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Innocence Has A Power Evil Cannot Imagine.
Me, Myself, and I
In 1944, in the post-Civil War in Spain, rebels still fight in the mountains against the fascist troops. The young and imaginative Ofelia travels with her pregnant and sick mother Carmen Vidal to the country to meet and live with her stepfather, the sadistic and cruel Captain Vidal, in an old mill. During the night, Ofelia meets a fairy and together they go to a pit in the center of a maze where they meet a faun that tells that she is a princess from a kingdom in the underground. He also tells that her father is waiting for her, but she needs to accomplish three gruesome, tough and dangerous assignments first. Meanwhile, she becomes friend of the servant Mercedes, who is the sister of one of the rebels and actually is giving support to the group. In a dark, harsh and violent world, Ofelia lives her magical world trying to survive her tasks and sees her father and king again.

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  • Trivia

    Received 22 minutes of applause at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Mexico's entry to the Academy Awards, in the category of Best Film in a Foreign Language (2006).

    In 2007, this film became one of the few fantasy films ever nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars.

    After the first week movie theaters in Mexico had to place signs over the movie posters warning about the graphic violence as parents were taking small children to see it.

    Guillermo del Toro is famous for compiling books full of notes and drawings about his ideas before turning them into films, something he regards as essential to the process. He left years worth of notes for this film in the back of a cab, and when he discovered them missing, he thought it was the end of the project. However, the cab driver found them and, realizing their importance, tracked him down and returned them at great personal difficulty and expense. Del Toro was convinced that this was a blessing and it made him ever more determined to complete the film.

    It took five hours for Doug Jones to get into The Pale Man costume. Once he was in it, he had to look out the nose holes to see where he was going.

    Doug Jones was the only American on the set and the only one who didn't speak Spanish.

    Doug Jones had to memorize not only his own lines in Spanish (a language he does not speak) but also Ivana Baquero's (Ofelia) lines so he knew when to speak his next line. The servos in the head piece that made the facial expressions and ears move were so loud, he couldn't hear her speak her lines.

    The faun's legs were not computer-generated. Guillermo del Toro created a special system in which the actor's legs puppeteer the faun's fake ones. The actor's legs were later digitally removed.

    Ivana Baquero was too old to play the lead part originally written for an eight- or nine-year-old, but Guillermo del Toro was so impressed that he revised it to accommodate the 11-year-old actress.

    The English subtitles were translated and written by Guillermo del Toro himself. He no longer trusts translators after having encountered problems with his previous subtitled movies.

    Guillermo del Toro said that he felt the character of Pan was too dark and sexual to play in a film opposite an eight-year-old girl. The film is only called "Pan's Labyrinth" in America, other English-speaking countries, German-speaking countries and Denmark; everywhere else it's called "The Labyrinth of the Faun."

    Björk was so affected by this film that after seeing it, she went home and wrote the song "Pneumonia".

    The ruined town seen during the opening sequence of the film is the old town of Belchite, which was also used by Terry Gilliam for The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) , The town was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War and never rebuilt.

    It has been said that, for the fairy eating scene, Doug Jones had to bite condoms filled with fake blood.

    According to disc 2 of the DVD, it only took 25-30 minutes for Doug Jones to get into the Pan suit

    Doug Jones stated on disc 2 of the DVD that the Pan suit was the most comfortable, and well made suit he had ever been cast to wear. Thanks in large part to the suit being divided into many sections, having the legs anchor to his hips and not his shoulders distributed the weight better, and having the stomach section separate from the shoulder section gave him better range of motion.

    According to director Guillermo del Toro the scene involving the Giant Frog was to be shot in an extravagant dome "tree" set. However, 3 days prior to shooting, he realized that the Frog wouldn't seem so giant in the massive set, and the Tree Tunnel set in the movie was constructed in 2 days, and then shot.

    On disc 2 of the DVD, Guillermo del Toro points out that he intentionally placed "Faun" references throughout the movie, including: -The horn pattern on the heard board of the Mother's bed -Above every door in the mill house is a simple faun

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  • Georgina-Claire
    luv Georgina-Claire

    awesome movie

  • Kelly
    luv Kelly

    Love the film! I actually have pans labyrinth skins... XD you can see them and my other skins on my profile or at my group. :) http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb...

  • Big Mama
    luv Big Mama

    after buying the dvd box set nd i FINALLY watched pans *claps* so inspiring! we should all go out in eh woods nd find fairys!! WHOS WITH ME!!!!! :L ^O^

  • Random poems
    Random poems

    Hey everyone check out my poems - give me idea's -comment - join -add yur own poems Add me the mod too ox Tear http://www.bebo.com/MyRandomPoemz

  • Maximum Satan
    Maximum Satan

    A stunning film.Blew me away and am humble in its massive and pretty beautifull presence.

  • Midnight Skye
    Midnight Skye

    luv it

  • Jackie Wildcat

    hey its a brill movie,storyline is amazing and the directors creations.

  • Alex Stenner
    Alex Stenner

    Pale mane looks like a girl i know i think Caelen knows her hmmn nevermind...

  • Derek.

    wayched it last night, was shit hot:D

  • Fabulous 9/29/08