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Lurrvy Durrvy, kiss kiss!

11/13/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

no shit sherlock
Me, Myself, and I


10 things i can't live without
♥ school (i kno belive it or not)
♥money ( it's all about the money)
♥music ( rock indie ingrid u kno it)
♥fit rok guys ( emo haircut!!!)
♥fit guys
♥holidays ( ahhhhhh)
♥pissin ppl off ( u know who u r)
♥ma friends ( i gotta work to get here

Colette and Mwihaki rule the world!!!!!!! (bm4l)

you know the music. Not that music the other one. yeah but the other one, kinda lyke that but completely different
somethink with hot guyz i'm in...
Happiest When
i'm me and such but not such just me but such

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What kind of bitch are you? ((girls only))

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  • Ellectrro Fagg
    Ellectrro Fagg

    u fuckety fuckety cunt-bag! but we're gonna get piassed and have good times! you have to come, you just have to!!

  • Kellyy

    hello mwihaki .. havent spoken to yu in aaages :P luvin the displayy picture :L and the dancing baby :P kelly xxx

  • luv .Jackk.

    hello mwihaki >:( yu forgot to give me that touch screen that we arranged ages ago lol!!! anyway see yu inyear nine) jack xxx

  • Eve Davey
    Eve Davey

    Heeey x Burgess hill is ok , nothing much happens really apart from the fire in the local lap dancing club the other week and it was burnt down completely and people are saying its arson because they dont beleive in lapdancing haha :D Well i hope you enjoyed your madicure your makingg me really jelous lol :P I thinkk you might have to chuck that jumper away. it doesnt really sound very plesant haha x The next time you go to brighton you should let me know and i will tell everyone else and we can all meet up x Bye byeee , x Lyl :D Ps. i havent watched that film lol but i might do one day .. :P

  • Eve Davey
    Eve Davey

    Hellooooooooooo xx Its ok lol :P Omg you're so lucky :D !! Are u having fun? Lol i hope you have washed it since then :P We were just on a shopping trip lol its only like twenty minutes on the train from burgess hill Yess it was fate haha :L Well i hope you had fun going deep sea diving hehee Ok will do , she will be very pleased :P Have a nice holiday,, Love you lots x x x x

  • Robin Scoggins

    hey love Check out this link to pimp out your profiles hehe! www.instant-offer44.com ~ ttyl ~

    7/14/08 via Mobile
  • luv .Jackk.

    hello again, my fellow elliot minor fan. i am gona get tickets to see them in london soon !!! remember that phone it might fdo yu some favours !!wats yur number and wats yur msn??? seya jack heres the love

  • luv .Jackk.

    hello.. why have yu named that baby application after the INSANELY GOOD band "Elliot Minor"????REMEMBER BRING IN THAT PHONE THAT YU SED YU WERE GONA GIVE ME !!hahahahahahahaha lol if yu dont wana give that one cood i have that other phone that yu had wen we were in the "Wizard of Oz" ???????if i can keep alll the songs on there write back wenyu get this ??? put the phone inj yur bag n0w lol "im despirate" seya round jack xx

  • Eve Davey
    luv Eve Davey

    Hello!! ;) Omg. I cant believe me and lauren saw yu today! Its so weird. Us two were all just like is that her .. or isnt it?? lol :P So did you get anythin nice in Primark?? Btw I have added you as a friend so yu can reply this time lol :) How are you?? Write back hun, love yu lots x x x :D