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So I came on to get rid of some old useless stuff on here. I forgot how funny and epic some of my photos were! I screen shotted them [:

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About Me

yes..i love sam hehe :P
Me, Myself, and I
I'm watching the trailer right now, and before i even started watching it i had tears in my eye is that sad?
So fucking excited man honestly..

When we're together, I feel perfect
When I'm pulled away from you, I fall apart
All you say is sacred to me
Your eyes are so blue
I can't look away
As we lay in the stillness
You whisper to me

I believe that everybody was put for a reason.
Whether it was making that one person happy, to help people, to give the world good music, to play the best at a sport, we all were born with a map in our eyes.
Just have to find out what it is.
Still trying to figure out what mine is :/

Can you not see?
Open you're eyes, we are living in World War Three for fuck sakes.
The Other Half Of Me


YOU DON'TCAREEEEEEE­E lol i love you

Sam muffin. ^^

I'm glad i meet you lol yay for tagged (Y)
You are fucking awesomenessnessnesssssss and yes, i win!
You make me so so so incredibly happy that its just.. i dont even know. just amazing [:
I just can't wait to hang out with you lots an lots and lotssssss.
I already do lol. and i love every minute of it..!
xoxox <33
I Love You Babycakes.

A Day To Remember, All that remains, Amon Amarth, Architects, A7x, The Birthday Massacre, Blue October, Bring Me The Horizon, Brokencyde, Cradle Of Filth, Disturbed, Eminem, Five Finger Death Punch, Inflames, In this moment, Katchafire, Light This City, Limp Biskit, Marilyn Manson, Mayday Parade, Never Shout Never, Parkway Drive, Pendulum, System Of A Down, Winds Of Plague, 3oh!3, 8 foot sativa, 1200 Micrograms

You are amazing. One of my only friends that i can tell you anything. And we know pretty much all about each other since its been 9 years!
Still seems like a year ago when we became friends.
I love you lots.. (More than Ben tehe)
I'm glad we are still friends through all them fights [:

Well we have come a long way, Year 7, you annoying the fuck outta me pretending i was a wild animal and you were recording me. To not talking for about two years when we were in diff classes and then new schools. then i found your bebo. and we started talking. And then we became friends and then DOM was a meanie and said he wasn't going to be my friend. But we still are :D
So through all the ups and downs, still pretty fucking good friends even though he is still a meanie. Love you Dommie_Ducknag. hahah
I love youuuu

The one thing I love about hacking Natalia's page is that I always find something to correct coz she isn't very good at this bebo thing I love you though, always. From Beth xxx
rofl.. i searched snufualfagus

donkey drop 3 thumbs up

When a female is upside down, in a handstand type position, the male spreads her legs and then cocks the cock downward and piledrives it into her vagina with thrusting movements.
"Man if I get that girl in my room I'm gonna throw her off the side of the bed and donkey drop it on her until she squirts up to my neck....
Watch these, they are all great [:

This song almost puts a tear in my eye.


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  • luv Hyojin Phoebe Park

    Heyyyy you hav skype? we really gotta talk sometime miss you sooo much girl you come to visit me here in the states!

  • luv Peanut Butter Jelly Time

    Natalie and her mum Do it in the bum They get shit on their fingers Fucking mingers :)

  • Spider
    luv Spider

    haha what?? you haven't been to my house in like a year, it's spick and span in my room. no I'm afraid I no longer have that game in my posession. I've got the case, if that helps.

  • luv Peanut Butter Jelly Time

    Oh helllll no! Natalie is a dick She gets her mum to lick But we wont go into that I have a cat :)) Lol neither ae, only when I get an email from Bebo really

  • Spider
    luv Spider

    I might! I'll look when I go into my room next. I was waiting for the bus and I had all these cards so I thought I'd write you one :B

  • KC
    luv KC

    thank you gorgeous!! your so beautiful!!! i love you so much that i just love you more =p teheheh an yea im gettn there lol .... how are your knees lmao?? i love you

  • KC
    luv KC

    wakey wakey!!! lol man im going to work and its 7am grrrrr lol while you and beth just get to sleep! so jelous lol i love you muffin!!!!

  • KC
    luv KC

    hello my darling!!! mmmm super noodles were sooooooooo yummy lol!! like you =p.. i love you!!! way more too so shame teheheh

  • Spider
    luv Spider

    hello my beautiful sexy girl today I visited your mother, i'm a little exhausted that woman is wild.

  • KC
    luv KC

    mwaha hey suger pie lol that was fun wasnt it haha.... enjoying ya shower??? bet ya wish i was with you lolz i love you@!!!!

  • luv Peanut Butter Jelly Time

    Natalie Tooby Has to use a lot of Lubey Cause he mum's so wrinkled and dry Just the way she likes it, damn that's fly Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch *Gangster sign*

  • PriyaPony

    _clings onto your back _ I missed you natalie tooby.

  • Miley

    Oh :( Well I think you go to RnR sports of Lichfield st, then look for orange cones and follow them into the building Sorry lol

  • KC
    luv KC

    !!! hi gorgeous!!!!!! hope you are enjoying your sleep i have been awake since like 5am!!! again haha// hope you have a wonderful day and i will see your pwetty face tomorrow when i get back!! i love you soooooo much xooxoxooxoxoxoxoxox

  • luv Steele

    i work at becks southern ale house, its in beckenham on columbo street ae

  • KC
    luv KC

    well well well arnt you just soooooo cool lol......... awww me soooo horny hahaha... mmmm yes i think people will be wondering, expecially seeing as we were the only ones in the house.. owell. pffft cute????/ nah i dont think so man im fugly lol i love yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!  !!!!!!1

  • Miley

    No no no :( We have the bench art competition. Did braden email you how to get there? hehe

  • KC
    luv KC

    i love you darling!!! that was good fun changing your bed sheets lol =p mwahahahaha omg me so sleepppppy!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxox