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♥ If Mч Dreams Are The Onlч Place I Can Be With You Den Babч I'll Sleep Forever

3/28/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
there comes α point when чou reαlιze who mαtters, who never dιd, who won't αnчmore, αnd who αlwαчs wιll.  

    Nαn & Dαd - Mч Angels - Rest in Peace

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(¸.·´(¸.·´ (¸.·

The Other Half Of Me
Jade Howard Letts

Jade Howard Letts

Mч Crazч Buddч (: Be Lost Without Youu xxx

12.11.1937 - 08.08.1992
ιlч - Alwαчs In Our Heαrts
07.09.1958 - 08.10.2009
Rest in Peace - You'll Never Be Forgotten

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  • Bring On 2011 !!!!!!

    February 25th - Chelsea's 19th

    March 8th - Jessie`s 20th

    April 19th - Gemma`s 19th

    May 15th - Race For Life (Y)

    June 11th - JLS and Olly Murs !!

    June 17th - Holiday with Gemma !!

    June 28th - Sophie's 20th

    July 12th - My 20th

    4 Comments 182 weeks

  • <3

    Jessie, Jade, Gemma, Chelsea, Nicole, Sam, Sophie, Emma, Charlotte, Alice, Beth` my girls - thankyou for everything !

    That 'Someone Special' - iloveyou x

    People Change & Life Goes On !
    Live Your Life How You Want
    Live It To The Full ! ;)

    early mornings ` being ill ` losing people you love ` bitchyness ` twofaced ` liars ` players ` cheaters ` backstabbers ` Shit-Stirrers ` the cold ` having no money - (N)!

    my family ` summer ' partys ` music ` random walks ` holidays ` phone calls ` random texts ` layin's ` with the girls ` drunk'nyts ` days out ‘ nights out ‘ - (Y)!

    Nanny & Dad
    Taken but never forgotten
    My Angels
    Rest in Peace

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  • ii found him <33

    Every girl has that one boy,
    That they'll never get over...
    That one who makes youu laugh...
    The one who gives youu butterflies,
    Just when someone says his name...
    The one who has his name written all over your heart...
    The one who youu compare every other guy to...
    The one you never get sick of talking or hearing about...
    The one that youu cry over & over about...
    The one that no one understands "why him"...
    The one when youu first saw him youu knew youu loved him...

    The one that in some way ends up...

    Not Being Yours </3

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  • Nikki Harman

    jodie harman

    4/8/10 via Mobile
  • Gawjus Groupies
    Gawjus Groupies

    Aw tanx ur pic was added on 5-3-10 Comment on any pics u like nd invite ur m8s to join we luv pics of u, ur m8s, sk3wl and fancy dress!!!

  • Gawjus Groupies
    Gawjus Groupies

    Tanx 4 joinin ur pics in todays album!! Comment on any pics u like nd invite ur m8s to join we luv pics of u, ur m8s, sk3wl and fancy dress!!!

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    Gawjus Groupies

    Personal Invite. Aw ur gawjus. add the moderator + have your picture up? just leave a comment with your picture & name at www.bebo.com/gawjusgroupies we luv pics of u, ur m8s, sk3wl and fancy dress!!!

  • luv .

    love forrr you and youu :) love youuu xxx

  • Daniel Hudson 12/16/09
  • E.S.K.A Gareth
    E.S.K.A Gareth


  • E.S.K.A Gareth
    E.S.K.A Gareth

    your so evil to me

  • Jessie

    miss ya too xxxxxxxxxx

  • Jessie

    cnt w8 2 see ya on wednesday xx missed our chats nd yh lov ya too loads xxxx lol

  • Jessie
    luv Jessie

    yh i wanted to put us together coz ur one of my best mates nd plus i love that pic xx

  • Jade Howard Letts
    luv Jade Howard Letts

    Hiya hun uk got anythink nice planned 4 the half term luv yaxxx

    10/24/09 via Mobile
  • Jade Howard Letts
    luv Jade Howard Letts

    yh i know, yh i know yep , yh we have lot goinf on in novemebr. yh thats good idea yh the city be abulsty packed coz its late night shopping aswell yh i get somethink at college

  • Charlotte K
    luv Charlotte K

    aaaaaaawww yh it sounds devastating :( xxxx

  • Jade Howard Letts
    Jade Howard Letts

    hiya yh im gd tar hun i know i was stupid today but i am giving for definent i got save my money for the geart stuff thats happing i cant wait lol do we need any money for diversty

  • Charlotte K
    luv Charlotte K

    aaaaawwww soz 2 hear tht :( xxx

  • Jade Howard Letts
    luv Jade Howard Letts

    Hiya hun u ok cant wait to c diversty with ya have gd weekend and i will talk to u soon wb jadexx

    10/17/09 via Mobile
  • Charlotte K
    luv Charlotte K

    aaaaaaawwww thts a shame :( u got a pic of him? xxxxx

  • Charlotte K
    luv Charlotte K

    aaaawww yh.wel hope it goes ok. do u mean u never actually ever met him once?or didnt c him when he fell ill? ok :D xxxx

  • Charlotte K
    luv Charlotte K

    Heya. aaaaaaaaawww babe im so sorry 2 hear tht! :S im here netime if u wanna tlk,im rly gd at listening so if ur ever upset giv me a text or sumfin yh? cool :D yh ok,wel im on holiday in the half term week 2 so mayb we can meet in the canteen or sumink the week after hlf term? yh wil do. yh im fyn tnx xxxxx