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Andrew Deaney

Anyone offering lifts to the Prodigy?

5/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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Ahh bebo, when will you learn?
Me, Myself, and I
If you're reading this, I guarantee that when you go on someones bebo and notice they have one of those "profile survey" quiz things, you immediatly scroll down to "age you lost your virginity".

I like to party- but I'm more "Inbetweeners" than "Skins" lol

dis girls υηιqυє ѕσ ∂σηт тяу нєя ѕтуℓє

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Is it safe to put your msn on bebo?
I have this blog...
xmasfish.wordpress.com -Why not read? Are ye feared?
Beatz Right Now:
The Beatles, Biffy Clyro, Bloc Party, Enter Shikari, Justice, Hadouken!, Rage Against The Machine, MGMT, Pendulum, Muse, GBA, Sixstarhotel, any rock/alternative or songs that will drench you in euphoria. I'd like Thursday (my servery day) to be "Alternative Music Thursday"...but the sixth form music critics won't let it happen. Justice wasn't appreciated so it looks like we're stuck with "Apologise" by Timbaland every thusday.
I enjoy
Many forms of "bant", Classifying the many forms of "bant", Going otr (wc), the weekly Ballyclare sowsh, school (or more accuratly, "school-based bant"), good gigs, late night msn convos, being naked...outside, reminiscing to the sound of music, reading REALLY late at night for some odd reason, moments that are just sheer legendary, theology weirdly enough, details, awkwardness, imitating GK, Subway, Josie, the dedicated lady in the Jia Jia (she ran to Pony's house to deliver the food), the early morning energy drink- the list goes on!
I don't enjoy
That self concious feeling you get when you write these columns on bebo, joke-theft, awkwardness (I'll explain: its funny when you look back- but horrendous at the time), "anti-bant", vegetables, forgetting my pin number, exams, being on the outside of inside-jokes, when your with someone in a room and you just can't think of a friggin' thing to say, over-hype, being over-hyped by Turkey- again, the list goes on!
I believe it cause I think the evidence points to it being true. Seriously.

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  • Sweet Myspace Bands

    I'm bored and I've recently gotten addicted to lookin for myspace bands so i decided to make a little list of good 'uns. btw you'll need to actually click on the title cause bebo wont allow all the words to show up on my profile.

    1. HORSE the Band- Kinda like Enter Shikari. although some say better. Same sorta thing, screamin metal with a techno twist. They labell themselves "Nintendo Rock" but I think that sounds kinda gay so we'll stick with "Chav-Metal". Cheers to Gregg Reid for showin me this band.

    http://www.myspace.com/horsetheband -listen to "Murder" and "Face of Bear".

    2. Sixstarhotel- Well, its kinda clear that I pure fancy this band- but with good reason. They're from Northern Ireland and they're alternative, but not in a slow (is it blasphemous to say "boring"?) Snow Patrol-y way. The music is really different, and i hear they're a Christian band, although they're better described as "Christians in a band" as their songs do not bash Bibles. Cheers to that legend GK whos basically dictated most of my musical taste in the past few years.


    listen to "Colour the Mess" and "Fairytales and Failures"

    3. Bomb Technition- Local Ballymena band, one of the "The Usual Suspects" lurkin about local band nights playin charity gigs (Peter Burton is in like half of the "Suspects". He gets around). Pretty decent alternative stuff, they're riffs are fairly relaxed and...."crunchy" I guess, I don't know how else to describe it. Cheers to craig McCullough (whos in the band (and met Slash!!)) for shpwin me these guys.


    Listen to "Why do Alcoholics Always Sit in Circles?"

    4. Captian Cameron- basically the lead singer of Sixstarhotel playing acoustic stuff. VERY relaxing


    Listen to "Like a Candle Flame"- its an xmas carol btw

    5. Panama Kings- I'm not a big fan of theirs but its pretty much mandatory for every 6SH dan to enjoy them so I feel the need to include them. Alt rock you can dance to. (I assume, I mean, like, they have synths and all, you can dance to synths right?)


    Listen to "Golden Recruit"

    6. dan le sac vs Scoobius Pip- Some white guy rapping along to techno-y beatz. They were featured in NME so as bad as their genre description sounds they can't be that horrible right? They're really not, the raps are pretty clever no "bangin the hoes in the ghetto" or anything and the backin musics alright.


    Listen to "Thou Shalt Always Kill" and "Letter From God to Man"

    7. Sethway- Another one of those Ballymena rascals- and one the best "Suspects" I might add. Basically Blink 182 style songs with a few mettaly solos in there. The songs are amazingly written for a bunch or 16 year olds- the lyricist Andrew Johnston is the least rock-star looking person ever but he write sweet sweet words about trouble with the ladiezz and...other things (ask him what "Whos Pulling Whos" about...go on ask him). Cheers to Adam Armstrong (in the band!) who showed me his own band.

    http://www.myspace.com/sethway -Listen to "Hook, Line and Sink Her" and "Beautiful Rebel".

    8. Six Second in Dallas- Another local-ish band. I dunno where they're from, not Ballymena anyway, but the drummer is a Ballyclure hood like me. These guys are weirddd but in a good way, they kinda sound like moody alt. bands from the 90s. Makes you wanna smoke weed just to see if it enhances the music. Oh, and you get bands with kids our age who think they're rebellious- well these guys are the real thing. The drummer suied his freakin school!

    http://www.myspace.com/6secondsindallas Listen to "Saint Marie" and "Ice Cream"

    9. The Medic Droid- Byers likes them. What more ne

    2 Comments 271 weeks

  • Luney- what a tank!/legend (from the SAS weekend)

    haha, well at this years SAS weekend, me and ALi Bell were walkin to the beach, down this really long downhill path, when Luney ran past us- when we turned the next corner he had already made it to the beach! When we got to the beach we didn't see him at first:

    ME: where's Luney?
    Ali: He's swam to France

    We were playin Rugby, and we were lookin 4 a try line, then Luney goes- "We could run to that white stone over there!"- I looked over at him and he was pointing at this white cliff in the distance!

    Some little known facts about Luney...

    "-Luney has no muscle, skin or organs- he is 100% testosterone (and some adrenelin)
    --Hes part of the "Big 3" along with Jish and Chuck Norris- if they ever meet, the Apocolypse happens
    -Luney has never actually moved an inch in his life- the universe just moves for him to accomodate his every need: he CAN actually move, but if he did, it would kill a vast amount of people.
    -Death had a near-Luney experience"

    At dinner time Luney got out of his chair:
    Ali: He didn't just get up- the world got down

    Rab was struggling to scoop out ice-cream cause it was too hard and needed melting- I suggested that we should just get Luney to look at it- then we realised that it would melt, de-pasteurise back into milk, go back into the cow, then the cow would go back into its mother, and eventually all of time would eventually reset.

    Ali walked into Luney's room at night- he was actually doing press ups- ie, pushing the world down

    Luney asked me "Why can't you clone Chuck Norris?"- I said "I don't know" expecting to be told a hilarious "Chuck Norris" joke- instead he went through the scientific and ethical problems regarding the issue of human cloning- I missed Spiderman 3 that night...

    Luney doesn't grow, the Universe just reveals a new part of him every year or so

    The only reason why Luney is quite small is because if he was even a bit taller, the world would explode

    I was readin a magazine with the Great Wall of China in it- Luney walked past me and read the headline bit outloud:

    Me: That wall was built to keep Luney out of China- it failed miserably- Luney doesn't actually read magazines- he justs interrogates them.

    Luney does not need to eat- the food just annihilates itself when it goes into his mouth out of pure fear

    Luney once went to Virgin Megastores- its now just called the Megastore

    Luney sweats aftershave

    Some crapp luney facts made up by Alex (they are meant to be crap btw)
    -Luney doesn't get wet- water gets Luney!
    -The mince didn't fall on Luney! Luney fell on the mince!
    Then when Luney did this cool thing on the wall, like he sorta clibmed up it- "The world is now going down!"

    These were all things that were said at the SAS weekend, some of them were actually real situations, some were just quotes, but it was funny when u were there

    Oh yeh, this isn't a Luney thing, but it was HI-larious

    Rab: "OK everybody! You've had your meal, are you ready for desert?"
    Just then Voirry Walks in

    Yeh, Luney knows about this, hes a good sport, so thanks Luney for making this SAS weekend extra good

    Some more now from 18/11/2k7

    I commented on Luney's new "doo"- he said it was for a Cambridge interview
    Me: Cambridge arn't interviewing you- you're interviewing Cambridge! Tell them I said good luck!"

    Alex said Luney fell down a well

    Me: Wells fall down Luney!

    From Luney himself: I crap roses- I piss wine

    Talking about Luney's driving lessons
    Me: That "L" doesn't stand for "Learning"- iy stands for "Luney" to allow the other drivers to know that its time to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!!!!

    Anchors have "Luney" tatoos

    Also Voirry called Thompo. "DT" which made us all crap ourselves for some reason

    2 Comments 298 weeks

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    im bringin' bebo back deaney?! sorry..i shouldn't be so loud

  • Mattsterpiece
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    So I'm talking to a Christ-Myther, and mentioning that there is more historical support behind Jesus' historical existence than that of Alexander the Great, the person denies the existence of Alexander the Great. Hope that serves in giving you a good laugh.

  • Al-Khorazhamann

    Poor Andrew. You have to put up with so much shit... Youse atheists, get an education, stop disgracing the name and GTFO

  • Arahia K
    luv Arahia K

    Sorry, I don't know you, but. How is it that wherever I go, I find that you've managed to get yourself into an argument with someone...?

  • -Brad.

    yeah i dont argue i just diss faggots like you . i only delete your comments cos theyre massive and shit and i dont want christians comments on my page i dont need to no the most famous argument , all ino is that god isnt real bro. theres no proof hes real . your just scared of dying , lates pinny

  • Daimonos

    i see,

  • Daimonos

    Yeah, have i won or what?

  • -Brad.

    obviously cos i have better things to do than find out what that gay shit means

  • -Brad.

    the only reason you believe in god is because your scared of dyng so you pretend theres heaven when in reality your a major pin !

  • -Brad.

    shhh up pin , god isnt real

  • -Brad.

    shhh pinny

  • -Brad.

    jesus aint real u pinny

  • Daimonos

    "christian god is probably the most credible possibility" Is what i said, in my second comment, i dident once say it had no evedence prooving it right, all i said was you telling me that that there is proove was Irrelevent, becasue its liek the Second biggest religon around, course it had evidence that there is a possibility of it being right, and Im aware of that jesus used storys about people with a moral ending to it to teach, but simpily all im getting from that is that its a black mail yo us non christians,

  • Daimonos

    Um, so your telling me that becasue you have read many books prooving the christianity it right and prooven, its therfore the correct religon to belive in? and all of the books on hinduisim and things i have heard about it makes it right? and even the many documentarys and articles i have read on the univerce creating its self are incorrect just becasue you read some books? i'm not here saying they are correct just diffrent view points and possibilites.. yet you claim your right due to some books you read? and your now calling me ignorant? please help me to see my agnorants.. And i dont have a clue about the verse thats why i asked you.. seeing as chrisianity has you fault line there must be some justification for jesus seemingly asking for enemies of his to be killed infront of him.. love thy enemie was it? but i dont have much clue about the contex he said it in,..

  • Daimonos

    Well yes im saying its irrelevent, and you justifying your self would of helped us all.. Scientist would tell public of his findings, rather than just stating that theory has is real, really helps no one.. Um im having trouble with this verse in the bible can you help me out with it? "Those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them Bring them here and kill them in front of me" [Jesus, (Luke 19:27)]

  • Daimonos

    Uh yeah ov course your going to say God left enough evedence to hi existance, your a christian,

  • Daimonos

    okay, but simpily if the bible was convincing enough, and god left enough proof, and the "miricles" that happend pointed towords the right way of beliving in christ, there wouldent be so many spin offs from christianity, and also the war that just finished recently, the bible has caused to much contriversy, and in all of gods omnipotence woudlent you think if god wanted all of his children saves and at leased belive in him, and even to stop deaths over him, he would at leasted convinced the chathlics to belive? i mean some people just dont want to belive in him, but the people who belive in god but in a diffrent way could of seen christianity in its true light

  • Daimonos

    uh, the bible was obviously not written well enough or just has to many flaws in it beacuse just look at the amount of spin-offs from christianity, hell even the KKK is a form of christianity,