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Claire Lily


1/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Lewie's House
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how odd.
i would write your name name in sunshine,
but then you might start wearing shades.

Hacked by Lewie =)
I love you.
The Other Half Of Me


all i want is, a good paper convo.

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  • quotes.

    'I couldnt be an astronaught i'd get to hungry'-beka.
    'i want to look like that when i'm older. what you want to grow testicles?'-beka+me
    'well i think the bigger the better'-shiv
    'havent you heard there giving away free sex at the top of the hill?'-tanya
    'Guy, Guy, Guy, Lesbian, Guy, Guy, Guy, MY MUM!' -me and tanya.
    'have i just said somthing stupid again?'-vashti
    'i've always wanted to have a penis... i keep my in the airng cupboard'-katy+me
    *girls falls in swimming pool with guy attached* 'well at least he got her wet'-ben
    'do you think lesbians eat curry?'-kim
    'where do contenants go? they get eaten by giant under water dinosaurs! REALLY!?! no. oh.'-beka+me
    'whats the word for horror in french? daisy. je deteste le daisy.'-sophie+vashti
    'im going to be a buddah. do you mean buddist? no a buddah. im pretty sure there was only one buddah'-georgia+vashti
    'why are you late? i was putting my instrument in the octagon. ooh what instrument do you play? the piano.'-mr Aaino+me
    'everything is sexual really isnt it. no ducks arnt. they could be...'-aby+me
    'just because i have a bigger willy than you'-jadee
    'it's not rape its surprise sex!'-jadee
    'how am i ment to eat this!?! put it in your mouth and chew you thick cunt!'-bekki+jadee
    'some times im sure the girl has no brains. she does she keeps them in her sock draw.'-my uncle+me
    'your funny. i know im just wait for the rest of the world to realise...'-benidict+me
    'well maybe you can keep your knickers on and just rub his chest.'-benidict
    'claire.yes beka. i think i have urges.'-beka+me
    'i know shes clever really.yeah... she is she just hides it well.'-my mum+me
    *practising a drama monolouge* 'could you be a little less dramatic? that does defeat the point some what.'-my mum+me
    'claire please stop saying 'tit'. why? because its not nice. what not saying 'tit' YES now shut up you TIT. hahaahaa now you said tit.'-my mum+me.
    'i find the whole thing highly stressful. oohh is that why you look like you've pooed your self?'-me+katy
    'claire. yes. are you asleep. yes. ooh okay then... hang on NO YOUR NOT!'-beka+claire
    'do you think, he thinks i might be a bit of a bitch. yes. ohh.. did you tell him i was a bit of a bitch? yes. why? cause you are!! shut up you complete whore im not a bitch! see i said she was a bitch.'-vashti+me
    'she pretty. na shes a bitch. you can be a pretty bitch. you can!'-vashti+me
    *im going to france for three weeks alone on hearng this my gran says*'you cant go itll be all 'sex n drugs n rock and roll'! SOLD!'-my gran+me
    'can you please pull up your dress, the world might not like your boobs. they dont like em' they love em'-beka+me
    *on the way to london on a history trip* 'are we hear? no elsa, this is a service station, i have the feeling london may be a little tiny bit bigger.'-elsa+vashti.
    'define normal.. not you. ahh that clears that up then.'vashti+me
    'i need a real man, where are you going to find one of them? internet...?'-becky+me
    'im a bit gutted i would have liked to have shagged him...'-lewis+me
    'i want to be just like you, minus the penis.'-me+scott
    'i have always wanted to bea slutt, i just never got round to it...'me+lewis
    'he is a penis head, and he comes from okehampton, but can he shag? but can he shag?'-me+lucy
    'im an going to turkey to sell myself'-mrs welsh
    'long and thin or short and round tanya? umm, i think the long and thin ones always look a bit straggly by the end of the of the night.' -tanyas boss+tanya
    'i look like a man. only a little, but just thinkif you where a man you'd have a huge penis'*looks pleased with herself*-claire+beka
    'every body watch izzy do head, *giggle giggle* 'will tanya and claire please be a little more mature'-Debbie webber
    'wheres the old bird? 'god knows' 'yeah but he wont tell you!' -grandad+me
    'fight testicular cancer... ' :L 'why are you laughing??' 'sorry but i may find that difficult as i have no testicles' breasty cancer woman+claire
    'hello, im am claire. i am v

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  • Hayley Thorp
    Hayley Thorp

    I just racked $975 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - http://x.co/KTLP Remember who hooked you up!

  • dmax d

    hiii claire how are you ? I wanted to ask you for the address msn of beth ! byyee

  • Martha

    that made no sense, entschuldigung. auch, werde ich nicht mehr auf deutsch denken. es ist SCHLECHT. this is what happens when you have a panic mind. wie geht's?

  • Martha

    waiiiiiiiiiiiiiz. duncan's in the good books again, i think decision is made. ! also, i am not doing anything. no one even goes on bebo oh, telly, hoorasay. blaaa. chikodan. bist du plemplem? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • M.

    Hello I speak with my mum tomorrow for LONDON :D My english is horrible :S I want see you now ! :D I miss you Oh my msn Je t'aime beaucoup Claire

  • M.
    luv M.

    Je suis préssé de te vor (: Tu me manques ): Je pense que tu viens en Juillet pour le mariage de Dimitri & Meryl ? Ton français est mieux j'éspère ? J'ai vraiment hâte de pouvoir rire avec toi, je vais te sauter dans les bras ;) Je t'aime beaucoup Claire Marine


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I DON'T WANT TO! lol @ bekki