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Mr.Malice To You

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  • Male, 33, Luv 558
  • from kirkcaldy
  • I am Engaged
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  • Member since: August 2007
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About Me

Not fit for public consumption.
Me, Myself, and I
Blurb, rabble rabble, spraf, pish, mangin, yap yap, bleather, nonsense.

(Lee Buchanan)


new lee malice mix. get downloadin folks. the phattest of funky underground house. http://www.zshare.net/download/50850...

lee malice techno mix... http://www.zshare.net/audio/60384541...

more comin soon.


-----/\,.-------Put this on
----<@ )--------your bebo if
----("""""¬¬/\---you know someone
-----\____/---who has been attacked
--------||------by a chicken

.....{}.....Put this
.....//.....on your
.....\\.....page if you
.....//.....know someone
.....\\.....who was killed
.....//.....by snakes

**** Put this on your bebo if u know someone that pulled on a door that said push*****
The Other Half Of Me
Nikki Mcmahon

Nikki Mcmahon

were snow geese in the sun.

Life is random, so is my taste in music.
most frustrated when
a wake up after havin a dream about doin a pee t find a really have peed the bed.
we used t sing this for money wen we were guysin.
this is my house this is my domain, we smoke grass n take cocaine, yi talk about about drugs were your number 1 thugs so lets get down n act like mugs.
Scared Of
goin back t work after bein home!
Happiest When
me n nikki r lyin in bed with a hangover watchin dvd's knowin the chinese takeaway will b at the door in 5 mins.
Favousite Saying
The things that are thrilling me are the things that are killing me. Quote, Pete Doherty******************Why do i smile at people id much rather kick in the eye. Quote, Morrissey, The Smiths***********you call me up and you ask for a taster, i give you a line then you call me a waister. Quote, Pete Doherty.
Things a like
lyin outside on the grass wen its a sunny afternoon. drinkin on the beach. bbq's. that friday feelin. rattlin out a perfect set on the dex. people dancin t ma beat on the dex. talkin pish. drinkin in the sun. drinkin. beer. cider. eatin. sleepin. gettin a blowjob. havin a laugh wi ma mates. pierced lassies. the 1st deep breath o scottish air wen a walk off the plane. scottishness. gettin t keirs hoose on thursday night. the 1st party a go t wen a get home. amsterdam. techno. outdoor parties. weirdos. strawberry mento's. drugs. the words, jobbie, toallie n pump. suicide girls. edinburgh. titp. festivals. techno clubs. outdoor parties. white lines. vinyl. banter on base. the sound o ma own voice wen am on base. wkend long benders. techno chick. sex on drugs. wearin a kilt. the sound o music wen yur oot yur nut (not the film). sunny days. the bevy park. vinyl shoppin IN RECORD SHOPS. selma hayek. ipods. vw golf r32. racing. pissin in the street. splingy plebbs?

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    get downloadin.
    phat, funky underground house.

    0 Comments 246 weeks

  • the best sayings ever!

    Look's like she's been dooking for apples in a chip pan

    Shes got a face like a dug lickin pish aff a nettle.

    It looks like she's been set on fire and put out with a golf shoe!

    She's got a face that could make an onion cry.

    I wouldn't ride her into battle.

    everyone has a right to be ugly, but she abuses the privilege

    "I wouldny do her with a rusty pole"

    mair chins than a chinese phone book

    face like a melted welly

    She smells like an alkies carpet

    she has seen more japseyes than an oriental optician

    It's like shaggin a pail of warm water.

    It's like shaggin the sleeve aff a wizards cloak!

    she's killed more cocks than a fowl butcher

    fanny like a ripped out fireplace

    face like a sand blasted tomato

    arse like a bag a washing

    Your face could get a job haunting houses

    I wouldn't ride her if I had a bag of spare Dicks

    She sweats like a dog in a Chinese restaurant

    she's seen more helmets than Hitler

    The wheels turning but the hamsters died

    she has been cocked more times than Davy Crocket's Musket

    face like a stuntman's knee

    She's got a fanny like a badly packed kebab

    Your ma's goat a dick and yer da's jealous

    it's like opening a window and shaggin the clear night sky

    She's got a fanny like a hippo's yawn. (or as deeky would say) "shes got a yawn like a hippos fanny"

    if all the pricks that had been stuck into her was stickin out of her, shed be a porcupine.

    shes got a fanny like an axe wound.

    5 Comments 294 weeks

  • PAPER, scissors, stone?

    I understand how scissor's can beat paper, and I understand how a rock can beat scissor's, but there's no fucking way that paper can beat rock! Is paper supposed to magically wrap around rock and leave it immobile? Why the fuck can't paper do this to scissor's? Screw scissor's, why cant paper do this to people? Why aren't sheet's of college ruled notebook paper constantly suffocating student's as they take there note's in class? I'll tel you why, because paper can't beat anybody! A rock would tear that shit up in 2 seconds in a fight. When I play rock, paper, scissor's, I always choose rock. Then when somebody claim's to have beaten me with there paper I can punch them in the face with my already clenched fist and say, "oh shit, I'm sorry, I thaught you'r paper would protect you, you ass hole".

    1 Comment 296 weeks

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  • Tameka Hestand 8/24/11 via Mobile
  • Marguerita Grunst
    Marguerita Grunst

    heyyy whats up the hidden knowledge, is the seventh.

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Ozell Chee

    They are giving away mac book air's http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Nanette
    luv Nanette

    some love for you and nikki congratulations doll xxxxxxxxxx

  • Nanette
    luv Nanette

    hiya doll hows u n nikki?im at ur aunty dianes she says congratilations hope ur day goes well lots of love from aunty diane and mushy wish i could be there have a drink on me u xxxxxxxxxx

  • Kirsty Mccallum
    Kirsty Mccallum

    hey stranger hows u and the wife gettin on xx all good a hope

  • Leona Stewart
    Leona Stewart

    Do u nt rite bk!!!

    5/7/10 via Mobile
  • Leona Stewart
    luv Leona Stewart

    Hi big cuz hop u n nikki ar doing fine. Hop u gt bk home miss use al loads n i leav u the red stuff x x x x x x

    3/29/10 via Mobile
  • Junior Lazarou

    REVOLUTION. FREE B4 11pm / £5 AFTER. (£3 With Copy Of E-Flyers) 10pm-3am (Strictly NO Entry After 12.30am Curfew)

  • Yvonne Soutar
    luv Yvonne Soutar

    Have a great wkend!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Yvonne Soutar
    Yvonne Soutar

    Hi,Hope all Is well,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Yvonne Soutar
    luv Yvonne Soutar

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Lee, Happy Birthday to you! Big 30 today!!! Congratulations, Love Yvonne and Davy, Have a nice day on the yacht!!!!!!!!

  • Karen D
    luv Karen D

    Happy Birthday Lee! Best wishes to you on your special day! Love to you & Nikki xx

  • Nikki Mcmahon
    luv Nikki Mcmahon

    Happy birthday my lovely....The big 30 :O xxxxxxxx

  • Rachel Doll
    luv Rachel Doll

    luv 4 the two o u x x x :DD

    2/23/10 via Mobile
  • Nikki Mcmahon
    luv Nikki Mcmahon

    Hey shit face....

  • Yvonne Soutar
    Yvonne Soutar

    Hi Lee,How are you and Nikki doing?Hope all is well. Speak soon,Yvonne and Davyxxx

  • Eddie The Greek
    Eddie The Greek

    i know its late but happy xmas and merry new year ya munkey lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Deek Fraser
    luv Deek Fraser

    Congrats Lee btw, wot wiz a sayin a couple o months ago aboot weddin bells.!! Luv fur yez both.

  • Rachel Doll
    Rachel Doll

    congrats to u both !and u have gd taste . . . the rings r braw x x x

    1/6/10 via Mobile