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  • Female, Luv 678
  • from gay
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 27,643
  • Member since: March 2006
  • Last active: 7/2/10
  • www.bebo.com/tradeMARKkk
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you're a fucking mong
Me, Myself, and I

i'm 17

i'm megga nice you will love me

i travel a lot

my friends are the best (L) i love them all ^_^

friends are for life, you can tell whos a good mate or a shit mate, when you have to move away, so soon without sayng goodbye, and then dont even ask why and only think about themselves, friends are there for life no matter what fuckin city you live in. </3

i like a good party ;) a GOOD party ;)

i like talking to people, a bit too much

i propper like the colour blue

i dont like it when people suck up

you're one of the crew now ;) babe for life x

mktrademark@hotmail.com no pedos tho if i dont like you i'll delete you im not afraid of the block button either ;) x
find me one that aint a cunt
The Other Half Of Me
James B

James B

he's a good friend

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The Scene Aesthetic - Come What May (Lyrics)

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    RealBeauty BeautifulHairMakeup

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    Jake Rodriguez

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  • RealBeauty BeautifulHairMakeup
    RealBeauty BeautifulHairMakeup

    http://www.bebo.com/rilbeautyhair another brandnew RealBeauty group This group is for those girls & guys who have hair that really stands out! anything from bright colours to funky styles get those photos up! ;) please add the mod if your profile is private & leave the link to your bebo underneath your photo or it will be deleted :) thankyou

  • BebosSuperStunnerz

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  • ChristianStevenson
    luv ChristianStevenson

    you got facebook lov x

  • Love Unders
    Love Unders

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  • ChristianStevenson

    hiyaz babe hwz you ;) x

  • 21st Century Scene Kids
    21st Century Scene Kids

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  • Kel

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  • Stunners'

    hello; your really pretty :) would you add a picture to one of the albums.? write back. x

  • Elite Beauties.
    Elite Beauties.

    hello there, please join, get pictures up? x

  • Captain Spermy
    Captain Spermy

    same im like just out of bed :( Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa spumds wellll hot what are thechances eeeeeh ive been in crossgats that long to LOL im gooood you???? not seeen you in ageees x

  • Kel

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