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i miss napa soooo much! best time ever :)

7/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • un problemo
    un problemo

    ha were gona be fat as fuk is we dont get to this gym!

    Sophie Lou 0 Replies
  • HAPPY 16th!
    HAPPY 16th!

    this is the cake i brought to your imaginary party(although you are still to have your party later) and the party was ace btw, ermm your kitchen went on fire cuz the candles were to big.But never the less was ace, hot firemen came to put the fire out and you got off with 3 of them - dirty slag x...

    Emma Wood 0 Replies
  • potrait of nej
    potrait of nej

    LONER NEJ- this is nej in history dusnt hv a fukin clue! lol har looser :)

    Sophie Lou 0 Replies

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  • Cal Ross

    found it hahaha!

  • Kieran Mcsorley
    luv Kieran Mcsorley

    Lol a dnt rlly have a clue how to work faceboook!xxx

    3/16/10 via Mobile
  • Kieran Mcsorley
    luv Kieran Mcsorley

    random bit of love for you ha:) xxx

  • Iainn Liddell
    luv Iainn Liddell

    Hii happy new yearrr lol how was it:) ? use just going to Zante next year thenn :P ? xox

  • Proc

    We have been thinking ibiza :P but a dont think i could afford it :P but i am up for anfthing :P where you going ? x x

    9/30/09 via Mobile
  • Proc
    luv Proc

    Am fine :D its all good in my hood baby :L :L hows life up north ? They sheep still running wild :L :L ko have love bak x x x

    9/22/09 via Mobile
  • Proc
    luv Proc

    Hey Stranger :D x

    9/18/09 via Mobile
  • Julia
    luv Julia

    last time on this!!! bye bye bye going to miss you! loviiess xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Julia
    luv Julia

    luv fur a lil gal caldd lenza

  • Iainn Liddell
    Iainn Liddell

    Lmfaooo :L :L !!! yeahh she doesss lol i lost 3 pairs on holsss and one a themm wer 120 kiwd :L ... Ehhmm hada quite onee that week end theree got 3 18th's this weekend :L ! xox

  • Iainn Liddell
    Iainn Liddell

    yeahh same cheers :d ... how was your weekend blondeyyy :L ! xo

  • Iainn Liddell
    Iainn Liddell

    it basicallymeans how r u hahah :P xox

  • Becca B
    luv Becca B

    good stuff nej im proud...get in there!!lol have a look at my blog yours and julias are hilarious...jules says gma oh god im just laughing right now...its all i can do oh god xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Iainn Liddell
    Iainn Liddell

    Awlryt hows trickks wee yinn:D ? u missed napaa much ?:L xo

  • Becca B
    luv Becca B

    how was town town babes???bet you were boozy!!!any hot pulls on the go?? xxxxxxxxx

  • Kieran Mcsorley
    luv Kieran Mcsorley

    heres some random love for my chum haha:L xx

  • Kayleigh

    someone has a HOT forehead! | | | V Stuart has not informed me about this one, but i think i may be free. i hope you are too haha! xxxxxxxx

  • Proc
    luv Proc

    Ah wanted to do as well :P probs wudnae last the whole 3 months :L did you have ah good wkend :P x x x x x x

    7/20/09 via Mobile