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Aron H

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  • Male, 26
  • from wair ever my loft may lay
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 541
  • Member since: September 2007
  • Last active: 5/13/10
  • www.bebo.com/AronH97
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About Me

the BIGGEST 1 out of the bunch LoL
Me, Myself, and I
like all kinds
Scared Of
i bloody hate moths i go nutz when i see 1 LoL

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  • Take the first letter of your first name:
    A: I licked
    B: I bit
    C: I sucked
    D: I moved
    E: I rubbed
    F: I smelt
    G: I did anal with
    H: I blew
    I: I stopped
    J: I Photographed
    K: I turned on
    L: I shoved
    M: I tickled
    N: I munched
    O: I turned off
    P: I set light to
    Q: I twisted
    R: I gobbed on
    S: I chucked up on
    T: I looked at
    U: I walked on
    V: I kicked
    W: I played with
    X: I fucked
    Y: I did 69er with
    Z: I glared at

    Take the day you were born on:
    1: The queen
    2: A horse
    3: A dildo
    4: A butt plug
    5: A teacher
    6: A car exhaust
    7: Michael Jackson
    8: A male striper
    9: A pikey
    10: An ugly fat kid
    11: Tony Blair
    12: A cheeseburger
    13: A slut
    14: My dad
    15: An adult toy
    16: A plaster
    17: A paint brush
    18: My mums used tampon (on a heavy day)
    19: A wig
    20: A Flute
    21: An old man
    22: A fish
    23: A mammal
    24: A carrot
    25: A pubic hair
    26: A bogey
    27: A pencil sharper
    28: A school tie
    29: Some used loo-roll
    30: Some Y- fronts with skids
    31: A fit model

    Now take the first letter of your last name
    A: For money
    B: For fun
    C: Because I’m loved
    D: And hated it
    E: To pass time
    F: For a bet
    G: Because I wanted to
    H: Because it was dry
    I: For a free pencil
    J: To get onto a game show
    K: Because my mum said it would turn her on
    L: And loved it
    M: For a pet monkey
    N: Because I was horny
    O: For a free cuddly toy
    P: To win a Ferrari
    Q: So I could get a boob job
    R: For a hob nob
    S: To win X-factor
    T: All for pleasure
    U: For a laugh
    V: Because my pet hamster was dying
    W: For £100000
    X: To skip school
    Y: Because I thought my hair looked cool
    Z: So people will talk about me

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  • S.T.O.N.E.R.S

    StOnErS sToNeRs
    we're the shit
    spark it up
    and take a hit
    take it deep
    and Feel the whoa
    then relax
    and let it go
    Stoners Stoners
    we're so cool
    if you doubt us
    you're a fool
    get it straight
    you got it wrong
    it's ok to
    hit the bong
    StOnErS sToNeRs
    we are great
    get a life
    stop the hate
    just accept us
    we're ok
    learn to like us
    we're here to stay
    StOnErS sToNeRs
    Do no harm
    theres no cause
    for alarm
    we're just like
    average folk
    except the fact
    we like to smoke
    StOnErS sToNeRs
    mouths are dry
    eyes are red
    really high
    we are happy
    its fun to grin
    so hate on us
    it's a sin
    (send dis to all da sToNeRz you know!!

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  • LoL

    |………..| Put this on your
    |………..| Page if You Have
    |…….O..| Ever Pushed A
    |………..| Door That Said Pull!

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  • X Kirsty Lurvs Yooh X
    X Kirsty Lurvs Yooh X

    Hiii.............x how r u hpe everythings gdgd love ya loads ur lil cuz

  • Padz

    "the biggest one out of the bunch" in hight and muscle terms maybe but down below im not to sure matey will have to ask ur gilfriend if thats true and if she wouldnt mind comparing mine while were at it lol nah joking matey hope alls good? :D