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Wt a nite!

6/6/09 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 752
  • from barry
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: September 2007
  • Last active: Apr 12
  • www.bebo.com/addict_babey
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Me, Myself, and I
yoyo :P

Facebook me .
live in barry .single , LEAH MCGILLIVARY <b/> best friend ! scroll down <3...
The Other Half Of Me
Leaah'Mariee'Mcgillivraayy X

Leaah'Mariee'Mcgillivraayy X

loves her even no she licks fannies :L

&lt;b&gt;Leah mcgillivary &lt;b/&gt;
leah you are the best fanny licker in the world .
no words can describe what a good friend you are love you so much <3 ..
. Jake
. harri
. Tyler
.<s>Gez<s/> / cum buddy :L
. jamie

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  • Nicole

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  • StunnersMsnLove

    wows end uss a picc :D

  • G E O R GiiAxx
    luv G E O R GiiAxx

    Heellooo x Yeaaah i'm finee thaanks yoou xx?

  • Rosie L

    had 2 look at ur profile c who u were lol im sure you keep changing your name x x x

  • Michael

    yo :P hi hi hi,

  • Ellie Mae Halesx
    luv Ellie Mae Halesx

    yoyoyoyoyo xx BEESTFRIEENDDxx

  • Ellie Mae Halesx
    luv Ellie Mae Halesx

    shuut youu littlee turban :L xx yee im good bubss u x

  • Ellie Mae Halesx
    Ellie Mae Halesx

    amy babiee x ilovess youhh x

  • G E O R GiiAxx
    luv G E O R GiiAxx

    dnoo tbh :L i haardly speeaak too heer :L x

  • Courtnaay

    good good :DD nm чou ? numbeeer ? xx

  • Courtnaay

    Haaay ! I no lol x yeah taah u ? X

    12/26/09 via Mobile
  • G E O R GiiAxx
    luv G E O R GiiAxx

    awwrr thanks xx

  • Ellie Mae Halesx 12/25/09
  • G E O R GiiAxx
    luv G E O R GiiAxx

    i dnoo reaally noone eveer toold meee (N) cooos mee and laaueeen weeree iin hiis street and zooee caamee up too us and told mee thaat chloee haad too teell mee sumthing. sooo i just askeed zooee whaat it waas and shee wouldnt tell me soo i took a gues that he had finished me and shee said yeeaah soorry :( x anywaaay ..... hooows yooou ?x coommeeent baackk x looveeeuu x

  • Ellie Mae Halesx
    Ellie Mae Halesx

    nm babee you :) ?xx

  • Ellie Mae Halesx
    Ellie Mae Halesx

    yeee babee youu :DD ?x

  • Armpit
    luv Armpit

    heey, yeah thanks you? x

  • Ellie Mae Halesx
    Ellie Mae Halesx

    Amy leigh campbell ;) x babeey ilooveyoohxx bestfrieend eveer :) x iloveyou xx

  • LouisejessicaHuggins
    luv LouisejessicaHuggins

    il miss uu tooo :/ x

  • LouisejessicaHuggins
    luv LouisejessicaHuggins

    am, i got a new numbeer, its 07549642890 (: text me your numbeer. make sure you tell me when your birthday is cus' im moving to bristol deffoo noow. il make sure ii come down for uur birthday, ii asked my dad he said yeah its fine i was like wooo (: lovesyoou ;D x