainbow :P ) Lol
    37. Sport: Football
    38. Restaurant: Oriental Village...Yummy!!

    39. Favourite brand :B ench
    40. Store: Republic,Envy & Jd
    41. School Subject: P.e
    42. Animal: Dog
    43. Book: Holes lmao
    44. Magazine: NEW lol
    45. Shoes: Trainers Lol

    46. Feeling: Tired & Missin Sumone Special :(
    47. Single or Taken?: Ha Ha Kinda Taken
    48. Have a crush: Yea
    49. Eating: Nothing
    50. Drinking: Orange Juice
    51. Typing: This
    52. Online? Nope
    53. Listening To: Wiffey Riddim-Aggro..next is All I Ever Wanted-Basshunter
    54. Thinking About: Somone
    55. Wanting To: Hug Sumone
    56. Watching: The Laptop Screen & Repeat Of Sunday Night Project :S
    57. Wearing: Shorts & Vest Top

    ___Your Future___

    58. Want Kids? When Im Atleast 25!
    59. Want to be married?: Maybe
    60. Careers in Mind:Not Really Lol
    61. Where do you want to live: Spain or L.A
    62. Car : Lamburgini

    __Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___
    63. Hair colour: brown
    64. Hair length: Shortish
    65. Eye colour: Blue or Hazel
    66. Measurments: Same Height or Taller Helps Lol
    67. Cute or Sexy: Both
    68. Lips or Eyes: Both- But Eyes
    69. Hugs or Kisses:B oth
    70. Short or Tall: Same or Taller
    71. Easygoing or serious:Easy Goin But Serious At Serious Times
    72. Romantic or Spontaneouse:B oth
    73. Fatty or Skinny: Not Bothered :D
    74. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitve But Loud On The Out Side Sorta thing
    75. Hook-up or Relationship? Relationship........:S
    76. Sweet or Caring: Both
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Hesitant One

    ___Have you ever______

    78. Kissed a Stranger: Yea Lol
    79. Had Alcohol:Yea
    80. Smoked: Yea But Gave Up
    81. Ran Away From Home: Ha Ha Yea For Like A Day When I Was Like 9
    82. Broken a bone: Nope
    83. Got an X-ray:Ha Ha Probs Of Every Bone In My Body
    84. Been with someone: Yea :P
    85. Broken Someone’s Heart: Hope Not
    86. Broke Up With Someone: Yea
    87. Cried When Someone Died: Yea
    88. Cried At School: Ummmm Dnt Think Soooo

    ___Do You Believe In___

    89. God:Never Fort Bout it
    90. Miracles: Yep
    91. Love At First sight: Yea
    92. Ghosts: Yea
    93. Aliens: No!!! Ha Ha Ha
    94. Soul Mates: Yea :D
    95. Heaven: I Hope
    96. Hell: Dono
    97. Angels: I Am An Angel So Yea LOL
    98. Kissing on The First Date: Yea lol :P
    99. Horoscopes: Ummmmm Not Sure

    3 Comments 261 weeks

  • WoopWoop!!

    ×.ѕωєєт αѕ нєανєη.×
    ×.нσт αѕ нєℓℓ.×
    ×.тнє вα∂єѕт вιт¢н.×
    ×.αѕ уσσ ¢αη тєℓℓ.×
    ×.ℓσνє∂ ву ѕσмє.×
    ×.нαтє∂ ву мαηу.×
    ×.єηνιιє∂ ву мσѕт.×
    ×.уєт ѕтιℓℓ ωαηтє∂ ву ρℓєηту.×
    ×.∂ιмση∂ѕ αяє ηι¢є.×
    ×.αη ѕσ αяє ρєαяℓѕ.×
    ×.вυт тнєу αιηт gσт ѕнιт.×
    ×.ση υѕ brightonnn girℓs.×

    0 Comments 262 weeks

  • Do It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Whats your Name?
    2. Are we close?
    3. What do you think of me?
    4. Do you hav a crush on me?
    5. Would u kiss me?
    6. Describe me in 3 words?
    7. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?
    8. What was ur first impression of me?
    9. Do u still think the same?
    10. What reminds u of me?
    11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    12. How well do u know me?
    13. What do u like best about me?
    14. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    15. Could you ever love me?
    16. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    17.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
    18.Anything 2 say b4 u go?

    1 Comment 266 weeks

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  • Narnn
    luv Narnn

    oh oioi :L hahaha look who i foundd lol

  • Charly.

    Hello babe..x How Are Youu??x. Aint Spoken To Youu Inn Ages..x xxx

  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    Loveage 4 u :D it's 7am ad no sleep just a couple of hour's ago i got in from clubin :L we need ave a massive munch up soon wit da fat chinese :) x x x

    11/30/08 via Mobile
  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor

    lol yer iam gd so wot u been up to

  • Miss Boyce
    Miss Boyce

    hey bitch . . . hw r u, i hope jas is gettin better :( im here if u need ma babe!!! ill cum dans soon and we can all meet up and get a massive smoke or a drink again yeh!!! gis up a comment bck or txt much love x x x x x x x x

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor

    wot ur msn wb JT

  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    Loveage 4 lee-lee i love ya girl x x x

    11/19/08 via Mobile
  • Miss Waller
    luv Miss Waller

    hiya hun, thought id say hey wot ya been up to latly? xxx

  • Danielle

    Hw bwt sun dn?x

    11/7/08 via Mobile
  • Danielle

    Yh baby it was shagadelic! Hws ya head? Im bein hardcore n drinkin 2nyt! U fancy cumin rnd 2mz 4munch up ;) lvsya x x x

    11/7/08 via Mobile
  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    Oi whore. I love u. Cya sn x x x

    11/6/08 via Mobile
  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    Love 4 u jaz n ur family hun, everyfing wil b okay x x

    10/29/08 via Mobile
  • Taryn Cooley
    luv Taryn Cooley

    hey hunni having a lil party at mine on friday kel n steve +kids are coming should be fun drink food sweets :L :L let me know luv taz xxxxxxx

  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    Mornin whore, ave da Loveage back ;) x x x X

    10/25/08 via Mobile
  • Darren
    luv Darren


  • Darren

    oh yeh i always miss you lee lee lmao :P here have some love bk because i know you love it :L

  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    I no :( i miss ya, u still gonna come out clubin halloween? It wil b a ryt laff! I know uv bin busy :( im doin okay bin a lil lonely stayin at myn but it's al good :) Loveage 4 u 2 x x x x x

    10/21/08 via Mobile