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7/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 200
  • from Lincolnshire
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 2,763
  • Member since: August 2007
  • Last active: 11/7/11
  • www.bebo.com/heaarrtt
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
lucy luce lu?
i want my old hair back
i love adam so so much

i love;
my music
adam (L)
rosie (L)
friends [thetvshow]
my family
mycousin, GRACE (L)

bebo's getting boring facebook me?

The Other Half Of Me


man, i love her. my hippy best friend :D

friends family music phone comedies ipod fashion topshop oversizedtees jumpers chickflicks ICECREAAMMMM lazydaysss mobile sleeping shopping bed, bed, bed? horrorfilms primark rosie skinnyjeans taylormomsen eyeliner actionfilms #1ladiesdetectiveagency eastenders boys, boys, boys? gossip girl lost msn stevemartin (L)
whenlifesucks homophobics racists spiders bitches fatness uglyness? clowns earlymornings bigbagsundermyeyes:( masks phonecalls.textsalltheway
musicislife :)
theprodigy youmeatsix linkinpark jamesblunt, imcoolhuh? coldplay hurtstosayit, but, michaeljackson &othershit

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  • wonderful

    1. Put your music player on shuffle.
    2. Press forward for each question.
    3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NoCheatin

    How do you feel today?
    jungle is massive [wicked]
    What's your outlook on life?
    warriors dance
    What does you family think of you?
    What do your friends think of you?
    What do strangers think of you?
    move bitch
    What do your ex's think of you?
    i love to boogie
    How is your love life?
    goodbye my lover
    How will you love life be in the future?
    Will you get married?
    chip diddy chip
    Will you have kids?
    elvis aint dead
    Are you a good friend?
    crystal ball
    Will you be successful in life?
    so what
    What song should they play on your birthday?
    for the love of a princess
    What song should they play at your funeral?
    shake it
    The soundtrack of your life:
    You and your best friends are:
    goodbye my lover
    Happy times:
    Sad times:
    warriors dance
    For tomorrow:
    jizz in my pants
    For you:
    What does next year have in store for me?
    disco heaven
    What do I say when life gets too hard?
    the fame
    What do i think when i get up in the morning?
    return the favour
    What song will I dance to at my wedding?
    revolting cocks-lets get physical
    What do you want as your career?
    your beautiful
    Your favourite saying?
    something in your mouth
    Favourite place?
    i was broken
    What do you think of your parents?
    like a tattoo
    Where would you go on your first date?
    fall at your feet
    Describe yourself?
    last dance
    What do I like doing the most?
    cherish the day
    Song that describes the school headteacher?
    never gonna be alone
    What is my state of mind at the moment?
    kiss of life
    How will I die?
    The song that you'll rename this as?

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  • ** add to lois.

    hey lois. OMG thankyou for the belt. and iv still got your wrist bandy thing. hmmm. i owe you and ipod now. damn. haha. err now what to put? OH YEAH. were sooo cool. our awsome invention with the belt and the dog lead :)) haha 8-| :) haha. haha. haha? :P errrrr. now what? oh well you are rather cool lois. loveyoulotsss best friend

    0 Comments 222 weeks

  • *

    ***katherineheyy 'tupid' ha. amg. i havnt a clue what to say now. errr. hello? haha your cool? love you bestfriend

    jodica omg PRINCESS JODICA. i have your mirror. sorry. hmmmm. and im not giving it back (: sorry to tell you that. and yes. you are hot. i am a queen. i know best. i LOVE your new hair. and i chose the red bit. so i do know best. iloveyouLOADSjodica bestfriend xx

    lois hello lois. errr. the loisinator? you are one cool dude i dont knwo what to say to people anymore :S haha errr. yo? haha when i think of something then ill change this haha love you bestfriend

    0 Comments 222 weeks

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1.Your house is on fire, everyone is outside but you're most treasured possession is inside...
spit on my house. no ermm? go get it.

2.Your crush leaned in to kiss you...
kiss him back. obvioussslllyyy

3.You see a penny lying on the floor...
pick it up?

4.You can either visit your Granny in hospital, or go to a gig to see your fave band with a mate...

5.Someone threatens you...
run away to gabbie :L

6.You see two black cats...
stroke them?

7.Dinner is on you, but you suddenly realise you can only afford to pay for one person, there's two of you...
give the place your name and owe them?

8.Someone walks past you playing n'Dubbz at full volume...
smack them? nah look at them funny?

9.Someone walks past you playing Slipknot at full volume...

10.You feel ill but you have an exam at school...
go to school

11.You see a spider...
cover my eyes and start itching, or laugh if rosie is there? :L

12.You discover your school blew up last night...
laugh :L

13.You are offered the choice of having a holiday either to the Amazon rainforest, or to Barbados...

14.Your parents told you you had to go to church every Sunday...

15.You found out you/your partner was pregnant...
well considering im 13, shit myself.

16.You found a £1000 laying on the floor...
pick it up? &keep it :L

17.Someone asked you to do some modelling for them...

18.Your best mate asked you out...
say no, unless i liked them in that way

19.You found out you only have one day left to live...
tell everyone i loved them and do all the stuff id usually regret :L

20.A friend tells you a really massive secret...
keep it secret.

21.You're asked to tidy your room...
depends if im in the right mood to tidy it, if not then just dont.

22.Your best friend dies in a car crash...
cry cry cry cry. cry some more?

23.Your parents make you move house to live in the countryside...
cry. and scream

24.Your parents make you move house to live in a big city...
cry? and maybe scream

25.You are invited on a camping trip, roughing it in the Alps, for a week with a friend...
if its with a friend then bingo.

26.Your parents ground you for a whole month...
it wont last so wont be bothered :L

27.Your crush tells you they hate you...
think ah crap. and be sad

28.Your nextdoor neighbour is burgled...
not think much of it.

29.A friend's dog 'eats' your favourite pair of shoes...
buy some new ones. :L

30.Your best mate proclaims their undying love for you...
pretend they dont

31.It rains while you're out...
put my hood up?

32.A vicious rumour is started about you and everyone seems to believe it...
well the only people id care about what they thought would be my friends, so id hope theyd believe me

33.You trip over and fall in the middle of a crowded street with people staring at you...
if with a friend laugh my head off, if not die :L

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DUDE, rosie is kinda amazing! except shes pretty good at hitting, and being mean to me and teasing me.. hmms remind me why she is my all time bestfriend? CAUSE SHES AWSOME!!! now i dunno what to say.
i love you rosie, SO MUCH xx

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  • Jodieface
    luv Jodieface

    LMFAO. i am also glad that we are in agreement? =L we all are indeeeeeeeeeeed. awesome. UGHUGHGUHG. i hate the dentists. how can you love it ? ugh, dude. you fail. i might have to disown you.

  • Jodieface
    luv Jodieface

    shmiles at lucys commenttttttttt. <3 lawl, well that is good. is it not ?:] rofl, i am also gald you are no longer a twat. =L ;] soo, is lucykins up to much ? (: - jodie loves lucy. <3

  • Jodieface
    luv Jodieface

    hey there. im fine, how are you? ; me too, your not a twat. well, you were a twaaaaaaaat;] =L loove you. ox;

  • Rosie

    i miss youu.

  • Rosie
    luv Rosie

    SEX BOMB, SEX BOMB. YOU'RE MY SEX BOMB. BABEY YOU CAN TURN ME ON. rosierosierosieloveslucylucylucy littleoldladies.

  • Jodieface
    luv Jodieface

    i would love to say its in jodish. but its actually in japanise XD haha. yeah, i spose it is. =/= :| awww, thankies baby. just, run up to her and give her a BIGGG hug & say, ' thats from my friend jodie, she loves you' (LLL) i love you; aishiteru; wazzzaaaaru. italics= i love you in english bold= i love you in japanise underlined= i love you in jodishh jodie = kick ass. pahaaaaaa, I WIN !!

  • Jodieface
    luv Jodieface

    haaaaiiii [again] (: argh, me too man. i kinda want schoolness to be back now! & i miss everyone muchly =( argh. dont worry about me biatccccchh! im great XD awwwww, give her a big hug from jodie & tell her its okayy, cos i love her ( + dont know her, but heyy) hahahaha, dooschebag! it means; i love you.

  • Rosie

    rosie loves lucy more.

  • Jodieface

    says heeey to lucyzzz (LLL) how iz you babycakessssssss? whatz yaz up to, anythings goooddd? hows your holiday going so far mannn? i missez youzzz, veru#y much babaaaa. in a bizz:] je t'aime i love you aishiteru

  • Rosie
    luv Rosie

    lucylucylucy! thankyou babey, i dont like it anymore. lmao, its only a bug. (: remember the spider thing at one of our sleepovers. :L ohhbtw, i told quite a few people in normandy about it (; :L . loveyou, beeeestfriend. xx

  • Dee

    mollie :D

  • Dee

    ah dm ;)

  • Jodieface
    luv Jodieface

    ahhhhhh. thankies baby, have it back (LL)

  • Jodieface


  • Jodieface

    baby your all that i want ..(8) :L :L :L :L

  • Appletizer.


  • Rosie
    luv Rosie

    aahhh, my mother said i might not be able to go >:( . im trying to persuade her though. :L i love you! you're my bestfrieeeend. :)

  • Red Bull Gives Yuu Wings
    Red Bull Gives Yuu Wings

    hiya cn u clickk http://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.js... n leave a comment saying vote pls?

  • Rosie
    luv Rosie

    rosie loves lucy.

  • Chelsey Emma Taylor
    luv Chelsey Emma Taylor

    okay xx have some love back