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Cover the Mirrors

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About Me

"Lush and evocative: a spellbinding debut" (Kim Wilkins - www.kimwilkins.com)
Me, Myself, and I
Molly was fifteen when she began working with the dead.

It is 1856 and Spiritualism is at the height of its popularity. Molly has left behind her childhood in the slums and inherited her late aunt Florrie's mantle as Preston's most successful medium. It soon becomes clear that her aunt was something far more cunning than a magnet for spirits, but Molly puts aside her qualms and takes well to her new trade.

Molly's relationship with her oldest friend Jenny is jeopardized when she begins a passionate affair with local businessman William Hamilton. Before she knows it, Molly is married to a man she cannot love, and pregnant with a child she does not want. In desperation, she makes a decision that will cast her relationship with William in a completely new light.

Molly is about to receive a blow that will turn her life upside down. It seems Aunt Florrie lied about more than just her ability to commune with the dead, and a truth hidden for years is about to emerge...

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  • In this town we call home, everyone hails to the pumpkin song

    Cover the Mirrors is on Serendipity ezine's Halloween reading list! (http://www.magicalrealism.co.uk/view... The zine's definitely worth checking out, and features an assortment of short fiction and articles with a 'magical realism' flavour.

    Cheers to Neil Ayres for including me!

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  • Cover quote!

    "Lush and evocative: a spellbinding debut"
    (Kim Wilkins (i) on Cover the Mirrors)

    Yes, one of my all-time favourite authors has very kindly supplied a quote to adorn the jacket of Cover the Mirrors when it comes out in just a few short weeks, and what a divine quote it is! Kim (the individual who is sometimes referred to as my unofficial mentor - poor woman!) rocks.

    This is probably as good a time as any to say that if gothic horror/fantasy timeslip novels sound appealing to you, you're missing out if you don't try at least one of Kim's books. It was entirely by accident that I found her first novel, The Infernal. I'd been driven into Waterstones by bouncing rain, and I was browsing the horror section waiting for it to pass, when I found a single copy of the paperback edition stashed away on one of the lower shelves typically allotted to writers with initials like W. I can't really explain the instinctive response to buy the book which followed next, but then I have found that the vast majority of my favourite novels have been found in such a way; or rather, they tend to find me.

    The next few days were spent in that glorious state one finds oneself in upon finding one of those 'unputdownable' books - the one in which your own life feels like the ad breaks interrupting a screening of a film you can't tear your eyes away from, and the 'reality' of the story temporarily takes precendence over your own. This was a voice I could relate to - one that saw beauty in detail, an unbreakable connection between past and present, the attraction of imperfect and flawed characters.

    In this respect, I can clearly see Kim's influence in my own work. I can see the differences, too - Kim's work is timeslip, mine 'straight' historical fiction; her work tends toward the paranormal while mine is rooted in reality. If Kim had written Cover the Mirrors, Molly would probably have been a real medium, and the book would have been very different, but still I see a strong relationship between our styles and attitudes.

    But Kim has also influenced me in other, more personal ways. When I met my editor for lunch, he asked how my connection with someone on the other side of the planet (although Kim was born in London, she's spent practically all her life in Brisbane) had come about. I laughed, and admitted that it all began with me being a gushing fan. I emailed Kim to express my admiration for her work around the time I read her third novel, The Resurrectionists, and we have maintained an open dialogue ever since. Just to give you an idea of how geeky I really am when I take a liking to someone's work, I set up a fansite for Kim's work, Hexebart's Well (ii), which is still open to this day.

    Furthermore, Kim has always been one hundred per cent encouraging and helpful regarding my own writerly ambitions. There is an image (and a not entirely unjustified one at that) of writers who have 'made it' busily sawing the legs off the metaphorical ladder lest they be toppled from their foothold. Part of me can understand this: it's human nature to be paranoid, and I certainly have my moments. But those who are secure in their sense of their own abilities should not feel threatened by (or worse, contemptuous of) those of other people, and Kim has never behaved in such a manner. She has praised my work when my confidence levels needed it most, offered advice and answered any questions I had while submitting the manuscript of Cover the Mirrors, and been happy for my successes.

    It was Kim who first came up with the idea that she could write a cover quote (although, with characteristic modesty, she did question whether or not she was 'famous enough' for it to be worthwhile!), and I couldn't be happier with - or more flattered by - the one she's given me. Even the choice of words is perfect - lush...evocative...spellbinding - spot the closet goths! In all seriousness, though, it

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  • Cover the Mirrors advance preview

    The prologue and an extract from the first chapter of Cover the Mirrors are now available for preview (http://www.bebo.com/Chapters.jsp?Cha.... Enjoy, and thank you to my friends who encouraged me to post it!

    (Yes, believe it or not, I do still get nervous whenever any of my work goes public, even with the release of the whole book due in under two months!)

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