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Me, Myself, and I
Welcome to Sega World

The home for all Sega fans of the consoles, games and mascots.

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Since 31/8/2007
Last Updated 14/9/2007

Myself - the idea for the fan site,Polls,Pictures,some information

Sonic the Hedgehog - Idea For the site,Videos Skins and information (one of me best buds) if you need help on sonic game this is the lad with the answers

Hyper sonic - Randon Stuff lol


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Sega Dreamcast Commercial Sonic Adventure

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  • Sonic Rush Adventure

    Sonic Rush Adventure will be set in a "Ocean-themed world" as he travels to 7 different islands, each containing its own level. Sonic will use ships, submarines, and other vessels created by Tails to travel along the sea to defeat the pirates.

    The main villain appears to be Captain Whisker, a pirate who bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Eggman, the main antagonist of the Sonic series. Captain Whisker appears to be either a robot or dressed in a mechanical suit, and is adorned with an insignia and a large moustache, both resembling Eggman's.

    The game will have multiplayer compatible with DS Download Play, with either racing or "mission-based battles".

    Sonic the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat return as playable characters as in Sonic Rush. The game also introduces a new female, tan raccoon character named Marine the Raccoon.[2] Although Tails is mentioned, an article in Nintendo Power, vol.212, confirms that he is not playable; Marine may also be just a supporting character, thus not playable although this is unconfirmed. There are special vehicles used to travel between islands (as seen in some of the screenshots) and players may find pieces for these vehicles and give them to Tails to build and modify.[3]

    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has been stated to appear by both the European and American SEGA websites and in the press release. However both sites have had it pulled (as with the banner including Blaze and Marine). However, a section of the game's website titled "World Rankings" that is not yet available to view may support online play being a feature. Another section of the site also states WiFi Connection play will be available.

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  • Sonic Riders 2 Zero Gravity

    Sonic Riders 2 Zero Gravity

    Story Line

    Sonic hears of a legend regarding an odd artifact known as the "Shooting Star," an item that can control gravity itself. However, the Babylon Rogues, Sonic's well known rivals, are also after the legendary artifact. This sets off a war between who gets the artifact, now leading them to settle their dispute by having an Extreme Gear Competition


    U.S.A Feb 2008 on Ps2, Wii

    Uk - Undisclosed

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