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Superman Phillips

Thinking of closing my Bebo Account.

1/8/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 268
  • from Jamesington, Hannada.
  • I am Married
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  • Last active: 7/30/10
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I love Bubbles. I really really do =)
Me, Myself, and I
James - The happiest person alive

He loves her
She is Hannah Davies
She is wonderful
She is mine. And I am hers. We will be together, there's no doubt. She's just great, fantastic wonderful, beautiful. PERFECT. We work together so well. She was the missing crayon from the pack. The piece of jigsaw to top it all off. The bed to keep me warm in. The light to guide my way. The smile to make me happy.
Not a day goes by without me missing her. Her spirit, her mind, her love. In her arms I am comfortable. The fuzzy feeling running up my arm, too my heart, pounding in my chest. Trying to get at hers. (Now I'm just writing poetry?) Everywhere is ours, for we will go there and make it better.
Your voice, my music. You make me fall in love over and over again. With you, or things you just love. For, I love you the most and things about you the same. You are my world; my life! She's the most fun, the one I need. Forever and ever.
She's the one.
Take me with you forever. <3
If your name is Hannah, then I might love you.
If your full name is Hannah Davies, then the chances that I love you are quite high.
If your full name is Hannah Davies and you go to college with me, then I definitely love you.
The Other Half Of Me


1 Year 4 Months Now <3 I love you :)

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  • Beryl Canova
    Beryl Canova

    heyyy whats up and intelligent Individuality on the other side o

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • CatastroFe

    Lol Hi :D

  • Cracka'Lackin

    i cried when yanto died

  • Ashleigh.
    luv Ashleigh.

    deja vu jammy smells like jammy (:

  • pimp-my-bacon
    luv pimp-my-bacon

    join the bacon crew =p

  • Bubbles
    luv Bubbles

    Have a comment also, my silly goose =) And I only love your comments. The others, I merely like. I love you too! And tbh everyone gets my bebo love. But only you have my HEART. And you're the only person who does, Or ever will. Love love, Lovelovelove. You're welcome, it wouldn't have been great without you ^-^ S'us vvvvv

  • HelloKittiee.

    just because im bigger than you in that area :D

  • Bubbles
    luv Bubbles

    James James my James =) I love love love youuu. It's nearly my birthdayyyy! Please tell me what my present is? I love you loved one =) You're effin awesome.

  • HelloKittiee.
    luv HelloKittiee.

    i actually am, how did you know? =o

  • Christie.
    luv Christie.

    Oh. OOOOOOh. Right. Got it. Um. So yeah... You are very kind returning the love every time, Nicole never does that, she owes me about thirty. :L Ahhh, 9 days until le Francais...... My excitement grows.... What type of jam are you..I hope you aren't marmalade.. I dont like marmalade. :L :D Ahhh scribble scribble to me...

  • Ashleigh.

    haha ok ill let you off this time :]

  • Ashleigh.

    haha it ok, i think we've all been there ;) HEY, you calling me weird? i would never except that of you sir jameseey!

  • Christie.
    luv Christie.

    I obviously wasn't wanted. Lol. I don't know really, um, well, she's gone with Vic, her partner. I'm going to France on 10 days! So nerrr. That's better than your one. Have some love, because i have no-one else to give it to. No friends, and Nicole has betrayed me... Talk soon. Write back and give me some love....lol. Give Jammy your luv for today. "All you need is luv, but what about me"

  • Ashleigh.

    (8) im to sexy for my cat, to sexy for my cat so sexy yeeeeeeeeeeeeeh ;) xx

  • Christie.
    luv Christie.

    I'm good. Homework's a bit of a nightmare...but then again, i'm handling it. Have some love.... What's up with you. My mum's gone off sunning herself in Gran Canaria and she's left me...lol