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  • Female, Luv 626
  • from aberdeen
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: August 2007
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  • www.bebo.com/Xlil_miss_SweetnessX
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About Me

yes i like bright colors :P :D
Me, Myself, and I
huuummmm what to say ...........
im rachel i like bright colors
having fun
nd not worrying about things that should get me down
<3 my mates robyn x amy x lea
all deserve a medal for puttin up with me haha x

Чes I Dαиce Iπ Mч Uиdeяweαя;;
I Sιиg Iи The Shσweя;
&& I Pσse Fσя Thee Cαmeяα:
Bυt Чoυя Jelσυs
Cυz Чoυ Dσиt See Me Dσιи It,,
=] Uиlυckч..
The Other Half Of Me


i luv my namie

Everything!! Aslong as i can get a gd song n dance 2 it :L :L :L
footie is the best ;) :D :D
Happiest When
Out with my freinds!! luv dem :)
sadest when
stuck in the house doin nothin :(

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  • :)

    Is your best friend a virgin still?

    How's your heart lately?
    amazin :)

    Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
    grant maybe ?

    Are you sarcastic?
    no, not at all ;)

    Are you shy?
    yeh, but ppl dont belive me

    Are you talkative?
    depends if i like you

    What are you doing after this?
    eatin tea then maybe a jog

    Is there something you need to do soon?

    Latest you stayed up in the past week?
    bout half 2

    Have you ever had sex with your number 6?
    gillian sure all the time ;)

    Are you listening to music right now?

    Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
    yeh snakebites but someone dusnt like them :P

    Who last called you babe or baby?

    Do you swear in front of your parents?

    What fruit could you eat all day?

    Knock Knock. Would you answer your door right now?
    nah mum will get it

    What pissed you off yesterday?

    Do you have feelings for someone of the oppisite sex?
    i do

    Do you prefer being too warm or too cold?
    too warm lets tann :)

    What do you currently hear right now?

    How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?

    Would you keep a baby if you had one now?

    Do you know anyone whos pregnant?

    Does anyone love you?
    hope so

    Does anyone hate you?

    What would happen if you had a baby with the last person you kissed?
    i wouldnt have it

    Has anyone ever called you "cute" before?

    Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
    yeh still do it

    Are you happy with life right now

    Would you go to someones house right now?

    What jewelry are you currently wearing?
    2 tunnels and 2 plugs

    Do you believe in love?

    Have you ever broken someone's heart?
    yeh :/

    Do you miss someone?
    yeh :(

    What are you going to do about it then?

    Has someone ever told you that they would be with you forever?

    Are you in a relationship?

    Do you think you will still be friends with the best friend you have now this time next year?
    i hope so :)

    0 Comments 184 weeks

  • stolen from lisa

    1. Grab Your Phone.
    got it

    2. What is the 3rd picture of in your phone?
    my make up

    3. What's your ringtone?
    em shake that haha

    4. Who's the 1st person that comes up under M?

    5. Who's the last person you called?

    6. Who were your last missed calls from?

    7. Who's the 1st person who comes up under C?

    8. Who's your speed dial number 3?
    don't use speed dial

    9. What does 3rd text in ur inbox say?
    yes you spaz !

    10. Who was your last received call from?

    11. What does your 2nd sentbox text say?
    what at home time ?

    12. How many messages are currently in your inbox?

    13. What is the wallpaper ?
    randome wallpaper thing

    14. Who's speed dial number 1?
    i still don't use speed dial

    15. Who is the 5th message from in your inbox?

    16. Who's the 1st person who comes up under B?
    i don't have a B

    17. How many bars of signal do you currently have?

    18. What network are you on?

    19. Name every person you have text messages from in
    raynor, chris,gwenno, mum, robyn,grant, amy, lea, lisa, gillian arron flecky richard dineise marian
    20. What does your 6th text message in your inbox say?
    Its a solid six pack ;) haha

    21. Who is the first person in your contacts?

    22. Who is the last person in your contacts?

    0 Comments 193 weeks

  • xxxxxx

    Are you "with" the very last person you kissed?

    What's a word that starts with the third letter of your first name?

    This time last year, do you remember who you liked?
    hmm october hols 08. not sure

    Have you ever kissed the last person you texted?
    eh yes :P

    What's something you do when you're mad?
    punch walls cuz im mad min eh :L

    Is it okay to kiss people when you're single?
    why wouldnt it be ?!?!

    Do you always answer your phone?
    rarely tbh

    Was yesterday better than today?
    yes ! i actually went out the house

    Does anyone ever spell your name wrong?

    Where is your best friends right now?
    emm? good question. home?

    Have your parents ever caught you drinking?
    of course

    Can you honestly say that you're okay right now?

    Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?
    no no no they do not need to know

    Will you be up before 7AM tomorrow?
    7 on the dot actually

    Where did you get the shirt your wearing?
    my sisters drawer

    Who was that last person you had a phone call longer than 7 minutes?
    granny ?

    Do you get along with your parents?
    a few days of the year

    Would you put a "one way" sign in your room, and point it toward your bed?
    ooh cheeky, why nae

    What was the last thing you looked up on YouTube?
    petrilude obv

    When is the last time someone of the opposite sex gave you a hug?
    last nite :DD

    How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
    counting.... a reasonable amount

    Do you like being home alone or does it freak you out?
    its the best time to b home !!

    Are you satisfied with the way you've been raised?
    yeh its been aite

    Would you make a good lawyer?
    pftt nope

    Have you hugged/kissed someone in the past 6 days?
    of course :) hugs are an every day occurance

    What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
    clothes, hair...general appearance.

    Do you have a bad temper?
    depends if im in a bad mood :L

    How many wives or husbands do you want?
    one would be grand

    Do you have alcohol in your house?
    nm (N)

    Whats the closest pink object to you?
    my chair :P

    What color are your eyes?

    Who's bed did you last fall asleep other than your own bed?
    emmm im gona say lisas

    How old will you be in 3 years?
    18 years

    How often do you honestly cry?
    not too much

    Does anyone call you baby?
    not that i no of

    Have you ever dated anyone just for their looks?
    emmmm no i have nottt

    What's the worst way to die?
    asleep comon b adventurous

    Who was the last person to make you laugh?
    jedward :L :L :L what a lol

    What's the next big life decision you will have to make?
    fuk nos

    Will this weekend be a good one?
    yeh should be :DD

    Who do you want to kiss right now?
    marian what a babe

    Is the last person you kissed more than a year older than you?
    lil bit less :P

    Do you like being single?

    Did the one person who hurt you the most in your life apologize?

    Do you have any pictures of yourself on your bedroom walls?
    not on the walls no

    Do you miss anyone?
    marian what a fukin babe;)

    Think back to your most important relationship, was it all your fault it's over?

    Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
    havnt tried that one..the warm water doesnt appeal to me

    Do you have any nieces or nephews?

    Are you good at hiding your feelings?

    Next time you will kiss someone on the lips?
    soon hopefully :L

    What if your best friend liked the last ex boyfriend/ girlfriend of yours?
    have him

    Do you like your cell phone? Or do you wish you had a new one?
    new one! new one! new one! my ones fuked

    Where is the person who has your heart at the moment?
    dont have that person

    Do you think somebody likes the same person you do?
    i dont think..i dont know...

    What have you learned about relationships?
    casuall is most funfilled :D

    0 Comments 194 weeks

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    Oh kool :D what you doing at college ? And trust me I am ;) it's no contest between me and you coz I will win at everything everytime ;) xxx

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    Shaun Martin

    I'm good :) and haha unlucky and I thought all the 5th years done higher ? And you staying on til 6th year ? And it must feel pretty bad that I'm smarter than you ;) ha xxx

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    luv Shaun Martin

    Hey how are you :D ? How was pe after the int 2's left I bet it wasn't as funny ;) ? Xxxxx

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    She left horrible comments saying i turned her gay and Shit . You saved me from killing her that night haha x

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    She is a weirdo lol

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    hey hun how are u